Play Aviatrix online

In 2022, the world-famous online casino slot Aviatrix was released. The slot belongs to the unpredictable genre of crash games, which is beloved by the audience. The game Aviatrix pleased gamblers with an exciting plot, vintage graphics, new features, and improved gameplay. An additional bonus of the game is a good return to player (RTP) coefficient of 97%, which promises users enticing profits.

The Aviatrix game is implemented based on the Provably Fair system, which gives players guarantees of security and confidentiality of the gaming process. This algorithm protects the game from fraudsters and other external interference. You can play the Aviatrix game on both a desktop computer and a phone. The main thing is to have a stable internet connection.

Plot of game Aviatrix

The Crash-Slot Aviatrix puts the gambler at the helm of an airplane and sends them into the vast sky in pursuit of a big win. Before the plane takes off, the player must place a bet. As the altitude increases, it will quickly escalate due to the growing multiplier. The user's task is to withdraw the multiplied funds before the glider crashes.

An engine explosion can occur in thirty seconds, or it may happen in five. This moment is determined by an independent random number generator, the value of which cannot be predicted. If the gambler managed to withdraw the funds before the explosion, then the round can be considered successful. If not, then the bet is cancelled. The Crash game Aviatrix offers users extensive opportunities for quick earnings, despite the risks that make the gaming process even more exciting.

Tricks and features of Aviatrix game

The Aviatrix Crash game, despite being an adaptation of the popular Aviator game, has several advantages over the latter. Let's examine them in more detail.

Maximum Multiplier

Aviatrix is a game with huge potential. Its maximum multiplier can reach up to x10,000, guaranteeing gamblers a fantastic win. Such a multiplier doesn't come up often, but any active user has the chance to play a round with such a multiplier.

Aircraft Customization

An interesting feature of the Aviatrix crash slot is the ability to upgrade your aircraft by selecting a different model and body paint. This decision sets Aviatrix apart from other crash game slots.

Participation in Tournaments

The Aviatrix crash game allows gamblers to participate in tournaments. Only the most active players, who make bets on NFT aircraft, have access to the tournaments. The total prize money is distributed among the players. Thanks to tournament play, gamblers receive additional large cash rewards. The size of the prize is influenced by the amounts of bets made by the players. The winner is determined once every twenty-four hours.

Game Round History in Aviatrix

Next to the game window in the Aviatrix crash slot, there is a strip showing the multipliers of previous rounds. By analyzing the statistics, you can develop a strategy and avoid significant losses.

Provably Fair Random Number Generator

The Aviatrix crash slot operates based on a system of algorithms that ensure the safety and complete confidentiality of the game. The use of Provably Fair in gambling games does not give any opportunity for other players or third parties to predict the result of the current round.

Two Bets in the Aviatrix Game

The Aviatrix game allows its players to utilize the full potential of the slot by making two bets simultaneously during a gaming session. This feature contributes to significant multiplication of users' budgets and makes the gaming process more engaging and intriguing.

Support Service in Aviatrix

For resolving various issues, users of the online casino can contact the support service at any time and receive detailed instructions on how to solve them.

Strategies and tactics in Aviatrix

To achieve success in the Aviatrix gambling game, it is recommended to use strategies rather than relying solely on luck. Strategies allow you to systematize the gaming process and set boundaries that should not be exceeded. Let's consider some well-known strategies below.

Double Bet Strategy

The Aviatrix slot allows you to place two bets per round. Place two bets, withdraw your funds in time, and you'll stay in profit. You can bet different amounts, for example, $8 and $3. Withdraw the first bet at a low multiplier, and the second bet later, at your discretion. And even if the second bet loses, you still won't be in the red.

Minimum Odds Strategy

Following this strategy helps you avoid unnecessary risks. The essence is as follows: you should withdraw funds almost immediately after the multiplier reaches 1.1x. The profit will be small, but guaranteed.

Martingale Strategy

This strategy allows you to recover losses and stay in profit. The essence of the strategy is to double the bet after a loss. For example, if you lost $5, then in the next round, you should bet $10. The nuance of this method is that you can lose large amounts very quickly if you don't stop in time. This strategy should be used with great caution.

Waiting for a High Multiplier

This tactic is popular in Aviatrix. Users have noticed that the multiplier reaches a high value once every sixty minutes. The strategy suggests timing and observing how often a high multiplier appears. On one hand, there is a risk of losing your bankroll, but on the other hand, the chances of hitting a big win increase.

How to download the game Aviatrix

The Aviatrix Crash game enjoys well-deserved popularity among users worldwide. Many players wish to download this game to their devices. How can this be done?

How to Download Aviatrix Game on Computer

The Aviatrix game does not require downloading since users play it through the online casino website. To play the slot, simply visit the website of a licensed casino and open the game. For added convenience, you can bookmark the game website in your browser to have instant access to it.

How to Download Aviatrix Game on Android

To download the Aviatrix game on Android, you need to find the online casino app in the Play Store that includes this slot. If the casino app is not available in the store, then you should visit the official website of a trusted casino and find the "Download for Android" button. Clicking on the link will initiate the download process. Allow your phone to download from unknown sources. Then follow the installation instructions. Log in to your account via your phone and enjoy playing Aviatrix on Android.

How to Download Aviatrix Game on iPhone

Downloading the game from the app store may not be possible. To play Aviatrix on iPhone, you should download the online casino app. To do this, find the "Download for iOS" button on the official casino website and click on it. If downloading is not possible, then use the adaptive version of the casino website for iPhone, the link to which can be found at the top of the page.

Play Aviatrix for free

The thrilling Crash game Aviatrix has a demo mode where you can test your skills. It's available on the official online casino website as well as on separate websites that can be found through a browser search. The free mode allows you to familiarize yourself with the game rules and hone your skills without risking any money. In the demo version of the game, there is virtual currency that players can use for their first bet. However, winning real money in the free mode is not possible.

Frequently asked questions about game Aviatrix

Is there a free mode in Aviatrix?

Sure. The game features a free demo version where players can test their skills without wagering real money. Bets can be made with virtual currency to see how funds are deducted and credited depending on the game's outcome. However, winning real money in the free version is not possible. It's designed to prepare users for playing with real money.

What is the maximum multiplier on Aviatrix slot?

The maximum multiplier in the game is x10,000.

Is it safe to play Aviatrix slot?

Сrash game Aviatrix operates based on the Provably Fair algorithm system. This system ensures the unpredictability of game results, thus ensuring safety. Moreover, the algorithms' operation is transparent, and every user of the online casino can familiarize themselves with it in the settings.

Are there any bonuses at Aviatrix?

Gamblers are rewarded for active play in various ways. For example, in the form of cryptocurrency or NFTs. They also regularly receive cashback from lost bets, which somewhat reduces their losses. Such a policy instills great trust among players and attracts an increasing number of new users.

Where can I play the Aviatrix slot?

Access to the crash game is available on the official website of the online casino. Players are advised to play only there to avoid becoming a victim of fraudulent schemes.

How to start playing Aviatrix?

To begin, the user should register at a licensed online casino. Then, they need to deposit some funds into their gaming account to be able to place bets. After that, playing the Aviatrix game for real money will be available.

Can I play Aviatrix on the mobile app?

Yes, you can. To do this, you need to download the online casino app to your phone. You can find the download link at the top of the official casino website. Click on the appropriate link depending on whether you have an Android or iPhone. Once the file is downloaded, install it on your smartphone following the instructions.

Is there automatic play in Aviatrix?

Yes, there is. Simply check the corresponding box on the game panel. You can also adjust the autoplay settings there, defining the automatic bet and the multiplier at which winnings will be cashed out. This mode of play allows you to avoid unnecessary emotions, follow a strategy, and resist temptation.

What is the maximum and minimum bet at Aviatrix?

The maximum bet in the game is $500, while the minimum is just 10 cents. Thanks to this wide range of bets, users with various financial statuses can play Aviatrix.

What is RTP of Aviatrix game?

The return rate in the crash game is 97 percent, which guarantees gamblers good winnings and high chances of winning.

Reviews from real players about the game Aviatrix

Very nice game Aviatrix


Aviatrix is a Crash game for real money in an online casino featuring delightful old-school pixel graphics and meditative musical accompaniment.

Adam, 35 years old

I like Aviatrix more than any other game


Switching from Aviator to Aviatrix was a good move. I prefer the visuals and the unique atmosphere of the game here. The principle remains the same, but there are many more advantages here, in my opinion.

Ivan, 43 years old

I use autoplay in Aviatrix


I started playing Aviatrix as soon as it appeared. I usually turn on autoplay and monitor the process. I don’t win much because I don’t take risks. The airplane is insidious and tends to explode at the most inopportune moment. And what’s good about autoplay is that it withdraws money when you would like to continue the flight, hoping for a high multiplier.

Olek, 25 years old

Lost money at Aviatrix


I lost about ten. I have no luck in this game, for the life of me. They lured the people into NFTs, created some kind of concept, and then tested it the same as the rest, that is, a deception.

Mira, 31 years old

I recommend game Aviatrix


I love Aviatrix because it's so unique. The gameplay is standard, but what other game can boast the same features? I've participated in tournaments and won prizes more than once, which is always satisfying! But my special respect goes to the game developers for returning a portion of the lost funds if you play a lot! What other game does the same? Overall, I recommend it!

Alex, 25 years old

I make money at Aviatrix


Once I was broke, and someone suggested Aviatrix to me. I wasn't keen on taking risks, but I figured I had nothing to lose since I wouldn't gamble a lot. I deposited a hundred bucks, and the casino matched it with another hundred. I didn't start playing right away; I first tried the free version. Once I got the hang of it, I got down to business. After a couple of hours, my budget had increased, and I was very pleased with it. I'm not a gambling person and rarely play games. But sometimes I see them as a way to earn at least a little bit.

Дмитрий, 29 лет

I love risk, but I often lose


It sounds like I have a problem. I hide it from everyone, but when I'm alone, I find myself drawn to playing Aviatrix. It's addictive, both the opportunity to earn and the progression within the game itself. I've lost a lot, and I know why, but I'm just that kind of person—I love the thrill of risk, and that's it. But I wouldn't recommend anyone else to play! There's nothing good about it.

Val, 27 years old

I often play Aviatrix on weekends


Sometimes I get stuck in Aviatrix on weekends when I have nothing else to do. If I have some extra cash, I invest it in the casino. Well, why not? There are losses, of course, that's what a casino is for, but I know that if I stay cool-headed, I can win. There are no dealers here, only a plane that will explode anyway. I withdraw my money almost immediately after it takes off. I don't want to take risks, I want to earn. That's why I play Aviatrix, not in offline casinos. I trust algorithms more than people.

Andrei, 43 years old

Following the strategy in game Aviatrix


I read a lot of different reviews about the casino. Some get rich, others lose everything. It seems to me that if you subordinate the game to strategies, which are discussed a lot on casino sites and in game reviews, then you won’t lose much. Follow the system and you will stay in the black. Just don't hope to break the bank. Actually, that’s what I do, and I don’t listen to anyone.

Pan, 28 years old

I win regularly at Aviatrix


I like Aviatrix for its wealth of opportunities. I've played Aviator, Lucky Jet, and many others, but this one is my favorite. You can tell that the creators aren't just after money; they care about the user. It's nice to see that they care about their players. Proof of that is the regular rewards. I don't play often, so I haven't received them myself, but my friends deserved them.

Dan, 45 years old