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Play Craps Live Slot Online

Craps Live - atmospheric video slot at online casino

In 2020, Evolution Gaming expanded its gambling collection with the perfect game Craps Live. The game is an online copy of the legendary underground club of the early 20th century, where fans of excitement gathered to place bets on the victory or defeat of Shooter.

The online version of the Craps Live slot machine is as close as possible to the archaic model of the gaming table. Traditional rules are preserved here. There are opportunities to vary the chances of winning, communicate with like-minded people and a thrower of dice. The gameplay is in real time. Novice players can read the tutorial to conquer Lady Fortune with confidence.

Features and tricks of the game Craps Live

Features and tricks of the game Craps Live

There are no multiple bonus options here. But the developer of the game Craps Live used the original trick in the form of a mechanical hand. The robot attracts visually, and also eliminates the human factor when throwing dice. The hand functions as follows:

  • rolls dice with different strengths;
  • changes speed;
  • the bones are in different positions.

This innovation provides maximum randomness, transparency and fairness of the rounds. Additional bets are available to players, which are placed on top of the usual ones. A feature of the slot machine is the My Numbers function with numbers and a possible roll amount, which makes the game even more exciting. The player can trace past bets to analyze mistakes and correct decisions.

The gameplay includes two modes: easy for beginners and average. The first one takes place with a smaller betting grid. The mode can be changed at the touch of a button. On the scoreboard, players will observe the dynamics of the results. The values ​​change frequently, so it will be interesting to watch the process in real time with a constant increase in intrigue.

Play Craps Live for Free

Many people want to play Craps Live for free, given the entertainment, exciting offers and maximum realism. The gameplay takes place in real time and requires registration at the casino, replenishment of the account, so the demo version is not available. Players are offered a tutorial that allows you to learn the main options, get acquainted with the rules, learn more about the features. The game is not simple, as it seems at first glance, but very exciting. It is not for nothing that for centuries it has not lost popularity in offline clubs, and now in online casinos.

The plot of Craps Live

The plot of Craps Live

Craps Live online game is designed to reflect the atmosphere of offline casino games as realistic as possible. The players will see a traditional field with tricks, keys for settings and sound. As in the traditional version, there can be several outcomes:

  • Natural when the dealer wins with values ​​of 7 and 11.
  • Craps - Arrow losing with combinations of 2,3 and 12.
  • Point - other combinations when the dealer needs to issue a second repeated value of the dice.

There can be many options for betting, which often scares away beginners. However, it is worth a little practice, as the game instantly draws you in with different variations for victories, the return of placed chips, and additional bets.

Craps Live Strategies and Tactics

Craps Live Strategies and Tactics

It is better for beginners to start with simple bets like Pass Line. However, the game Craps Live is interesting for the variety of betting, as well as different tactics. Some of the most popular strategies include:

  • Live Craps - The player needs to hit a 6 or 8 before a 7 comes up. You need to invest further after each win.
  • Iron Cross Live Craps - the Don't Pass bet is initially placed, then it is placed on the field 5, 6, 8. Winnings are provided with each roll, the main thing is that the seven does not fall out.

Any strategic decision in craps works on the principle of collect, increase, decrease. Given the feedback of professionals, it is important to listen to advice in order to win. This is to play the Odds bet on the throughline, start with One Roll, use the functions of the game interface, hints.

It is better to start mastering craps from the minimum rates, gradually increasing them when understanding and confidence appear. It is important to take breaks from time to time to save your bankroll, rest and start playing with renewed vigor to make the right decisions.

The game attracts with opportunities for big wins and the use of strategic decisions. Initially, it may seem complicated, but once you get used to it, the opinion about it changes dramatically. Players will get more winnings than in roulette and slots by applying winning tactics.

Where to play Craps Live

Where to play Craps Live

You can play Craps Live at reliable casino sites. It will not be difficult to find this game using trusted sites with rating tables and real player reviews. Reliable and time-tested online casinos have a good reputation. Such online casino offers great gambling services and licensed software.

For the gameplay in Craps Live, you need to register, make a deposit and start the game. After receiving the winnings, the money is withdrawn by any of the proposed cash methods using the selected currency. Many casinos offer generous welcome bonuses. You can use them in this game, if there are no certain wagering conditions.

The best casinos adapt to the size of any gadget. When downloading, applications do not take up a lot of traffic, they are launched with the preservation of all services, offers of the gaming hall.

How to Download Craps Live

How to Download Craps Live

Craps Live is designed for licensed casinos. You cannot download it separately. Players can get access to the slot machine without blocking the official website or mirrors by downloading the application of the selected casino. It should be noted that app is not available on all sites. However, many online casino offer an exciting game from a global provider, which can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

How to Download Craps Live on Computer

It is not possible to download Craps Live on PC as the player needs a stable internet connection and there is no standalone application for Craps Live. Therefore, the only option for playing Craps Live on a computer is a browser where you can open your favorite game.

How to Download Craps Live for iPhone

Making the game accessible is the desire of craps fans. That is why the question of how to download the Craps Live game on an iPhone is quite relevant. The player needs to choose a casino with the ability to download the application. The game is also available after launch from the browser. In any case, the mobile version retains the adaptability, functionality and entertainment of the gameplay. Please note that in practice, few online casinos provide access to an iOS-based application. Apple is known for its complicated rules about this.

How to download Craps Live on Android

Smartphone users can access the game Craps Live by launching the slot machine from the browser. If there is a casino application, then by downloading it, the player will be able to run 24/7 craps. You can find the link on the casino website, partner sites, social media pages. Services become available after downloading the application to the gadget and unpacking the apk files.

Craps Live FAQ - questions about the game

What is the maximum win you can get in Craps Live?

The winnings in the Craps Live game directly depend on the size of the bets. The maximum bets can be multiplied by 30 times.

Do certain strategies increase the chance of winning in Craps Live?

Yes, the strategies vary the chances of winning in Craps Live. The lowest stakes are Pass Line and Don't Pass, with a 1:1 win rate. Crap 12 is the highest paying bet that pays 30:1.

Can I play Craps Live for free?

The game Craps Live does not have a demo version, as it takes place in real time. Beginners are provided with a tutorial and a preview mode. Thus, it is easier to master the main rules and features.

What do dynamic statistics show in Craps Live?

The display shows the top 5 bets and the top 5 places placed or won by the players within a certain time interval.

What kind of throws are there in a simplified Craps Live game?

Simplified rounds are played with two types of rolls - exit roll and point roll. During game rounds, players can make different bets - one roll (on numbers and combinations during one throw), multi roll (placing bets on the table until the situation is resolved).

How to start playing Craps Live?

To start playing Craps Live, you need to launch the game from any device. Next, the player places a bet on the Pass Line, after which the Shooter rolls the dice. The result will depend on the chosen bet, according to the traditional Craps rules.

What can be seen on the Craps Live slot display?

On the display of the Craps Live slot, the player watches transactions, actions, possible combinations. The scoreboard displays the possible winnings, while motivating for success.

Reviews of real players about the Craps Live game

Review: Craps Live is very exciting


The original decision of providers to develop Craps Live with a robotic arm attracts immediately. It seems to me that such a process is more transparent than when a person throws the dice. It's really fun to play, especially when changing tactics. I didn’t find any cons, except for complicated rules for beginners.

Peter, 38
Review: Craps Live is very exciting

Review: Craps Live game for thoughtful decisions


I have been fond of playing Bones for a long time, but playing against virtual opponents is not very interesting. Finally, there is an opportunity to plunge into the process in real time. Craps Live allows you to apply strategies, communicate with players around the world. Super-cool mechanical Shooter guarantees the fairness and unpredictability of each round.

Mark, 41
Review: Craps Live game for thoughtful decisions

Review: Craps Live is difficult but interesting


I decided to diversify my time in the casino, to master the novelty Craps Live. To be honest, it's complicated, I just got confused right away. But there is a big plus - a guide for beginners, which really helps to understand the rules. Now I play at a minimum amount of money, sometimes in negative balance. I want to learn new tactics, I think everything will work out. Interesting, I advise this game.

Sergio, 24
Review: Craps Live is difficult but interesting

Review: Craps Live - a series of profitable tries


Craps Live has become a cult game for me. Firstly, I immediately noted the staginess, detailing, close to the atmosphere of land-based casinos. The mechanical hand makes the process original and, probably, more honest. I've already tried many tactics, it works perfectly. Of course, sometimes in the red, but I'll take the game as a very profitable one. The return ratio is correct.

Sirena, 40
Review: Craps Live - a series of profitable tries

Review: Craps Live has not figured it out yet


I love something new in gambling. The game Craps Live for me is not only a novelty in the game sense. I’ve never played dice and decided to give it a try. While tight, I did not understand. Maybe started with hard bets is good idea. But to be honest, I got carried away and want to learn a new direction. Spectacular, driving, in the upper part you can see the history of rates, statistics.

Alex, 26
Review: Craps Live has not figured it out yet

Review: Craps Live slot machine is something new


I played Craps Live in real time for the first time. For me, this is something new and interesting, because I love to learn. After getting acquainted with the rules, I started the game with the minimum bets, and gradually figured out the main options. The game really brings a lot of fun and prizes, if you look into the details.

Mark, 29
Review: Craps Live slot machine is something new

Review: Craps Live is a great solution


The development of Craps Live made me happy. Of course, it is not for everyone, but for those who love strategic moves, making quick decisions with risks and drive. Speaking about advantages, I want to highlight the original Shooter, excellent detail, the function of my bets. High returns speak of profitability. Of course, I advise everyone who loves dice.

Max, 40
Review: Craps Live is a great solution

Review: Craps Live casino at home


I'm so glad that Craps Live came out. Now even at home in a comfortable chair you can relax, like in a real casino. There is an online chat to communicate with the players and the dealer. By the way, during the throws, a living person was replaced by a robot hand. For players, this is a chance to get as much money as possible.

Stan, 29
Review: Craps Live casino at home

Review: Craps Live is simple and interesting


I don’t know why many people note difficult rules, the Craps Live slot machine went perfectly for me. I figured out the options quickly, although before that there was literally little experience. I like that the game is almost identical to the classics of the gaming genre. Now I can try my luck in the world's casinos when I go on vacation.

Sam, 24
Review: Craps Live is simple and interesting

Review: The game Craps Live is super


I love board games, so Craps Live certainly checked it out. I won’t say that I’m a straight experienced player, but I mastered simple strategies and bets right away. I advise those who prefer originality, simplicity and different variants of winning rounds.

Boris, 33
Review: The game Craps Live is super