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Play Speed Blackjack online

Speed Blackjack - live card game at online casino

The company Pragmatic Play has released another novelty: a series of games Speed Blackjack. The classic slot machine, which is included in the list of top card battles, opens up new opportunities to win. The slot machine will delight you by its innovative feature with available side bets, automatic decision-making, which guarantees a fast gameplay speed.

Speed Blackjack is distinguished by its modern interface, instant play, and skilled opponents, which provides a gorgeous atmosphere and a real drive. Players, using any device, can create an exciting recreation with the opportunity to win big money by applying the best game strategies.

The plot of the Speed Blackjack slot machine

The plot of the Speed Blackjack slot machine

The plot of the slot machine Speed Blackjack is no different from the classic rules of the well-known Blackjack game: you have to defeat a dealer, collecting as many points as possible, but not more than 21. If the player collects more, his opponent wins the round. Before the start, bets are made on the hand, which means the wish to get a deal.

The card values indicate a certain number of points. Numerical cards are equal to points, face cards are equal to 10, and the ace has a value of 1 or 11. In the latter case, the player decides the number of points needed for the ace at any point of the deal. The dealer's process is determined by the established game rules, and he does not make the decision, which is a significant advantage for the player.

Features and tricks of the Speed Blackjack game

Features and tricks of the Speed Blackjack game

The main feature is a modern broadcast in the studio with new dynamics and a huge potential for winnings. Profitability is quite proved by the RTP indicator which is 99.59%. The list of improved features and tricks of the Speed Blackjack game includes:

  • Multi-decision making, which reduces the duration of the round up to 30%.
  • Quick location in a unique studio.
  • Expert game hosts.

Players can appreciate the visual and sound effects from the first seconds, taking into account the requirements of the classic game. After dealing the first two cards, players won't have to wait as long as in the traditional version. The decision window is shortened by at least 7 seconds. With long thinking, the decision is made for the clients. This is why the process is designed for true blackjack fans.

The game includes additional bets:

  • perfect pairs;
  • 21+3.

If the dealer shows an ace, you get the opportunity to insure bets. One split per hand is allowed, doubling on the first two cards. In this case it is better to use the chip when confident about the hand. At any time, the Autoplay function can be activated, where the decision is made for the client. Player needs to assess the situation by the availability of points to stop or continue with the decision of Double, Stand, Hit.

The developers have added a Bet Behind option. Users can join the process by placing bets on the players at the table. This is a great chance to share the victory with the lucky player.

Play Speed Blackjack slot machine for free

Play Speed Blackjack slot machine for free You can not play Speed Blackjack slot machine for free. To gain access to the section where the game is located, registration is required. Before starting it is necessary to make a deposit to be able to place a minimum bet. The features of the slot allows you to watch the process, while betting by placing bets on any of the players. 

Strategies and tactics of Speed Blackjack game

Strategies and tactics of Speed Blackjack game

The basic rules of speed blackjack are almost identical to traditional blackjack. That's why players can use popular strategies and tactics to win rounds:

  • Basic strategy for playing Speed Blackjack

    A player takes a hand at points up to 16, and stops at 17 or more. The moves are as follows: hard hand, pass, doubling. Later the tactic changes to move/pass, soft hand, split, insurance.

  • Table Strategy

    A player makes a decision table based on what the dealer will take until he reaches 17 points. The table is composed of his cards and the dealer's open values. In the table user marks the following: take another card (H), double the bet (D), stop (S), split a pair and continue (P).

Professionals often use calculation on dealer's open cards with a value up to 6. If the hand has up to 11 points, you should take more, if more then double. If the opponent opened up to 10, you should try to gain 10 points more.

Blackjack is a game that depends heavily on the favor of Lady Fortune. Experience changes her influence in a positive way, as the rounds include players' mathematical calculations. The latter are based on different factors, taking into account the number of hands of the client and his opponent.

Card monitoring helps you make the right decisions. Players make calculations based on the suggestions of different strategists. These are plus-minus tactics, halves, and the Thorpe method. Players choose for themselves the most suitable option. In some cases, users implement their own winning suggestions, providing profitable rounds.

It is worth noting that there is no one single winning strategy and everyone can choose the right decisions on their own. However, despite the simple rules, a significant part of players make frequent mistakes. Among them can be distinguished betting strategies, fear of busting, refusal to return half of the bet, imitating of the dealer. Before starting the game, it is necessary to read the rules, which describe all the options, nuances, tricks.

Where to play Speed Blackjack

Where to play Speed Blackjack

The Speed Blackjack game immediately after its release appeared in the top section of the best slot machines. If you are interested where to play Speed Blackjack, you should, first of all, choose a time-tested casino. Finding the best institution is real, by analyzing the ratings on reliable sites. To choose a casino, it is useful to read reviews of players on thematic platforms, watch reviews from professional players on YouTube channels.

Reliable casinos always offer generous welcome bonuses, allowing you to start at the institution's cost, get used to the site without risk, withdraw the prizes after wagering. Many sites provide a comfortable service with cryptocurrency, a large variety of games with live dealers. Choosing the best institutions, players have a guarantee that they can expect fair play and getting only positive emotions.

How to download the Speed Blackjack game

How to download the Speed Blackjack game

Analyzing the frequently asked questions, many users are looking for information on how to download the Speed Blackjack game. The modern solution of providers has greatly attracted enthusiasts of card games, so having blackjack on hand is a manageable desire. Download Speed Blackjack slot machine separately is not available, but players can install the casino application on a PC, laptop, tablet, cell phone. Access will be provided 24/7, all services, sections, including card games and speed blackjack.

How to download Quick Blackjack game on computer

To download Speed Blackjack to your computer, you first need to find a reliable online casino. Then, using the information on the official site or mirrors, download the application. After unpacking files player can run Speed Blackjack on computer, as well as other slot machines in demo or regular mode with the withdrawal of real money.

How to download the Quick Blackjack game on iPhone

Information on how to download the Speed Blackjack game for iPhone is always available at the top online casinos. Players will need to download the casino app. Players can use the link on the official website of the online casino. Users also have access to a mobile version of the game, where the graphics and all options are preserved. Playing against the dealers is realistic by running the slot machine Speed Blackjack from your iPhone.

How to download Speed Blackjack game on Android

Owners of devices running on Android can launch a slot machine from the browser or after installing the casino app. No information about how to download the Speed Blackjack game for Android on the official website, because the game is available after installing the application. The user is required to register once, and then each time you want to beat the dealer, you should authorize by entering your username and password.

Speed Blackjack FAQ - questions about the game

What is the advantage of Speed Blackjack?

Speed Blackjack has a high advantage, according to the RTP of 99.59%. In this case, it should be taken into account that the figure is variable, depending on the decisions. When selecting a perfect pairs bet RTP is 95.9%, 21+3 is 96.3%.

What are the minimum and maximum bets in Speed Blackjack?

The minimum bet in Speed Blackjack starts at $1 for an additional bet and at $10 for the main bet. The maximum is $2,500. The amount may vary, depending on the selected online casino. Players can vary the odds of winning by betting.

What kind of bets are accepted in Speed Blackjack?

Speed Blackjack allows you to make basic and additional bets. The first include: natural blackjack at 3:2, insurance bets at 1:1. A player can choose the perfect pair bets by one color, mixed pair, by suit. In the case of 21+3 bets are made on one-card trips, straight flush, trips, straight, flush.

Is there a mobile version of the Speed Blackjack game?

The Speed Blackjack game is designed with the implementation of innovative software, maintaining optimal quality from any device such as PC, laptop, cell phone. You need to have a gadget and access to the Internet in order to organize a fabulous pastime.

Is Speed Blackjack suitable for beginners?

Speed Blackjack is designed for a dynamic gameplay. Each round is on average 30% faster than in the traditional version of Blackjack. Accordingly, players have to make a faster decision. Beginners of this game had better be postponed and get the necessary experience. To get the appropriate experience choose classic blackjack from the great variety of proposals in the gambling hall of the virtual casino.

Reviews of real players about the Speed Blackjack game

Review: Speed Blackjack machine is just a bomb


I've been a blackjack fan for years, so it's hard to surprise me. But Pragmatic managed to do that. Speed Blackjack has diversified my leisure with fast and high-quality rounds. I use my tactics quickly and cleverly now, plus the high payoffs are the bomb.

Yan, 35
Review: Speed Blackjack machine is just a bomb

Review: Speed Blackjack, just like in a real casino


The new game Speed Blackjack has changed the feeling of reality radically. I instantly got into the atmosphere of offline casinos. Bright graphics, perfect soundtrack add motivation. Friendly dealers dispose from the first seconds. I recommend it to anyone who prefers the dynamics, entertainment and at the same time the traditional classics.

Victor, 28
Review: Speed Blackjack, just like in a real casino

Review: The Speed Blackjack live game will not let you get bored


During the night shift I launched a new live game Speed Blackjack and just did not notice how the time flew by. My basic knowledge of blackjack was enough to beat my opponent. Graphics, quality are a separate topic. I liked everything, and the main thing is that boring shifts now pass much faster. Another benefit is that there is additional income.

Alex, 42
Review: The Speed Blackjack live game will not let you get bored

Review: Fast Blackjack for those who love card strategies


I didn't think that Speed Blackjack would drag me into the abyss of excitement. From time to time I rest and earn in card games, using my own strategies. Here the developer has provided more opportunities to win. For me the advantages are graphics, fast rounds, additional chips. The high quality is maintained when launching from cell phones.

Sheila, 25
Review: Fast Blackjack for those who love card strategies

Response: I liked the slot machine Speed Blackjack


At first I thought that everything would be as usual and I took the novelty without much interest. But as soon as I launched it, I was hooked. Yes, as in the classic blackjack, there are frequent busts. I do not dig deep into global strategies, the basic tactics suits me fine in Speed Blackjack. The game pleased me with the graphics and speed.

Ivan, 46
Response: I liked the slot machine Speed Blackjack

Review: The online game Speed Blackjack is my favorite


A few decades ago, I occasionally enjoyed going to casinos, where the tables were packed. Online games didn't really appeal to me, not much action. Tried a novelty game Speed Blackjack and now it is my favorite. Single seat blackjack allows you to make individual decisions with additional bets. Just felt like a client of an old-style casino.

Mark, 51
Review: The online game Speed Blackjack is my favorite

Review: Now only Speed Blackjack


I heard about the company from a gamer I know, so as a fan of card games I tried Speed Blackjack. For me it is a real discovery with profitable bets, welcoming dealers, and original rooms. Now, when I want to play card games, I choose only Speed Blackjack.

Aaron, 33
Review: Now only Speed Blackjack

Review: I love the Speed Blackjack live game


I thought: How else can developers surprise me in a card game? It turns out they can, and even more so. The Speed Blackjack live game has been a discovery of card games, strategies, and wins. Rounds are fast, without freezes, you can use extra bets perfect pairs and 21+3. I advise it to all who love blackjack.

Bruce, 23
Review: I love the Speed Blackjack live game

Review: I often launch Speed Blackjack


I learned about this game from a friend, and now once a week I play when I'm in the mood for Speed Blackjack. The rules are standard, there are additional features, I often win. It does not freeze, I play from my mobile, the rounds are fast. I wish there were more extra features to use new strategies.

Vanga, 19
Review: I often launch Speed Blackjack

Review: I did not waste my time playing Speed Blackjack


I chose Speed Blackjack among a lot of games and was satisfied with it. It's hard not to notice the modern solutions, optimization, and additional features. For winning rounds, I would advise you to play on the minimum at first. Strategies work, but don't get carried away. Being able to stop in time is the secret of success.

Nick, 26
Review: I did not waste my time playing Speed Blackjack