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Play Mega Roulette online

Mega Roulette game - virtual roulette in online casinos

Mega Roulette is an exciting European live roulette game created by Pragmatic Play studio. The game takes place in a specially equipped studio and offers an engaging broadcast where players can participate in real-time and place their bets. Following the rules of classic European roulette, there is only one zero sector on the wheel, and the rule of returning half the bet in case of zero does not apply. One of the main features of Mega Roulette is the additional prize multipliers, which can increase the final prize. Before spinning the wheel, the dealer randomly selects several numbers that can multiply your final prize by up to 150 or even 500 times, making Mega Roulette one of the most generous variations of European roulette. Finally, the game is suitable for high rollers due to its wide range of bets. The minimum bet in the game starts from $0.1, while the maximum bet reaches $10,000!

How to play Mega Roulette

How to play Mega Roulette

To test your intuition and luck in the game Mega Roulette, all adult players can do so by simply visiting the online casino website, creating an account, and depositing funds.

To start playing for real money, you need to enter the game and wait for the moment when betting begins. The host announces the start of the betting period, after which you can place one or several bets. Once all players have placed their desired bets, the dealer spins the roulette wheel and releases the ball. After the wheel stops spinning, the ball lands in one of the 36 numbered pockets. The number of the pocket where the ball lands determines the winners.

Types of bets in Mega Roulette

Types of bets in Mega Roulette
  • Bet on a number. This is the simplest and most exciting bet in roulette. The player selects a specific number from 0 to 36 and bets on it to come up. If the ball lands on the chosen number, the player receives a payout according to the payout ratio, which is usually 35:1.
  • Bet on color. This bet involves choosing the color of the pocket where the ball will stop after the wheel spins. Mega Roulette uses two colors: red and black. A win is paid out if the chosen color matches the color where the ball lands.
  • Bet on even/odd number. With this bet, the player predicts whether the resulting number will be even or odd. If the ball stops on a number that matches the player's choice, they win.
  • Bet on a range. Here, the player bets on one of three ranges of numbers: from 1 to 12 (first dozen), from 13 to 24 (second dozen), or from 25 to 36 (third dozen). It's also possible to bet on columns of numbers located on the game field.
  • Bet on a row. This bet involves choosing a row of numbers on the game field. The player bets that the ball will stop on any number in the row they've selected. If the ball lands on any of the numbers in the chosen row, the player wins.

Demo version of live game Mega Roulette

Demo version of live game Mega Roulette

Mega Roulette belongs to the category of live games in online casinos. This means that the game is an internet broadcast conducted by a professional dealer. The game takes place in a specially equipped studio, with an ambiance indistinguishable from a real land-based casino, creating the sensation of being in a classic gambling establishment for the players. This format of entertainment does not allow for a test mode, meaning that you cannot play Mega Roulette for free. However, you can observe other players' games for some time before risking your own funds and start with minimum bets.

Strategies and tactics in game Mega Roulette

Strategies and tactics in game Mega Roulette

Mega Roulette is a game of chance where victory is determined by your luck and intuition. There is no one correct strategy that guarantees victory in this game. However, many players over the years of European roulette's existence have developed betting strategies aimed at increasing the chances of winning. Since there are many betting options in roulette, there is a colossal number of strategies that may suit each player depending on their preferences. In addition to classic betting strategies such as Martingale and Parlay, there are also lesser-known ones that can be categorized by the level of risk for the player. Let's consider the main ones:

  1. Low risk - fixed betting strategy. This is a simple and conservative strategy where the player makes the same bets in each round of the game. For example, the gambler may always bet the same amount on a color or even/odd. With this type of bet, the chance of winning is 50%. This strategy is suitable for players who prefer to minimize risks and control their losses.
  2. Moderate risk - column bets strategy. Following this strategy, the player places bets on one or several columns of numbers on the game field. For example, they can bet on all numbers in a specific column. This allows covering a large part of the game field and increasing the chances of winning while maintaining an acceptable level of risk.
  3. Increased risk - the Martingale strategy. This is an aggressive strategy where the player bets on one number and increases their bet after each loss. For example, you can start with a small bet on one number and then double it after each loss. This strategy has high potential for large winnings but is also associated with a high risk of losing the bankroll.

Where to play Mega Roulette

Where to play Mega Roulette

You can play Mega Roulette in the vast majority of online casinos offering games with professional dealers. However, we advise you to carefully and responsibly choose a gambling platform, as only a fair online casino can guarantee a positive gaming experience, high-quality broadcasts, convenient deposit and withdrawal methods, as well as timely payment of winnings. When choosing a gambling platform, pay attention to the following aspects:

  1. Licensing from international gambling regulators. Before starting to play, make sure that the chosen casino is licensed by a respected gambling regulator. This ensures the fairness of the game and the protection of your personal data.
  2. Player reviews. Pay attention to the reviews and recommendations of other players who have already played at the chosen casino. This will help you form an idea of the quality of services provided by the casino.
  3. Loyalty program and VIP status. A good loyalty program offers players additional bonuses, personalized service, and special privileges that make the gaming process even more interesting and profitable.
  4. Convenient deposit and withdrawal methods. Check which payment methods are available at the chosen casino and make sure they meet your preferences. Also, pay attention to the payout processing time - the shorter, the better.
  5. Technical support and quality of customer service. Before registering at a casino, make sure that the club's website has round-the-clock technical support in several languages. This will help in case of problems with access to the game or financial issues.

How to download Mega Roulette to your smartphone and computer

How to download Mega Roulette to your smartphone and computer

Mega Roulette is a game available in online casinos, which means that players can enjoy the gameplay on any devices with internet access. For those gamblers who prefer to play on their smartphones, there is a convenient option to place bets on the mobile version of the casino's website. It is important to note that Mega Roulette does not require downloading additional programs or applications. Players can enjoy authentic gameplay directly in the browser of their device.

Play Mega Roulette on the mobile version of a casino site

Play Mega Roulette on the mobile version of a casino site

To start playing Mega Roulette on your smartphone is simple - all you need to do is choose a gambling platform, access the mobile version of the casino's website, and log in to your account. Let's look at this process in more detail:

  1. Register at the casino. First, open the browser on your smartphone and find an online casino offering Mega Roulette. Register a new account by providing the required information - email, password, and personal details. After completing the registration, log in to your account.
  2. Deposit funds into your account. You can only play Mega Roulette for real money, so you need to fund your gaming account first. Go to the Cashier section, choose a convenient deposit method, enter the deposit amount, and follow the casino's instructions.
  3. Start playing Mega Roulette. After depositing funds, go to the live casino games section. Find Mega Roulette and place your bets. If you win, the money will be credited to your gaming account.

For convenient access to Mega Roulette on your smartphone, bookmark the casino's website in your browser. Simply open the browser, go to the casino's website, and select the Add to Bookmarks option. Now the game will launch with just one click.

Mega Roulette FAQ - frequently asked questions about the game

What is Mega Roulette?

Mega Roulette is an online roulette game with live dealers, offering players a unique real-time gaming experience.

What features make Mega Roulette unique?

In Mega Roulette, players can enjoy live wheel spins, chat with the dealer, place bets in a wide range - from $0.1 to $10,000 and hope for big wins with additional multipliers of up to x500.

How many sectors are there on the roulette wheel in the live game Mega Roulette?

On the Mega Roulette wheel, there are 36 sectors and 1 zero, which corresponds to the rules of classic European roulette.

What types of bets are available in Mega Roulette?

In Mega Roulette, all types of bets typical for European roulette are available: from bets on specific numbers to outside bets - on even/odd, red/black, or numerical ranges.

What are additional multipliers in Mega Roulette?

Extra multipliers are a bonus feature in the Mega Roulette game. After everyone has placed their bets, the dealer randomly selects several numbers. If the ball hits these numbers, the winning bet is multiplied by an additional bonus. The maximum multiplier in the game is x500.

What are the minimum and maximum bets in the game?

The minimum bet in Mega Roulette is $0.1, and the maximum is $10,000.

How does betting work in Mega Roulette?

Players place bets before the start of each round, and the dealer announces the start of accepting bets. You can place one or several bets at the same time.

Does Mega Roulette have a demo version for beginners?

Mega Roulette is a game show where players take part in real time. Due to this feature, there is no demo version of Mega Roulette. However, beginners can join the game and start with minimum bets, which helps them quickly master the rules without serious financial risks.

Can I use any strategies to increase my chances of winning?

Yes, in Mega Roulette, players can use different betting strategies to increase their chances of winning, but remember that roulette is a game of chance and no strategy guarantees 100% success.

Can Mega Roulette be played on mobile devices?

Yes, Mega Roulette is optimized for play on mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, allowing players to enjoy the game anywhere. To play Mega Roulette on your smartphone, just go to the mobile version of the online casino and log in to your personal account.

Can I view my bet history in Mega Roulette?

Yes, Mega Roulette gives players access to their betting history, allowing them to track their results and analyze their strategies.

Reviews from real players about the game Mega Roulette

I recommend Mega Roulette to friends


I really liked Mega Roulette. Playing with real dealers really adds to the excitement. It is very convenient to place bets in a wide range, and the ability to communicate with other players in the chat does not let you get bored. And the coolest thing is that you can win big in this roulette, the maximum multiplier in the game is x500! I recommend to all!

Aleksander, 28
I recommend Mega Roulette to friends

Excellent game Mega Roulette


Mega Roulette is a very exciting game! What’s especially cool is that you can simply bet on even or odd and follow the betting strategies. I didn’t even expect that winning at an online casino is so easy! The simple betting strategy really works, and I have proven it more than once by winning large sums.

Dan, 25 years old
Excellent game Mega Roulette

No demo version of Mega Roulette


My opinion of the Mega Roulette game is good, but there is a small caveat. For beginners like me, it may be challenging to start due to the lack of a demo mode. I usually prefer to try games for free before starting to bet real money. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the opportunity to make minimum bets starting from just $0.1, which allows testing luck without significant risks.

Vlad, 40 years old
No demo version of Mega Roulette

User-friendly interface in Mega Roulette


Mega Roulette is just awesome! The rules of the game are clear, the interface is convenient, and the dealers are very pleasant. If you want an adrenaline rush, I recommend trying this game - you won't regret it!

Peter, 18 years
User-friendly interface in Mega Roulette

I enjoy playing Mega Roulette


Great game! I didn't have experience playing roulette with live dealers before, but I've always wanted to try. I decided to choose Mega Roulette because it follows the rules of classic European roulette. And I didn't regret it! The game offers a wide range of bets, so you can take risks or, on the contrary, play cautiously. I want to highlight the pleasant hosts, real professionals! I enjoy playing Mega Roulette.

Andrew, 38 years old
I enjoy playing Mega Roulette

Simple rules in Mega Roulette


I really enjoyed playing Mega Roulette. The first thing that caught my eye was the clear and simple rules, which even a novice can easily grasp. It's very convenient that you can place multiple bets at once, which adds variety to the gameplay.

Isaac, 22 years old
Simple rules in Mega Roulette

Mega Roulette is more interesting than regular European roulette


Honestly, Mega Roulette turned out to be a cut above the usual European roulette. In this game, I found more opportunities to earn thanks to the additional prize multipliers. I recommend everyone who wants to get more enjoyment from playing roulette to give it a try!

Maxim, 30 years old
Mega Roulette is more interesting than regular European roulette

Nice atmosphere at Mega Roulette


I was really impressed by playing Mega Roulette! Live dealer games are a whole new level of excitement. Unlike simple slots, here you can chat with other players, creating the atmosphere of a real online casino. It's very enjoyable to feel part of the gaming community and share emotions in real time. Now that I've tried Mega Roulette, slots seem too monotonous.

Nick, 25
Nice atmosphere at Mega Roulette

Convenient to play Mega Roulette on your smartphone


It's amazing how easy and convenient it is to play Mega Roulette on a smartphone. The game automatically adjusts to the screen size, and placing a bet is even easier than on a computer. It's very satisfying to have the opportunity to play your favorite game anywhere you go. Now I can enjoy the thrill without being tied to a computer.

Sergio, 25 years old
Convenient to play Mega Roulette on your smartphone

Huge winning potential in Mega Roulette


When I tried Mega Roulette, I was amazed by the immense potential for winnings that this game offers. It's the perfect roulette for those who love to take risks – you can place bold bets and hope for big multipliers up to x150 and even x500! If luck is on your side, the winnings can be simply enormous!

David, 32 years old
Huge winning potential in Mega Roulette