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Play American Roulette online

American Roulette - classic video roulette at online casino

American Roulette from the famous studio Evolution - classic video slot to play American roulette - entertainment popular among visitors to both Western and local online casinos.

American Roulette - the extremely simple and well-known mechanism of the game and its odious personality ( at least remember the movies about James Bond or The Sopranos Clan) made it the most popular gambling attraction. In addition, roulette is so integrated into the world culture that any random events are also called roulette. However, despite the gambling nature of the entertainment, the game at American Roulette slot from the game developer Evolution has everything to become a favorite way to spend your free time for both hunters of fortune, and for the recreation associated with easy risk. Unlike European roulette, American roulette differs by the presence of two green sectors Zero - 0 and 00.

Features and benefits of American Roulette game

Features and benefits of American Roulette game

It is considered that the game of roulette is associated with a high risk of losing, but in American Roulette you can win very significant sums. In American Roulette there is an opportunity to place bets with a value of 50 to 25 thousand, as well as the size of the bet can be doubled with a multiplier. Do not forget that American Roulette is more risky, but also more profitable because of the extra cell 00.

Players who play roulette in real time have access to live statistics on the frequency of certain numbers over the last 500 rounds, which is useful for building a long-term game strategy. This is the advantage over the classic real casino, where statistics would have to be gathered solely from your own observations if it was needed.

The coolest feature is that the croupier speaks in English with an authentic Las Vegas-like intonation, which increases the atmosphere. The rhythmic tapping of the ball on the lacquered roulette surface and its buzzing sound before it hits the slot is just the thing everyone needs to experience the casino atmosphere in any comfortable place.

American Roulette game rules

American Roulette game rules

The rules of the game in American Roulette slot are the same as in conventional roulette with one exception that instead of the physical presence of the player in the casino, you play roulette online. To play, you only need to bet on a specific roulette sector. This can be a certain Lucky Number or one of three columns, each containing 12 different numbers in different colors. You can also bet on a sector of a particular color or try to guess whether an even or odd number will happen again. Or you can try to guess which of the two equal roulette sectors will contain the winning number.

Game strategies for American Roulette

Game strategies for American Roulette

The special feature of the American Roulette game is that it is a traditional live roulette game, broadcasted through a camera. In this way, you can implement all the same tactics in the game to maximize your winnings as in a regular casino. Let's even talk about the basic strategies of how to play American Roulette.

Classic Martingale

Even described in the Simpsons tactic of doubling the lost amount is the most popular strategy for winning at roulette, including American Roulette. Here is an example of how it works. A player who lost 50 dollars in one round bets 100 dollars in the next round. If the bet didn't play again, the next round of American Roulette is already 200 dollars. If the bet played and the player won, the next bet again puts 50 rubles. And so on until the desired amount will be received.


The roulette field is divided into three large sectors, each of which has 12 numbers. It means that one bet on such a sector covers 12 potentially winning cells at the same time. With a smart analysis of statistics the chance of winning can be increased, but even when covering one dozen with his bet, a player gets a 1/3 chance of winning. This can be used without restriction, but in this tactic it is better to place larger amounts, as the player ends up with a smaller winnings than if he had bet on a specific number. The American Roulette field fully corresponds to the classic American roulette, and the video slot format with such roulette makes the game authentic as well as all tactics are effective.


Betting on the green sector Zero is very popular because of the winning multiplier of x35. If a small amount of money is bet on a sector or a specific number, as well as on the zero, then despite not very high probability that this number will fall out, the player will receive a solid winnings. For ease of calculation, 35 will need to be divided by 2 when betting on each additional cell.

Single number

Next to the previous strategy is the method of a single number, where a player always bets money on the same number until it falls out. However, when choosing this strategy is still better to look at the statistics of the table and do not have empty expectations.

By the way, 00 or double-zero is quite often rolled at American Roulette according to their own statistics. There's also information on other numbers for the past 500 rounds.

It is impossible to determine in advance the most profitable strategy, because a lot also depends on the person himself, his style of play, psychology and expectations. Winning is not a guarantee, but the product of a series of circumstances. In casinos, losing has the same origin. American Roulette by Evolution has all the information and necessary tools for convenient and comfortable playing as well as for winning.

Where to play American Roulette

Where to play American Roulette

Choosing a reliable and honest online casino is not easy. However, when Evolution has licensed the game and you see American Roulette game on the virtual casino website, then don't doubt that you can safely play it for real money. Alternatively, first observe the game from the sidelines and only after learning all the rules make a deposit of personal funds.

The game of American Roulette requires a serious technical level from the online casino and advance of the players. Roulette itself requires players to meet many parameters and to be professional as the beginners do not stay in it for long, and old-timers and vice versa prefer a dynamic game with real odds. Therefore, roulette can be found only on those sites that have a lot of other slots. Among them, American Roulette stands as the jewel and the main symbol of gambling, like in any casino.

Play American Roulette for free

It is not possible to take part in the roulette game for free, because the game is played in real time and only for real money. However, it is possible to watch the game of American Roulette for free. Voice of a croupier, live unobtrusive chat and list of winners is quite addictive in this attraction, which often turns into an attraction of generosity. The roulette game requires a very high entry threshold. To understand the American Roulette game at a proper level, learn the rules based on your observations and look at the statistics of numbers and wins in American Roulette can and should be free to do. In other words, even the lack of a demo version of American Roulette and the possibility of playing American Roulette for free should not be a big problem.

How to download American Roulette from Evolution

How to download American Roulette from Evolution

Downloading a video slot to user gadgets is an almost impossible task. For downloading American Roulette to your smartphone or PC, you need that the online casino has its own app.

Download American Roulette for Android and iPhone

Mobile applications often have video slots for roulette, poker, and blackjack. For a specific American Roullete game, you'll have to search the mobile versions of the casinos or smartphone apps on your own.

Online casino sites that have American Roulette often have a mobile version of the application and keep playability at a decent level. The functionality of such sites does not limit all features and benefits of American Roulette.

On the Android platform, some casinos make applications to work around the Google Play Market. All slots work properly in them, including such massive slots as American Roulette. You can often play American Roulette on Android in the official casino app.

It is impossible to find such applications on the iPhone due to Apple's strict policy towards gambling apps. So if you decide to play American Roulette on your iPhone, then think about the best way to save the game page without downloading the game on iOS.

Download American Roulette on PC

The opportunity to play the legendary American Roulette on your computer is available to every player. To do this, just open the browser on your laptop or PC, go to your favorite online casino website and find American Roulette. It is not possible to download the American Roulette game on your computer, as the game requires an internet connection.

American Roulette FAQ – questions about the game

What are the minimum and maximum bets in American Roulette?

In American Roulette the minimum bet is only 1 dollar. The maximum is 1 dollars and is calculated in the following way: 500 dollars is the bet itself, and x2 is the multiplier.

Is American Roulette really streaming live?

Yes, it is true, the online game American Roulette is played with a real croupier in real time.

Is it true that American Roulette by Evolution has available honest statistics on the frequency of certain numbers?

Yes, American Roulette by Evolution has real statistics that are true. You can check this by observing the game and the statistical chart which is available through a special button in the corner.

Why do American Roulette betting sizes vary so much?

The reason is that the classic American roulette, which includes American Roulette, serves as an entertainment for players with different income levels. Having only 2 dollars, you can play roulette twice and enjoy the game with high-class service.

Is it real to win at American Roulette?

Everything is in the player's hands. To play American Roulette, like any other roulette game, you need to bet on the numbers that will win, but no algorithm calculates the chance of winning in advance. Consider that the equipment is fully functional, so that no tilting of the table doesn't affect the chance of getting one or another number.

Why is American Roulette a video slot and not a standard app?

Premium gambling service requires certain options, and in the situation of American Roulette, the creators have made great efforts to provide such a service. A real croupier and roulette is a guarantee that the player is opposing luck and the physics of the ball, but not a soulless algorithm.

Reviews of real players about the American Roulette

Review: I play American Roulette every Friday


I have not been in a normal real casino for a long time. I liked it there because of the atmosphere somewhere between partying and failing. Every Friday I play American Roulette from Evolution and I love it. However, the croupier doesn't respond to messages. The chat room is apparently only for members. Maybe it's for the best, because I'd be kicked out of a real casino for that.

Dmitro, 50
Review: I play American Roulette every Friday

Review: I play and enjoy American Roulette


I play American Roulette and enjoy playing because it's fun. I regularly withdraw once a month about as much as I lost. It feels good, like I've saved up. The camera is soapy, so you can not get a good look at the girl at the roulette.

Sam, 23
Review: I play and enjoy American Roulette

Review: I’m leaving my wife and playing American Roulette


I escape from my wife and kids in the garage and play American Roulette. I'm slowly getting into the odds theme and came up with my own strategy. I only play when there is no soccer on. I'm losing so far, but sometimes I succeed. I also want to play poker. But the picture is really weird, the casino is rich, what's wrong with the quality?

Sergio, 35
Review: I’m leaving my wife and playing American Roulette

Review: Playing American Roullete at the summer house


When I'm alone at the summer house, I run American Roullete on the TV and open a beer. It's just like old times. The bets are more small, but I like it as it is. I don't bet more than 150 dollars per night. I don't always have time to bet. It's no big deal, the main thing is not to lose my entire pension.

Max, 55
Review: Playing American Roullete at the summer house

Review: American Roulette looks like a movie to me


I work as a clerk at a gas station. There aren't many customers, so I have time to watch the show and play. I've never played before, only seen it in the movies. American Roulette looks like a movie to me. Well, it's okay. But the croupier has to be a man.

Diana, 27
Review: American Roulette looks like a movie to me

Review: Tickle your nerves with American Roulette


I used to play poker for a living, but now I work on a shift. The only entertainment I have is my smartphone and booze. I decided that I'd rather get high from losing than from drinking. I play American Roulette a few times a day to get my nerves tickled.

Steven, 32
Review: Tickle your nerves with American Roulette

Review: American Roulette is a fair game


I came to roulette from poker. There are too many scams, and I want to gamble, not lose to some crooks. I chose American Roullete by Evolution. So far everything is fair, but why isn't it in Russian?

Michael, 55
Review: American Roulette is a fair game

Review: American Roulette is great entertainment


After my job I have no energy for anything at all. So at least some kind of interactive entertainment. I play American Roulette on the stash. My wife and kids are asleep when I get home. And I don't have to share my winnings with anybody, that's great.

Dan, 49
Review: American Roulette is great entertainment

Review: American Roulette helps out


At work I'm in a mess, my paycheck is crap. American Roulette video slot helps me out: sometimes I can play and win. But I do not withdraw the money yet, still thinking. My friend feels the zero, and it often falls out to him. I also want to solve his riddle.

Juan, 29
Review: American Roulette helps out

Response: When my nerves can’t take it, I spin American Roulette


When my nerves can't take it anymore, I turn on my favorite TV show and spin the roulette wheel. It's inexpensive, but it's so emotional when you're watching the ball! I can't stop spinning American Roulette. For just a hundred bucks it makes me feel like a millionaire for a minute. Overall, I recommend it.

Jeanne, 30
Response: When my nerves can’t take it, I spin American Roulette