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JetX - pixel style crash game for real money at online casino

JetX is a Crash game with nice old-school pixel graphics and meditative soundtrack. JetX is an intuitive and simple game, but it's filled with a lot of excitement and adrenaline as you play. Explore new heights and win generous rewards! JetX allows you to play for real money, and free in a demo version. By making a bet, you get a real chance to win, because success in the game depends not only on luck but also on the player. The developer of this amazing online game is the company Smart Soft Games. It has been developing games for virtual casinos since 2015 and is well-known for its colorful and various slots.

JetX Crash game plot

JetX Crash game plot

Just like in other similar Crash games, the plot of JetX is simple. Imagine yourself as a pilot of an airplane, quickly gaining height. The higher you take off, the more winnings you can collect to your deposit. But be careful, because at any moment the crash can happen, and your bet will be burned!

JetX game rules

JetX game rules

The rules of Jet X are very simple: put the wanted amount of money before the start of the round and watch the plane take off. The gained height is your prize multiplier, on which your bet will be multiplied in case of victory. Before the start of the round the random number generator determines the value of the multiplier at which the plane will crash and the game will end. Your goal is to stop the flight before you crash.

Fair play guarantee

One of the reasons why JetX slot is so popular is the guarantee of fair play, thanks to which the result of the round is protected from casino interference and depends only on your luck. Before the start of the round the system randomly generates a numerical value of the odds at which the game will end. The statistics of winnings can be viewed in the game menu.

Strategies and tactics in the JetX game

Strategies and tactics in the JetX game

Crash slot JetX differs from most online casino slots by the fact that winning in it depends not only on chance, but on the player's strategy. So by learning the game, you can not only have fun while enjoying the graphics, music and exciting emotions, but also make money. Let's look at three basic strategies!

Least risk tactic in JetX

This is basically the safest way to play JetX. This tactic is suitable for beginners, or for those who are not yet ready for a big risk and want to understand the mechanics of the game. In terms of winnings, the least risk tactic doesn't promise a gold mine. But following it, you will slowly but surely build up your winnings, and then you can switch to a moderate risk strategy or continue to stick to your chosen path.

The main idea of the tactic is to make a cashout at small odds, like x1.2. The chance that the plane crashes at the start is not so high, and so you can gradually increase your winnings. Also, this tactic is great if you don't have much money on your deposit.

Moderate risk in JetX

If you are not limited in funds and are ready for a more significant risk, try the tactic of moderate risk. It is almost the same as the previous one, but recommends making a cashout at higher odds of x2 and x3. They appear in the slot on average 40% of the time. And by the way, if you notice that the game has been without big odds for a long time, you can think about switching to the tactic of risking big.

Risking big

No risk, no champagne! But we still recommend to risk wisely and to keep sober mind. On average, a really big prize multiplier appears in a game only once in 1-2 hours. Take a look at the last time you made a big win and try to make a risky bet an hour later. Maybe it is you who will be the next lucky winner!

How to download the JetX game app

How to download the JetX game app

How to download the JetX game on PC

Provider Smart Soft Games develops games exclusively for online casinos, so unfortunately you won't be able to download JetX to your computer. However, you can always enjoy the game at your favorite casino site and play directly in your browser without downloading anything to your PC.

How to download JetX slot on iPhone (iOS)

Many players prefer to play games of chance during breaks at work, in traffic or on a walk, so they are looking for ways to download a slot to their smartphone. If you own an iPhone, you will not be able to download JetX in the AppStore. But don't be too upset! You can always install the online casino app, find the game you are interested in and enjoy the adrenaline without being tied to your PC.

To play JetX on your smartphone, install the app, complete the registration process, make a deposit and enjoy your winnings and excitement.

How to download the game to your Android phone

Like in the situation with iOS smartphones, downloading JetX on Android is also probably not possible as the game is not represented in PlayMarket. But you can download the mobile app of your favorite online casino, register there or log in to your existing account, make a deposit and play.

By the way, the described ways are suitable if you want to play JetX for real money. In case you are interested in free games for fun without the possibility of winning, you can always find equivalents in the app stores and have fun in a journey or on a break, without risking your money. The choice is yours!

Where can I play JetX

Where can I play JetX

As we have already mentioned, JetX slot can only be played at online casinos. Choose a licensed slot to play and a reliable online casino with real player reviews. Perhaps some of your friends already use any? Ask for advice.

Playing in a reliable casino, you will protect yourself from non-payment of your winnings.

To start playing JetX for money, the first thing you need to do is to register at an online casino. Creating an account is easy, the process only takes a couple of minutes. Find the register button, click on it, and choose a convenient option to create an account. You can choose to register by email, phone number or a social network account.

After creating an account, it will be suggested that you make a deposit which is necessary to play for real money. Most online casinos accept bank cards, electronic money, transfers from online wallets, as well as cryptocurrency. By the way, using cryptocurrency will protect you from annoying bank calls and having your prize payouts blocked for your card.

Finally, to withdraw your winnings you will need to go through the identity verification procedure. Do not worry about the safety of personal data, as online casinos care about their reputation and will not allow the leakage.

JetX FAQ - questions about the game

What is the minimum bet in the game JetX?

The minimum possible amount you can bet is 10 cents.

What is the maximum bet in JetX?

The maximum bet in JetX is 200 dollars.

What is a fair play guarantee?

Fair play is a system that protects the round results from casino interference, so your win or loss is determined only by luck and strategy. Before starting a new game, the random number generator determines the odds value at which the game will end.

Can I place 2 bets in JetX at the same time?

Yes, JetX slot allows you to place 2 bets at once. In addition, Auto-mode is available so you can automate your bet and avoid placing a bet again and again.

Is it possible to download JetX slot to mobile phone?

JetX slot is only available at online casinos, and you cannot download it to your smartphone. However, you can always install the mobile casino app, find your favorite slot in it and play anywhere where you have a stable internet connection.

Can I play JetX for free?

Yes! JetX has a demo mode where you can play for free. It is almost the same as the regular game, but you cannot win real money. Use the demo version to understand the game and test different strategies.

How do I earn in JetX?

Even a newcomer can win cash prizes in JetX slot, but you can earn money if you stick to a clear strategy, stay rational, resist greed and do not try to win back with big bets in case of loss.

How can I win at JetX?

We don't have a straightforward answer on how to win, because a lot depends on your luck, randomness and strategy. We've put together a few recommendations on how to play successfully at JetX. First, study the slot, frequency of big prize multipliers, statistics of victories and defeats. Secondly, train in free demo mode and start with the minimum bets. Having developed a strategy and game knowledge, go to the bigger bets. And believe in your luck!

Reviews of real players about the game JetX

JetX is not a bad slot


Pretty good, I made 300 dollars in half an hour. I placed small bets at small odds.

Sam, 32
JetX is not a bad slot

JetX is a game like Aviator, only better


I liked playing Aviator, but I was no longer lucky in it. I decided to try JetX, and so far I haven't found any disadvantages.

Ivan, 43
JetX is a game like Aviator, only better

JetX is pleasing to the eye


I'm pleased with the music and the cute pixel graphics. The developers really made an effort with the visuals. The music is not annoying, I usually turn off the sound.

Olivia, 36
JetX is pleasing to the eye

JetX is fair game


It's important for me to know that the game is fair. Yes, some people are luckier and some are less fortunate, but I want to know that my losses are not pre-programmed by a casino. At JetX the result is determined by a random number generator, which you just can't access!

Alan, 29
JetX is fair game

Everything in Jet X is simple and understandable


Since the times of slot machine halls I liked to relax and play after work. Now I continue this nice tradition at online casinos. I immediately liked the Jetx: simple, clear, no need to delve into the rules, and remember the winning symbols, just bet, then stop the bet. There is one button for everything, plus a real chance to win some money.

Sergio, 51
Everything in Jet X is simple and understandable

JetX gives you a real chance to win


The cool thing about games like JetX or Aviator is that you can control the process by yourself. I prefer small bets with minimal risk and regularly earn 300-400 dollars per week. Yes, it's not much, but there is no stress.

Bill, 19
JetX gives you a real chance to win

Typical crash game


I've got to be honest, I didn't see anything special in this slot. It looks nice, you can come in and play. I was not lucky with the big odds, my maximum was x5. I would not expect to win a huge sum.

Inna, 26
Typical crash game

JetX is my favorite among crash games


I've long been interested in crash slots, where you stop the game on your own discretion, so I tried several of the most popular ones. I liked JetX the most, probably because the first test ratio I stopped at x5 and turned 50 dollars into 200. I was lucky several times during the evening, and stayed in the black, not as usual.

Greg, 27
JetX is my favorite among crash games

I won a 1000 dollars in an hour with JetX


It was pure luck. I made 1000 dollars from 250 for one hour of play. Not much, but it's nice, I'll be back to play Jet X again!

Carlos, 18
I won a 1000 dollars in an hour with JetX

In the game JetX the main thing is not to be greedy


Here the secret of success is simple: stop at the right time. Don't be greedy, and luck will be on your side. I stopped every round at x1.3 and in one hour I won 500 dollars, even though I made the minimum bets. Better to have a bird in the hand, as they say!

Caleb, 33
In the game JetX the main thing is not to be greedy