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About the company Belatra Games

Belatra Games is the largest manufacturer of software for online casinos, well-known throughout the CIS, as well as in South America. The company has offices not only in the home country of the studio in Belarus, but also in Russia, Ukraine, Latin America and the USA. Belatra Games has been awarded with a number of international awards, product safety certifications and guarantees fair play to its players. The company is managed for a quarter of a century by its irreplaceable leader, inspirer and CEO Yuri Voynich.

Beginning for the company was related to offline casinos and arcades, however, Belatra has grown into the largest provider of games for virtual casinos around the world, having released more than a hundred video slots. The slots are made based on HTML5, thanks to that they do not require downloading to the device and work on any operating system. In addition, every online game of Belatra Gaming company is equipped with free demo mode, which allows you to assess the features and characteristics of the slot before playing for real money.

More importantly, Belatra video slots are certified by GLI, TRISIGMA, SIQ, and BMM Testlabs and can guarantee safe and fair play to their players.

Belatra still creates slot machines for gambling halls in those countries where it is legal, and is engaged in the re-flashing of its boards.

Currently, Belatra slots are presented in the vast majority of online casinos in Russia and the CIS, as well as in Latin America.

What is interesting is that the head of the company Voynich is actively engaged in charity and donates large sums for the development of Belarusian sports.

A bit of history of Belatra Games

The history of the company began in 1993, and for more than 28 years of the successful business Belatra has released more than a hundred gambling products in different genres, from slot machines to video poker and electronic roulette.

At the beginning of history Belatra was engaged mainly in the development and production of equipment for slot halls and offline casinos, both of which were very popular in those years.

In 2013, the company introduced its new development the JPot System jackpot system, which allowed to increase the profitability of gambling companies. The system made it possible to integrate slot machines into a single network, which made it possible to organize tournaments between players and make raffles with prizes.

For Belatra, 2017 was the year when the company changed its course. Off-line slot halls were quickly losing popularity in many countries of the world, and the company's management made a bet on the online casino market segment. The main vector of development became the production of software and games for online casinos of different genres such as video slots, electronic roulette, HI-LO and others.

Just one year later, in 2018, Belatra is presenting its developments at the prestigious event of the ICE Totally Gaming conference and receives high ratings from the experts.

One of the most striking features of Belatra is the constant search of innovative solutions. For example, in 2020 they offered a system of buying bonuses in the Action slot.

Popular slots from Belatra Games

Belatra is a very productive studio, which releases several new slots every year. Most of the company's slots contain 5 spinning reels and offer a fixed number of paylines, but each Belatra game is unique, thanks to a clever system of bonuses and tricks. One of the most popular games released in recent years has been the Lazy Monkey slot.

Gamblers are offered to take a breathtaking journey through the jungle in the company of the Lazy Monkey and fight for the progressive jackpot. While seemingly simple, the slot is filled with many mini risk games that allow you to either increase the prize several times or lose it. For example, in one of the risk games a gambler must help Monkey find bundles of bananas by opening several bags one after another. Be careful, one of them can hide a poisonous snake!

In addition, among the popular slots can be highlighted An Escape from Alcatraz, Lucy Bank Robbers, Golden Lemon and others.

Reviews about games and slots of Belatra Games provider

Review: I love Belatra slots


I'm proud of this company, I'm from Belarus myself. It's nice that our people make something of such quality and interest. Their games are not worse in quality than the ones by Netent or Microgaming, and sometimes even surpass them. Belatra is great!

Denny, 32
Review: I love Belatra slots

Review: You don’t get bored playing Belatra Games


I am familiar with Belatra games so far very casually. I have played only Lazy Monkey slot. Well, I can say that it is very cool that the creators do not screw around, but really care about their product, and try to put their soul into it, so that the player does not get bored. The Lazy Monkey is full of all sorts of tricks and gimmicks, thanks to which the slot does not bore you in a day or week. Belatra Games creates cool games.

Mark, 25
Review: You don’t get bored playing Belatra Games

Review: Too complicated slots from Belatra Gaming


In my opinion, the guys from Belatra Games are going overboard. Too stuffed with additional mechanics slots look too complicated, and damn it, I want to play slots to relax, not to think!

Daren, 36
Review: Too complicated slots from Belatra Gaming

Review: Original games from the Belatra Games studio


For me, Belatra slots are always something unusual. How tired are the monotonous slots, where there is nothing to do but wait for the jackpot. Here is variety. This is an attempt to be original and overall decent product. Belatra Games are good guys, you can see that.

Ken, 29
Review: Original games from the Belatra Games studio

Review: There is nothing special in Belatra Gaming slots


It is a slot, which pay you. It is not bad, there are no flaws to catch the eye, but it seems as if something in the slots from Belatra is missing.

Stephany, 39
Review: There is nothing special in Belatra Gaming slots

Review: I love Belatra


It's nice when the studio doesn't screw around and makes a good product. The slots are bright and memorable. For me, Belatra's online games are on the same level with such titans as Netent.

Riley, 35
Review: I love Belatra

Review: Playing Belatra Games slots for fun


I’m not a big fan of slot machines, but Belatra Games, in particular Lazy Monkey, somewhat catchy. It is not boring, lively, allow you to distract from the routine and sometimes bring good winnings. Belatra Games is a very decent studio.

Amelia, 29
Review: Playing Belatra Games slots for fun

Review: Very good slots from Belatra Games


Belatra Games are very well made, so you can play not only on the computer, but also by entering the casino website, for example, from your phone. It doesn't freeze and doesn't slow down. The functionality doesn't disappear because of slow Internet, so from my point of view this is perfect.

Harry, 46
Review: Very good slots from Belatra Games

Review: Belatra Games is a worthy studio that creates great slots


It is beautiful, stylish, and most importantly well thought out online games. I can't judge about possibilities and frequency of big winnings in slots from Belatra, because I play for fun. The little money often drops in Lazy Monkey, for example.

Charlie, 23
Review: Belatra Games is a worthy studio that creates great slots

Review: You can play free slots from Belatra Games


It is always important for me to test all the slot options before playing. Belatra Games has such a feature in every game, so you do not have to immediately throw money on the deposit, but you can first have a good test and check strategies to win, and then proceed to the game.

Oliver, 30
Review: You can play free slots from Belatra Games