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Blackjack Live - excitable card game at online casino

With Pragmatic Play's acquisition of Extreme Live Gaming, online casinos around the world have been enriched with innovative card game solutions. Blackjack Live is popular among players. This is a standard version of the traditional card game with several attractive features that allow you to play according to the known rules, varying the chances of winning with strategic decisions.

By launching Blackjack Live in reliable casinos, players will instantly fall into the atmosphere of all familiar land-based casinos. The Pragmatic company is constantly improving the service, offering to plunge headlong into the world of excitement, playing in a new studio with an original interface against professional dealers and rivals. Blackjack Live is a whole world and next generation gambling game.

Features of Blackjack Live

Features of Blackjack Live

The gameplay is carried out according to the world rules of Las Vegas using 8 decks. Participants can only double up to a division. In the upper corner are the main options for settings of the game - live chat, support, information. Players can make settings according to personal preferences: change the language, adjust the soundtrack, playback quality. It is possible to set English, Russian, Spanish, Norwegian and other languages.

The features of the Blackjack Live game relate to the following bets:

  • 21+3;
  • perfect couples.

Perfect Pairs provides big winnings in case of the same cards by value, color, suit. 21+3 consists of collecting the starting hand and the dealer's face-down card. With a winning option, the player receives winnings, according to the tabular data. Trips of the same suit will provide wins at a ratio of 100 to 1.

Players highlight such advantages as an excellent RTP of 99.5%, profitable additional bets, high quality of data transfer. Here you can optimally adhere to the traditional rules or try to break the big Jackpot. But keep in mind that trying to win 100 to 1 lowers the RTP value.

Play Blackjack Live for free

Blackjack Live is a part of the live games section of the casino, so it is not possible to play for free. But players can watch the process after registration. This will allow you to get acquainted with the rules, options, tricks in more detail. In parallel, it is allowed to place bets on participants sitting at the table. The option is quite suitable for additional enrichment, as well as observation about the use of certain winning strategies. In the future, players may use winning tactics for their own victories.

The plot of Blackjack Live

The plot of Blackjack Live

The plot of Blackjack Live is as close to traditional card game as possible. According to the rules, players need to collect a combination in such a way as to get closer to 21 points without busting. The values ​​of card denominations are fully consistent with the classics of the genre. In this case, the following solutions are allowed:

  • hit;
  • get up;
  • double;
  • make an early decision.

There are 7 seats at the table and the player will be offered to take one of them. At the same time, the developers have provided for a larger number of participants in the rounds. If places are not available, which is rare, recreation can be organized by betting on other players, analyzing from the action.

Strategies and Tactics of Live Blackjack

Strategies and Tactics of Live Blackjack

The ideal strategy for playing Live Blackjack is applicable even when playing by the general rules, given the high percentage of RTP. The outcome assumes one of three scenarios - win, draw, loss. However, real connoisseurs of excitement can increase the chances of beating rivals in order to get as many winnings as possible.

Strategies and tactics well-known in the gambling world, approved by more than one generation of blackjack fans, are suitable for this. The most famous winning method is the basic one, which consists of several types:

  • Mathematical analysis by counting.
  • Maintenance of table values.

The first analysis was tested by the software, proving a significant reduction in house edge when the math is correct. Tabular values ​​help keep records, analyze to make the right decisions. Using this strategy, you need to prepare for periodic loss, since it is impossible to win all hands. In the future, the number of winning rounds will significantly exceed.

After mastering the basic tactics, many players move on to the wagering system. It consists in putting down a fixed amount. According to observations, the first rounds are most often at a loss result, but further prospects are quite bright. The advantage of this tactic is the use of even a minimal bankroll.

Often players use the Parlay system, where the stakes increase after a winning hand. Parlay's strategy of doubling every win is used in parallel with the basic tactic. In the world of gambling, there are many different combinations that allow you to increase the chances of players to win. You can get acquainted with them on thematic resources, forums, in reviews. When applying tactics in the game of Live Blackjack, it is worth considering the use of 8 decks in a round.

Where to play Live Blackjack

Where to play Live Blackjack

To play Live Blackjack from Pragmatic Play and enjoy all the benefits of the game offer, you need to choose reliable casinos. Finding such a platform, at first glance, is not easy, given the huge selection on the Internet. It is best to use online casino rating tables, player reviews, which indicate all the advantages and disadvantages of gambling on popular sites..

Reliable resources contain tables with a large selection of rated casinos. It provides information and links that allow you to instantly go to the site in order to register at the casino. The latter will open access to all services, including the bonus program, the game of blackjack for money.

How to download Blackjack Live

How to download Blackjack Live

Many players are looking for ways to organize permanent access to card rounds by entering a query: how to download the Blackjack Live game. It is not possible to install the slot machine separately. But it is possible to download the application of the selected casino, which will allow you to use all the services around the clock, including games with live dealers. As a rule, the application is constantly updated, reproduced without freezes and other negative nuances. It runs from any device - PC, laptops, tablets, mobile phones.

How to download Blackjack Live on your computer

Initially, it is important to find a casino that will meet all the requirements of gambling. Top online casino offer to download the application to your computer to play Blackjack Live. The site contains step-by-step instructions that allow you to quickly install and access the card game.

How to Download Live Blackjack for iPhone

To download the Live Blackjack game for iPhone, you need to follow the recommendations indicated on the casino website. Downloading the application through the App Store is impossible, but you can actually find the necessary links on the official page, mirrors, and partner resources. After unpacking the apk files, players can play blackjack in the usual way. It is quite possible to play Blackjack Live on iOS.

How to download the game Blackjack Live on Android

Having chosen a reliable site for gambling, players can read the information in the relevant section: how to download the Blackjack Live game on Android. By clicking on the link, allowing pre-download on the device, the application will be successfully loaded, after which you can use the service. You don't need to re-register. Guests can create an account in the usual way to get access to the live dealer section.

Blackjack Live FAQ - questions about the game

What are the odds of winning in Live Blackjack?

Payouts in Live Blackjack are the same as traditional ones: regular rounds are played at a ratio of 1:1, Blackjack 3:2, insurance 2:1. Additional bets have the following values: Mixed pair - 6:1, color pair - 12:1, suited pair - 25:1. 21+3 allows you to get payouts of 5:1 (blush), 30:1 (straight and three ways), 40:1 (straight flush), 100:1 (individual trips).

Can beginners play Blackjack Live?

With a strong desire to play Blackjack Live, beginners can and should. However, before starting the rounds, it is better to familiarize yourself with the recommendations of experienced players, the gameplay guide, which indicates the nuances and options. After registering at the casino, you can watch the game in viewing mode and, if you wish, place bets on any player.

Can I play Blackjack Live from mobile devices?

Advanced technologies were used in the development, so you can play Blackjack Live from mobile devices without any problems. By launching the game from a tablet, smartphone, iPhone, high quality, interactivity, graphics, and other advantages are preserved.

What are the minimum and maximum bets in Blackjack Live?

The minimum bet in Blackjack Live is 10 USD, the maximum is 2000 USD. The amount may vary depending on the selected online casino.

What is the maximum payout I can expect in Blackjack Live?

Blackjack Live players can get the maximum payout using the 21+3 option. A winning individual trip bet can bring payouts of up to 200,000 USD.

Are Live Blackjack Winnings Fair?

The Blackjack Live gaming product is licensed, the developers cooperate only with legal online casinos, which guarantees the transparency and smoothness of the process. The casino certainly has an advantage, therefore, when choosing a platform for rounds with live dealers, you should give preference to reliable clubs.

Reviews of real players about the Blackjack Live game

Review: Blackjack Live opened up new possibilities with the game


When I launched the Blackjack Live game, I immediately noticed the quality of the streaming. Rounds allow you to put down useful and fun bets, communication and the process are conducted without freezes. I must say right away that fans of such a card game will be pleased. It gives you the opportunity to open new horizons.

Mark, 36
Review: Blackjack Live opened up new possibilities with the game

Review: Live Blackjack slot machine, like in a real casino


Now there is practically no time to travel to offline casinos. It has become far and expensive, although I have traveled recently. Therefore, I spend my leisure time at home, playing Live Blackjack. It's just something, it's like I'm in a real casino. The graphics are excellent, communication is conducted online, in addition, frequent winning rounds are pleasing.

Bruce, 42
Review: Live Blackjack slot machine, like in a real casino

Review: Live Blackjack slot machine is not boring


While waiting for a friend, I launched the Live Blackjack card game. What can I say, the usual game dragged on immediately. Already from the first rounds, it was possible to break a decent win from the minimum bets. The pragmatist has really risen to a new level. I recommend!

Mike, 21
Review: Live Blackjack slot machine is not boring

Review: Blackjack Live is the perfect combination of quality and functionality


I am a philologist, but I like to diversify my rest with mathematical strategies. I launched Blackjack Live by Pragmatic and was pleasantly surprised. Yes, the classics of the genre have remained here, but thanks to the chips from the developer, the strategies are implemented in a fairly balanced way. Of course, I took into account 8 decks, additional bets, other goodies. In general, I advise those who like to reason, calculate and get great prizes.

Maria, 28
Review: Blackjack Live is the perfect combination of quality and functionality

Review: I really like Blackjack Live


I rarely play card games because I don't have much time. But if I'm on vacation, I prefer to launch the best gaming products. Another point is attracted positive feedback about the game Blackjack Live. To be honest, I got it. I immediately appreciated the excellent graphics, convenient settings, high returns.

Michael, 40
Review: I really like Blackjack Live

Review: Blackjack Live slot machine is the best


I've been looking for quality blackjack for several years now. I tried the Blackjack Live slot machine and for me it is the best. What I want to highlight: graphics, soundtrack, the best result for falling out of suited thrips. When the tables are full, you can bet on the players.

Max, 36
Review: Blackjack Live slot machine is the best

Review: I often win in Blackjack Live


Honestly, I like to play card games and often win. Blackjack Live satisfies all my gambling desires. Winning in the truest sense of the word is pouring. Of course, there is a bust, but I really take into account the risks. Therefore, I continue to win by applying strategies.

Sergio, 24
Review: I often win in Blackjack Live

Review: I tried Live Blackjack, I advise


I'm new to the card game, so I've been watching live blackjack for a long time in watch mode. Then I began to bet. By the way, a profitable business if you follow the professionals. I want to become the same, so I gradually started playing at minimum stakes. I like it, there are busts, but if you take into account in general, then there are more wins. I hope to be a pro soon.

Aaron, 37
Review: I tried Live Blackjack, I advise

Review: Favorite game Blackjack Live


Blackjack Live has become my favorite game. In any free time I enjoy rounds, strategies, winnings. For convenience, I downloaded the casino app on my phone. The game is really close to real blackjack, so it is very addictive.

Avanda, 25
Review: Favorite game Blackjack Live

Review: Blackjack Live is just for me


I am very selective about slot machines. I prefer when it's spectacular, bright and simple at the same time. All these qualities are present in Blackjack Live. To the magnificent design, you can add frequent winnings, additional options, the ability to bet on other participants.

Leo, 31
Review: Blackjack Live is just for me