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Play Lightning Roulette online

Lightning Roulette - live game with croupier at online casino

Lightning Roulette is a popular live casino game that combines the benefits of electronic roulette and a real offline casino. Its main feature is that the game is hosted by a real croupier in the studio, while players can watch the process and make bets, from the comfort of their own home. That way, the feeling of real casino presence is achieved, and players can interact with the croupier and other participants via chat and make bets in real time. Several cameras are installed in the studio, broadcasting the gameplay and recording all the dealer's movements, which excludes any malicious interference from the gambling house.

Lightning Roulette rules

Lightning Roulette rules

Lightning Roulette is quite simple and resembles the authentic French roulette, which is the basis of this gambling entertainment.

The gameplay is all about guessing the number of sector on which the ball will stop after the wheel spinning. You can place one or more bets simultaneously. The biggest prize multiplier in Lightning Roulette is x 500, which means that even with minimal bet potential winnings can be very big.

The spinning wheel has 36 red and black sectors numbered from 1 to 36. The thirty-seventh sector is numbered as zero and is called zero. On the playing field on which players place their bets, numbers are sorted into columns, where the first contains numbers from 1 to 18, and the second from 19 to 36. In addition, there are also three dozens on the playing table or, in other words, numerical intervals from 1 to 12, 13 to 24 and 25 to 36. Players can make two types of bets. The internal one is placed on any numeric sector, including zero, and the external one is placed on a dozen, even or odd value.

Main features of Lightning Roulette

Main features of Lightning Roulette

The main difference between this live game and other live dealer roulette games is the Lightning feature. After all players have made their bets, the croupier triggers the Lightning function which randomly selects numbers from one to five. If the ball stops on one of the lucky numbers, player who bet on it will receive an increased winnings. The maximum prize ratio in the game is x500.

Types of bets in Lightning Roulette

As in the classic version, in Lightning Roulette you can make a single bet or multiple bets. Bets can be internal and external, depending on which sector of the playing field the player wishes to put his chips. Internal bet is an opportunity to guess a specific number on which the ball will stop after the end of the wheel rotation.

The external one is placed on a certain range of numbers in which the ball can stop. There are only 3 ranges or dozens: 1 to 12, 13 to 24 and 25 to 36. If, for example, you bet on a range of 1 to 12, and the ball stopped on the sector number 9, your bet wins. In addition, you can bet on an even or odd number of the sector where the ball stops, or on a zero sector.

Lightning Roulette demo version

Sadly, we have to disappoint players who want to try out Lightning Roulette for free, but there's no such thing as a demo mode at the live casino. But don't get frustrated, because you can still watch the game! Take your time and see how professional players play, whether they bet on the inside or outside, on a single sector or on several at once. In addition, Lightning Roulette is good because the minimum bet is only 20 US cents. So even if you learn from your mistakes, you won't lose much money.

Strategies for a successful game at Lightning Roulette

Strategies for a successful game at Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette gives players the opportunity to make several bets at once or limit themselves to a single bet, which gives a huge space to develop tactics and strategies for this game. Let's take a look at the main ones:

Big risk - big reward

The strategy is based on internal bets that means a player bets either on any number from zero to 36, or on several numbers at once. Depending on how many numbers you bet, the winnings will be different. For example, a single bet will bring the biggest win with odds of x35, while a split bet on 2 numbers will bring the win with odds of x17. The smallest winning ratio will be when you bet on 6 numbers at once, so the prize multiplier will increase your initial bet by 5 times. The biggest win in this tactic is waiting for you if the lucky number drops during the Lightning function, then your bet can be increased by 500 times.

Strategy Sure Win

This strategy will please careful players who are not ready to jump in headfirst. It is based on outside bets, such as guessing the color of the sector or the number range in which the ball ends up. The winnings for this tactic are lower, but the odds are 1 to 1 or 3 to 1.

Tactics of moderate profit

This tactic means betting on all numbers at once. The expectation here is based on the lightning function: when the ball hits the lucky sector, the bet will be increased several times, which means that the costs of losing numbers will be compensated many times over. The payout for a winning number in this case is 30 to 1. This option is suitable for those who can tolerate small losses on the deposit and are prepared to wait.

Where can I play Lightning Roulette

Where can I play Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette is a popular gambling entertainment around the world that helps you enjoy the game of roulette without visiting a casino. You can play this game by visiting the website of any virtual casino.

How to choose the right casino in the Internet? 

  1. Always choose an honest online casino with a good reputation. Read online reviews and pay special attention to the process of receiving winnings as reliable casinos always pay out prize money.
  2. After choosing a casino, enter its name in the search bar of your browser and go to its website. Access to the site may be limited, so you can use a mirrored site. 
  3. When you enter the site, complete a simple registration procedure and create a game account. It's quite easy to do, all you need is to provide your phone number or email address and come up with a password.
  4. Since there is no way to play Lightning Roulette for free, you have to make your first deposit. Pay attention to the deposit methods as the minimum deposit amount may vary. In addition, many casinos offer welcome bonuses for players, such as 100% increase for the first deposited amount and you should decide for yourself if you need them.
  5. After a successful deposit, visit the Live-casino or Live Dealer Games section and find Lightning Roulette in the list.

Good luck in this game!

How to download Lightning Roulette on your smartphone

How to download Lightning Roulette on your smartphone

Lightning Roulette is an interactive roulette game that combines the advantages of online and offline casinos and allows you to experience gambling in the comfort of your home. Because Lightning Roulette game includes an element of broadcasting the game process from the game studio in real time, it is not possible to download it to your computer or cell phone. Nevertheless, you can play it anytime and anywhere by simply using the mobile version of the selected online casino's website.

How to play on the mobile version of the online casino site:

  1. Enter the name of your favorite online casino in the search box.
  2. Visit the site, complete the registration process, or log in to previously created account.
  3. Since the game does not have a demo mode, you will need to make a deposit to participate in the gameplay.
  4. Find Lightning Roulette in the Live Casino section. All done, you can start playing.

Some online casinos, for example, offer players to install a branded mobile app on Android and iPhone to access the casino, so an alternative to the website's mobile version can be installation of the app. Download it from the casino website and play wherever you like. One of the undeniable advantages of the app is bypassing blocking and accessing the website directly, without searching for relevant mirrors.

Lightning Roulette FAQ – questions about the game

How is Live Roulette different from electronic version?

Despite the fact that live roulette and electronic version of the game are available at online casinos and replicate the general rules of classical French roulette, the games are slightly different. In electronic roulette, the player competes against a computer, and the outcome of the round is determined by a random number generator. In the case of live roulette, the result of the round is determined in the classical way by spinning a wheel in the studio, from which the game is streamed live.

Can I play Lightning Roulette for free?

Unfortunately, there is no free practice option in Lightning Roulette. Try to figure out the rules in advance by practicing in electronic roulette test mode, or watch the gameplay and try your hand at micro betting.

What is the minimum bet in Lightning Roulette?

The minimum bet in Lightning Roulette is 20 US cents.

What is the maximum bet in Lightning Roulette?

The maximum bet in Lightning Roulette is 1500 dollars.

How much can I win in Lightning Roulette?

The maximum possible prize multiplier in Lightning Roulette is x500, which means that your stake is multiplied by a total of 500 times. This prize ratio is possible when you activate a feature of the game called Lightning.

How do the external and internal bets in Lightning Roulette work?

In Lightning Roulette, as in the original version of the game, there are several types of bets. Internal bets are those that have been placed on the numbered cells or on the lines between them, while outside bets are odd/even and dozen bets.

Can I place multiple bets at the same time in Lightning Roulette?

Yes, in Lightning Roulette you can place a number of simultaneous bets on different sectors of the circle.

How can I be sure that the Lightning Roulette game is fair?

The result of a round in Lightning Roulette is determined by the rotation of the roulette wheel, which is started by the croupier. The rotation process is broadcast by several cameras and excludes the possibility of fraudulent results.

What is Lightning mode in Lightning Roulette?

Lightning mode is a special feature of Lightning Roulette. Its essence is that before the start of the round it randomly selects those numbers, which will increase the payout ratio.

How long does a Lightning Roulette round last?

As a rule, the duration of one round in Lightning Roulette is from 3 to 5 minutes. During this time a dealer may spin the wheel several times.

Reviews of real players about the game Lightning Roulette

Review: Lightning Roulette is not bad


I like Lightning Roulette because it makes me feel like I'm in a live casino. Chatting with other players, croupier, real-time betting, and the opportunity to watch with my own eyes how the gaming process is going on are all very valuable to me. I don't feel like I'm sitting one-on-one with a heartless machine.

Anton, 40
Review: Lightning Roulette is not bad

Review: fair play at Lightning Roulette


I've heard a lot about RNG mechanisms in modern gambling, but I still can't trust them for 100%. If I want to play roulette, I choose live dealers. It's important to me to see how the ball runs on the wheel, and on which boxes on the table all the bets are placed. I think it's much harder to cheat that way. Lightning Roulette is an example of a game that can be trusted.

Tim, 33
Review: fair play at Lightning Roulette

Review: No free bets in Lightning Roulette


I got so used to this option that even when I decided to try the live casino, I still expect the opportunity to practice for free. Lightning Roulette doesn't have that option, which is a real pity. You have to watch other players for a long time before you figure out an acceptable strategy for yourself.

Gen, 25
Review: No free bets in Lightning Roulette

Review: I played Lightning Roulette after slots


I have long been interested in roulette, it is attractive because of its simplicity and the possibility of serious winnings. I tested virtual roulette, but the impressions have been average. After slots Lightning Roulette is like heaven over earth. Female croupiers, of course, are adding some fire and atmosphere!

Mark, 31
Review: I played Lightning Roulette after slots

Review: I play roulette with a live dealer with pleasure


Roulette with a live dealer provides much more fun and adrenaline than virtual roulette. I don't know about others, but I take it much more seriously. Besides, the effect of being in a real casino has a major impact.

Sam, 28
Review: I play roulette with a live dealer with pleasure

Review: Lightning Roulette is cool


I enjoy the interaction with croupiers and players. For me the live casino is the best version of modern gambling because it is like you are in a casino, but you are staying home and you don't have to go anywhere. It is very convenient that you can not only watch the broadcast, but also adjust the sound and video in the interface by yourself. Lightning Roulette is just an example of cool live casino roulette.

Stan, 30
Review: Lightning Roulette is cool

Review: I enjoyed playing Lightning Roulette


I've been in the game, as they say, for a long time. I like poker, baccarat and of course roulette. But at the same time, completely virtual roulette does not appeal to me, and playing real roulette is not always possible. In such cases the live casino and Lightning Roulette in particular are very helpful. The main thing is to understand the stakes and have some good luck in reserve.

Anastasia, 34
Review: I enjoyed playing Lightning Roulette

Review: First experience with live roulette by Lightning Roulette


I decided to try gambling for the first time and decided to choose roulette, as it seemed to me much easier than poker, you just bet on certain numbers and pray to the gods of luck. I found live roulette very interesting as I could chat with the players and I got into the rules quite quickly. I liked Lightning Roulette. Still want to give it a go!

Olga, 29
Review: First experience with live roulette by Lightning Roulette

Review: It captures the atmosphere of a real casino


I have always been missing the atmosphere at online casinos as I can't take slots seriously, not enough thrill and emotion. But with roulette it's different, and even the computer screen doesn't prevent me from feeling like I'm in a real casino. It's nice to see live roulette, not an imitation.

Sergio, 35
Review: It captures the atmosphere of a real casino

Review: Lightning Roulette is more interesting than the electronic one


I like that lightning roulette is a game with a live dealer. I still do not trust the random number generator, and here you can see everything clearly at a glance. Sometimes I am lucky, sometimes not, but the adrenaline is always there!

William, 39
Review: Lightning Roulette is more interesting than the electronic one