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Play Narcos slot online

Narcos game - spectacular slot at online casino

Narcos is a slot from NetEnt studio, created based on the popular Netflix series with the same name. The plot is based on the story of the famous mafia and drug lord from Colombia, Pablo Escobar. The slot consists of 5 rotating reels, on which animated symbols land in 3 rows. The player's task is to collect prize chains, of which there can be 243 in Narcos. For each chain, the player receives a payout depending on the value of the images included in it.

The features of the Narcos slot

The features of the Narcos slot

Narcos is rich in game features and mechanics - the developers have offered players 4 unique functions that are triggered by combinations of symbols that land on the reels.

Free Spins

In Narcos, a player can count on a bonus round of 10 free spins. The round is triggered by three scatter symbols that appear on the first, third and fifth reels.

Walking Wild

The Walking Wild function can be activated both in the main and in the bonus game. If wild symbols appear on the reels during the spin, they can be saved during subsequent spins and move one cell horizontally, thereby increasing the number of prize combinations, and at the same time the amount of winnings.

Drive-by function

It is activated randomly during the main game. When the reels spin, some of the most valuable symbols can be replaced with wilds. At the end of a series of spins, the player receives an increased payout.

Locked Up

It can be activated during the main game. Some symbols may cluster, the function is triggered if three or more Locked up symbols have landed in the same row. Three or more symbols in one cluster guarantee a win. As a result, the player receives a payout with a prize factor from 1 to 10.

Play Narcos for free

Play Narcos for free

Narcos slot, like other games created by NetEnt, has a free mode. You can enjoy the game even with a zero game balance, but remember, you cannot win real money in the demo version. But this mode is ideal for exploring the slot and testing theories and strategies.

Successful game strategies in the Narcos slot

Successful game strategies in the Narcos slot

Narcos video slot is full of interesting features, which makes it possible to come up with a variety of strategies for a successful game. Let's look at some of them.

Safe minimum risk strategy

This strategy will appeal to beginners and those players whose balance on the game deposit does not yet allow them to try other tactics. Adhering to this strategy, you will be able to gradually increase the amount on the deposit and either take the winnings, or try a different approach to betting. The point of the tactic is quite simple - just divide the amount on your gaming account in such a way that it is enough for 200-250 spins of the reels. Even with low bets, you have a great chance to get free spins or activate a number of other bonuses, which will bring not only positive emotions, but also tangible benefits for your pocket.

Graduated rate increase

Some call this strategy as Step-by-step, and as you can guess from the name, it consists in gradually increasing the size of the bet. Choose in advance for yourself the acceptable maximum size of a one-time bet and do not exceed it, otherwise you risk wasting money on a deposit. It is good if the amount on the account is enough for 100-150 spins, so the probability of meeting with pleasant bonuses will increase, and the winnings in case of success will be much higher than in the previous strategy.

A noble risk

The most unreliable tactic, but at the same time promising the largest winnings. Use it only if you do not experience sharp financial difficulties and have free money on deposit. The essence of the risky strategy is simple - it is enough to observe the behavior of the machine slot at minimum bets, and if you notice that the free spins have not fallen out for quite a long time, try to bet a larger amount. Perhaps it is the next rotation that will be decisive. Good luck!

Where to play the Narcos slot

Where to play the Narcos slot

NetEnt is one of the most famous, popular and in-demand manufacturers of virtual casino slots, so games developed by this studio can be found in almost every self-respecting online casino, therefore, you can play Narcos slot on any site where it is presented. To get maximum satisfaction from the game, it is important to be sure that you have chosen an honest casino that always pays winnings to its players. How should you find out a reliable institution?

  • Check out the reviews of experienced players. On the Internet, many people share their impressions of playing in one or another online casino. Read them and pay attention to the negative ones, they often contain important information.
  • Read the user agreement at the selected casino and study the paragraph concerning the payout policy of winnings. There should be a list of necessary documents that the casino can request from the player for identity verification. You will not be able to collect the funds that you have won if you do not send the casino staff a photo of your passport or driver's license. This procedure is standard and should not cause concern. 
  • Every online casino offers welcome bonuses for new players. Bonuses can be of two types - percentage increases to the first deposit and free spins in slots. Any bonuses offered by the gambling platform must be won back - that is, bets must be placed. In case of victory, part of the funds from the bonus account goes to the main account and becomes available for withdrawing. In some establishments, bonuses are awarded to each player by default, in other casinos, a new client is offered a choice - to accept bonuses or not.
  • In a good casino, the support service works around the clock. In the event that a player has problems or questions, the staff come to the rescue via the hotline, via e-mail or a feedback form on the casino's website.

Good luck in making decisions!

How to download the Narcos slot

How to download the Narcos slot

The Narcos game was created for the purpose of placing in an online casino, so the opportunity to download the slot is not provided. The game was created using HTML5 and does not require installation on the device. To start, you only need a device with Internet access and a stable connection.

How to download Narcos to your computer

As we have already mentioned, it is impossible to download the Narcos slot to a computer or laptop as a separate program. To play, go to the website of any casino where this game is hosted. To start playing, create an account. There are different ways to do this - the most common of them is to register by phone number or by e-mail. After creating a personal account, fill in your personal information and top up your deposit. Most modern casinos offer a variety of deposit methods - from bank cards to cryptocurrencies. After a successful depositing funds to the account, enter the name of the game in the search bar and start playing.

How to download Narcos slot on Android and iPhone

Unfortunately, downloading the game to smartphones is not possible, the game is not presented either in the AppStore or in the PlayMarket. But you can still play from mobile devices, because all NetEnt games are perfectly optimized for mobile phones, even with a limited amount of RAM. To enjoy Narcos, just go to the mobile version of the casino website. As in the case of PC games, you will need to register and make a deposit. An alternative way to play from a phone is to install a mobile casino application, but today only a few gambling sites can have their own application.

Narcos FAQ - frequently asked questions about the game

Is there an opportunity to win the jackpot in the Narcos slot?

Unfortunately, there is no jackpot in the Narcos game.

How much can I win in the Narcos slot?

The maximum win in the Narcos slot depends on the size of the bet made. The maximum possible prize factor will increase the winning bet three hundred times.

How do I activate the free spins feature in Narcos?

In order to launch a series of 10 free spins in Narcos, you will need to collect 3 scatter symbols on the first, third and fifth reels.

How many free spins in Narcos slot can I get?

The base number of free spins in the Narcos slot is 10.

What is the function of Walking Wild?

Walking Wild is one of the unique features of Narcos slot. It is activated both during the main spins and in the bonus round of free spins. If there is a Wild symbol in the winning chain, it will remain on the reels and move horizontally by one cell, thereby increasing the chance of a big prize in the subsequent spin.

Is it possible to play Narcos on mobile?

Yes, you can play Narcos slot on your smartphone. Downloading the game to your device is not required, just go to the mobile version of the casino website.

Is it possible to play Narcos for free?

Yes, the Narcos game has a free demo mode. It is perfect for exploring the slot and having fun, but you can't win real money in the demo version.

The largest and smallest one-time bet in Narcos?

The lowest rate in Narcos is 0.20 euros, and the highest is 400 euros.

Reviews of real players about the slot Narcos

Review: Luxury Narcos Slot


Honestly, I haven't seen such a well-developed, beautiful and atmospheric game like Narcos for a long time. I haven't watched the original series, but I think the impressions would have been even stronger. I especially liked the bonus game with free spins - the design is cool and you can win a bunch of even with a small initial bet.

Mark, 29
Review: Luxury Narcos Slot

Review: It’s great that there is Narcos


The first thing that caught my eye, or rather my ears, when I launched the game was awesome music. A Spanish guitar or something very similar is chic, sets the atmosphere and tone. The game itself is also on top, there are a lot of fun features and opportunities, so many strategies you can think about!

Aleks, 28
Review: It’s great that there is Narcos

Review: Narcos is beyond praise


I am quite familiar with the Netent collection of games, and I like many of them, but Narcos won my heart from the first minutes of the game in the demo version. I got a lot of pleasure, as if I watched a western. I haven't explored the possibility of winning yet, but I don't doubt the honesty of the studio, there were no problems with the rest of the games, I think everything will be good here!

Bruce, 35
Review: Narcos is beyond praise

Review: There are many features in the Narcos slot


I love slots that are not boring to play. Narcos is full of such bonus pieces, for example, free spins. It is quite easy to collect them, for half an hour of the game I got them 2 times.

Andrew, 20
Review: There are many features in the Narcos slot

Review: I liked playing Narcos


I'm not a big fan of slots oversaturated with effects, music and complex features, and I love the classics. But Narcos somehow got my heart, all these features look completely organic in it, and make the gameplay much brighter and more interesting.

Tim, 39
Review: I liked playing Narcos

Review: Had fun playing Narcos


I'm a fan of the series, and for quite a long time I followed the updates from Netent and waited for them to finally announce the game. The slot has exceeded my wildest expectations, it is simply gorgeous. The graphics are very realistic, you feel like you got to Colombia yourself and watch the confrontation between the cops and Escobar. I give the slot the highest score!

Daniel, 27
Review: Had fun playing Narcos

Review: A good Narcos slot


I have long sympathized with Netent and respect their slots very much. Narcos was no exception, the game is on top! The designers tried very hard, they managed to convey the atmosphere of Colombia. I even wanted to go deep of the game and watch the original series that formed its basis.

Roman, 31
Review: A good Narcos slot

Review: I didn’t get a taste of Narcos at first


At first Narcos didn't do much to me. I rather liked it visually, but I did not immediately appreciate the features and mechanics, but only when I carefully read the rules I right away realized how it works. Now this slot is one of my favorites, I have won more than once. A great free spins theme, and made cool, in the form of a mafia shootout with cops.

Glen, 30
Review: I didn’t get a taste of Narcos at first

Review: The cool Narcos game


Narcos does not let you get bored for a minute, just like the series, always keeps you in suspense. With each new spin, something new can wait, but I am especially happy about the free spins, which in my opinion fall quite often.

Sam, 28
Review: The cool Narcos game

Review: it’s very difficult to play in Narcos


I didn't really like the game, apparently it's just not my genre. I relax in slots, and participation in gangster shootouts does not really feel like relaxation. And at the same time, I pay tribute to the creators - the slot came out very decent, the graphics and music are excellent. Even the pictures on the reels are animated.

Alan, 41
Review: it’s very difficult to play in Narcos