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About Spribe

Spribe - Georgian company developing software and games for online casinos. One of the studio's most famous game is Aviator, which won the love of the public thanks to its unusual gameplay and exciting emotions. Spribe specializes in creating P2P and Turbo games with simple, intuitive rules and addictive gameplay. Games are created based on HTML5 and run on all devices, regardless of the operating system. The result of the games is determined by a random number generator and is protected from external influences.

The company has repeatedly received international awards and presented its products at exhibitions.

Spribe is regulated by the Malta and UK Gambling Commissions. The studio has licenses from a number of European countries - Italy, Croatia, Bulgaria, Serbia, etc.

Brief history about Spribe

The story of Spribe is one of sweeping success, reminiscent of the plane taking off in their flagship game Aviator. The studio was founded in 2013 in Georgia. Initially, Spribe positioned itself as an IT company and developed software for virtual gambling houses. At that time, the studio collaborated with a Georgian online casino and was responsible for supporting the JokerBros website. The cooperation lasted several years, during which Spribe created a custom gaming platform for the casino, 6 games, launched poker, slots, a tournament system and sports betting.

The company gradually grew, scaled and eventually opened an additional office in Kyiv in 2018. In the same year, a contract was signed with another large online casino Adjarabet.

2019 was a turning point for Spribe - it was this year that Aviator was released, the popularity of which has become enormous. In the same year, the company launched several more games, among which were Turbo games, and by the end of the year received a gaming certificate. In 2020, Spribe presented its products for the first time at the international ICE exhibition in London, where they aroused great public interest. Soon, thanks in part to the success at ICE, the company was licensed by the gambling associations of Malta and the UK.

Popular Games from Spribe

Despite the fact that the portfolio of the Spribe studio contains games of various genres, such as craps, Plinko, roulette and card games, Aviator was the game that made the studio known to people around the world. For several years of existence, the game has won many awards, acquired an army of fans and became a catalyst for the emergence of a mass of clones and varieties of the famous Airplane. What is its secret? It would seem that the gameplay of Aviator is simple and even primitive. The player places a bet and watches as the small aeroplane begins to climb. The climb is accompanied by a gradual increase in the coefficient and ends at a random time. The object of the game is to stop the flight until the growth stops automatically. If the player manages to do this, the coefficient at which they stopped the flight will be multiplied by their original bet. The resulting amount will be the winnings. If the player does not have time to press stop and the plane crashes, the bet will be lost.

The secret of success lies in the feeling of control of the gameplay. Despite the fact that the value of the coefficient at which the game ends is determined by the random number generator before the start of the round, it depends only on the player whether they will have time to withdraw the winnings or not, which fuels the public's interest in Aviator.

By the way, in addition to Aviator, Spribe has Keno, HiLo, scratch cards, several types of card games and the Wheel of Fortune.

Reviews of games and slots provided by Spribe

Review: I play Aviator


Spribe is a synonym for Aviator for me. I haven’t played other games with these guys, and I don’t know if they exist. Aviator is a very suitable entertainment. In my opinion, this is that rare example of a game of chance in which it is really possible to win. The main thing is not to be greedy and not expect that millions of dollars will fall on you from the sky.

Mark, 26
Review: I play Aviator

Review: Nice game studio Spribe


Spribe leaves a good impression. I am familiar with it from the game Aviator, about which only the deaf have probably never heard of. I really liked both the idea and the execution. I hope the studio will create more unusual and interesting games.

Peter, 28
Review: Nice game studio Spribe

Review: Great provider Spribe


I am familiar with Spribe from Aviator, but I also tried mini roulette and dice. I liked the Aviator game the most, because there is a feeling of control over the gameplay, which is especially important for me.

Alan, 39
Review: Great provider Spribe

Review: Spribe has no slots


After playing Aviator and being impressed by the gameplay, I began to look for slots from Spribe, and unfortunately, I did not find them. Of the interesting things that this provider still has, these are Dice and HiLo.

Edward, 29
Review: Spribe has no slots

Review: Few games from the provider Spribe


Everything about Spribe is good, except that it is a single game provider. Everything else that is there is not particularly impressive - plinko, mini roulette, craps and I think also blackjack... I would like more choices, otherwise, it seems that they made one good game and that's it. They don't care anymore.

Max, 25
Review: Few games from the provider Spribe

Review: I adore Aviator


Of all the games of chance that I have played in my life, Aviator by Spribe impressed me the most. It seems primitive as 5 cents, but it is very pleasant to play. And most importantly, you manage to win. The main point here is to be able to stop on time.

Tim, 38
Review: I adore Aviator

Review: Not a bad game developer Spribe


I play, everything suits me. It's a good provider. It's cool that it works on the phone. I play directly in the browser, no need to download anything. As for me, the phone is even more convenient.

Oliver, 30
Review: Not a bad game developer Spribe

Review: No problems with games from Spribe


I can only write good things about Spribe, although I only played HiLo and Aviator. You can play with a small bet. There are test modes in all games, so at first, I studied the games, and only then took risks.

Emilian, 37
Review: No problems with games from Spribe

Review: It is real to win in Aviator from Spribe


If you are careful and not greedy, you can win in Aviator and even gradually accumulate a decent amount on your deposit. Thank you Spribe for this game.

Sergio, 41
Review: It is real to win in Aviator from Spribe

Review: I played well in Aviator from Spribe


I played only Aviator. I was pleased that it also starts on the phone, and you don’t have to download anything to your phone. It is very convenient, and the interface is adapted, as for me, it is even more convenient to play on a smartphone. If you constantly keep your finger on the pulse, the win is quite real. The main thing is not to wait for it all at once. I tried to play at small stakes and stopped at a coefficient of 1.2. I was satisfied.

Glen, 30
Review: I played well in Aviator from Spribe