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One Black Jack - live card game One Black Jack in online casinos

One Black Jack is a game in which the casino holds the bank, which means that players are not competing against each other, but trying to beat the game house. The game table can have an unlimited number of players. The croupier deals 2 cards to each player in the game, that are placed face down, and 2 cards to himself, one of which is shown to players and the other is not.

Players can take additional cards to reach the game goal. The objective of the game is to get more points than the dealer. The main feature of Blackjack is not to exceed 21 total points. The combination of cards, otherwise called a hand, that scores more than twenty-one points automatically loses, regardless of the result. If you manage to collect exactly 21 points or get as close to this number as possible compared to other players, you become the winner.

How to play One Black Jack

How to play One Black Jack

To start the game, enter the desired bet amount and place it on the special highlighted box by clicking on it. After that will start a countdown timer, during which additional bets can be accepted. In addition, during this period of time you can change your original bet. You can join a game that has already started if the message Place your bets appears on the screen.

Bets can be placed until the dealer announces that the betting is over. At the end of the betting, croupier first deals card to the player and then to himself. The second card will be dealt in the same order.

Player cards are dealt in a half-transparent pocket on the game table. Once they are in this pocket, they are displayed on the player interface. When all cards are dealt, the player can apply various options to his card combination, such as taking an extra card, stopping, doubling the bet, or splitting the bet.

Next, the dealer reveals his face-down card and deals himself additional cards. If the dealer's open card is an ace, players can use the insurance option. When insurance bets are made, the dealer shows his card combination. If the dealer has blackjack, a tally starts. If not, then the next stage of the game begins.

When the dealer finishes dealing cards to himself, then begins the count and comparison of the dealer's hand with combinations of participants, so the winners can be identified.

Cards value in One Black Jack

Cards value in One Black Jack

Blackjack One uses 8 decks with 52 cards each. Each of these cards has a specific value. The total number of cards in a player's combination is the total points of the hand and this value is used to determine whose hand is the winning one.

Numerical cards are evaluated by their face value. Thus, a two of any suit brings 2 points, a three of any suit brings 3 points, and so on. Ten, Jack, Queen and King are valued at 10 points. Ace can be evaluated in two different ways: as 1 or as 11, according to player's choice.

Blackjack is a combination of an ace and one of the following cards: ten, jack, king, or queen. The combination of an ace and any card from 2 to 9 is called a soft hand, because an ace can be counted as either a one or an 11.

Tactics and strategies for the One Black Jack game

Tactics and strategies for the One Black Jack game

The proper game strategy is already half the success. It tells a player when he should take a shot and when it is better to avoid taking an unnecessary risk. Let's look at the main ones:

Basic strategy

It's based on a mathematical analysis of your cards and the dealer's one open card. For example, if after first deal the dealer's open card is a five or six, then there is a high chance that the sum of his hand points will exceed 21. Points good for winning will be scored only in case of getting a ten or an ace. Focusing on the available information, player will be able to make the right decision and either increase the bet or refuse to take the risk. In order to use this strategy successfully, it is important to understand what a soft hand is, as well as remember that an ace can be valued in different amounts.

Composing soft and hard combinations

When an ace is dealt, a player decides whether his card will be a 1 or an 11. If he chooses the highest value, the combination will be called hard, while if 1 then it will be soft. When choosing a hard one, it is important to understand that if the sum of the cards of the hand reaches 17, you cannot take new cards, otherwise it will be a bust.

Using insurance option

In the game One Black Jack it is possible to make an insurance bet. You can make it if the dealer has an open ace to insure your hand against a possible blackjack from the dealer. This bet is equal to 0.5 of the original bet and will provide the player with a winnings ratio of 2 to 1 if it turns out that the dealer's second card is worth 10 points. If you choose insurance, then at the end of the betting a player shows if he has blackjack. In this case, the winnings are paid out for the insured hand.

Finally, you can find many strategy charts online that offer a specific order of action depending on what's going on at the table. This chart will tell you if you should take a next card or not, and whether you should raise your bet. It is recommended to study these materials thoroughly before starting to play.

Where can I play One Black Jack?

Where can I play One Black Jack?

One Black Jack is a live casino game where a professional live dealer is responsible for handling the action. The game has quickly gained popularity among gamblers around the world, so you can play it at almost any online casino that provides an opportunity to enjoy gambling with live dealers. We recommend you choose a reliable institution thoroughly to avoid disappointment and do not regret about the unpaid winnings.

First of all, ask your friends or read the reviews online. Pay special attention to payment of winnings to players as the payout of the prize in an honest institution takes no more than 72 hours.

Familiarize yourself with the methods of depositing a game balance. It is good if the casino offers a variety of options to choose from. Take a closer look at cryptocurrencies. Transactions in cryptocurrencies are the most protected from blocking. Keep in mind that the method of funding the game account and the method chosen for withdrawal should be the same.

The process of personal verification is a mandatory condition for getting your winnings in an honest casino. The institution must make sure that you are the one who will get the winnings. Do not worry about data security, because casinos value their reputation and do not allow leaks of information about their clients.

Finally, different online casinos can have different bonus policies. All casinos are competing for new players and are offering different types of incentives such as deposit bonuses, lotteries, tournaments, freespins, and cashback. Especially interesting is the welcome bonus. It usually includes a percentage boost of the deposited amount, plus freespins for a number of slots. Granted money need to be wagered. Some casinos leave the opportunity to refuse from the welcome package.

Best of luck with your choice!

How to download One Black Jack on Android and iPhone

How to download One Black Jack on Android and iPhone

One Black Jack is a hybrid of a classic card game of chance and a game show hosted by a professional dealer or croupier. The game is held in the studio and is broadcasted to the monitors of all game participants. That is why it is not possible to download it to your computer or phone. Nevertheless, there are still some ways to play it from mobile devices:

How to play on the mobile version of the online casino website

  1. You can enter the mobile version of the casino website. As a rule, it is well optimized and adapted for use on mobile devices as well as duplicates all the functions of the establishment, including the ability to play live casino and One Black Jack in particular.
  2. Some of the big online casinos offer their clients to install mobile applications to access all of the site's features. With the app, you can play slots, place bets, and enjoy online casinos anywhere you have access to internet. In addition, the mobile app makes it easier to access the site even when the main resource is blocked as the app automatically searches for available login mirrors.

One Black Jack FAQ - questions about the game

What is the minimum bet at One Black Jack?

The lowest possible bet in One Black Jack is $1.

What is the maximum possible bet at One Black Jack?

The largest single bet in One Black Jack is $1,000.

How much can I win in One Black Jack?

The amount you can win in One Black Jack depends on your initial bet. The largest prize multiplier a player can get is 2,000. This means that even by placing a bet of 100 dollars, the player can win 20,000 dollars.

Does One Black Jack have a test mode?

No, unfortunately there is no test mode in One Black Jack.

Can I play One Black Jack for free?

No, One Black Jack doesn't allow you to play for free. Moreover, you will not be able to enter the game with a zero deposit balance.

Is One Black Jack available on Play Market or App Store?

Since One Black Jack is an interactive live game that combines elements of a stream, game show and gambling itself, it is not possible to download it to your device. You can play on a mobile version of the casino site or install a mobile app of the chosen online casino.

What are the guarantees of fair play?

The game is based on the use of paper cards, which are shuffled by the dealer. The game process is streamed to each player using a video camera system. Each player can watch all the dealer's actions live, which eliminates the possibility of cheating.

How many people can play at the One Black Jack table at the same time?

Unlike the classic version of blackjack, there is no limit to the number of players involved in One Black Jack simultaneously.

Reviews of real players about the One Black Jack game

Review: One Black Jack is not a bad game


I love gambling card games, especially blackjack. I've never played with live dealers before, so One Black Jack was my first experience. All went well, though it is sad that the hosts speak English, but this does not affect the gameplay. It is quite intuitive what to do, plus there is an instruction how to play.

Glen, 38
Review: One Black Jack is not a bad game

Review: One Black Jack is much more fun than regular slots


I can't say that I play in live casinos very often, but sometimes I want to get away from slots and have a different kind of experience. I liked One Black Jack: nice croupiers, and a great opportunity to talk with other players in the chat room.

Andrew, 24
Review: One Black Jack is much more fun than regular slots

Review: One Black Jack is a great game


One Black Jack was my first experience of playing in a live casino. Somehow I imagined it all differently and it was not comfortable to play with a live person, instead of competing against an artificial intelligence. I won a couple of games and spent a good time.

Alan, 34
Review: One Black Jack is a great game

Review: Cool atmosphere


I just felt this atmosphere deep in my chest, like I visited a real casino. When I play video slots, I don't get that feeling.

Juan, 29
Review: Cool atmosphere

Review: One Black Jack saves you from loneliness


I play One Black Jack when I don't talk to anyone for a long time. Stream with the dealer, in which you take a direct part, and can even win, is a great help. My mood improves, and I don't feel bad about losing, because I don't risk a lot of money.

Rashid, 26
Review: One Black Jack saves you from loneliness

Review: Unfortunately, there is no free game at One Black Jack


I'm so used when every game offers me to try out the features and play for free, that the lack of a test version in games with live dealers frustrates me a lot. Moreover, I'm not an expert in blackjack. So I decided to practice in the slot version. One Black Jack looks like an interesting game.

Ivan, 30
Review: Unfortunately, there is no free game at One Black Jack

Review: Mixed feelings


In general, it is an atmospheric entertainment, but I prefer the electronic version. In this case the host himself is very distracting as his communication and greetings to new players is kind of distracting. You can play once or twice, but not on a regular basis. And another significant disadvantage is that without money in the account, the game does not even open.

Sabina, 27
Review: Mixed feelings

Review: One Black Jack depends on the dealer


I've come to One Black Jack three or four times, and each time I've seen a different host. Many things really depend on them: someone makes the game pleasant, and you want to play and enjoy your time, and someone else's virtual company is just annoying.

Max, 43
Review: One Black Jack depends on the dealer

Review: One Black Jack game didn’t work out


I take the game seriously and always try to come up with some strategy, to have an impact on the game result. The One Black Jack has an interesting concept, like you visit an offline casino in the good old days, but in fact chatting and the dealer's constant talks keep me distracted.

Ravil, 39
Review: One Black Jack game didn’t work out

Review: I enjoyed playing blackjack


Despite the fact that I'm still a blackjack novice, I like playing live casino games with live people much more. The atmosphere, presence effect and the possibility of communication make the game more lively and interesting.

Steve, 24
Review: I enjoyed playing blackjack