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Spaceman - crash game for real money at online casinos

In March 2022, Pragmatic Play released the crash slot Spaceman, which quickly caught the attention of the gaming community and ranks among the top 5 most popular gambling games in the crash genre. Spaceman features a clear yet intriguing plot, concise design, and an attractive player return rate of 96.5%. This means that making money in Spaceman is easy!

The gambling game Spaceman is an example of a fair and reliable slot because it is based on a transparent system of algorithms that determine the outcome of each round. Thus, the gaming process is confidential and safe, and gamblers can be sure that they will not fall victim to scammers. You can familiarize yourself with the operation of the algorithms by clicking on one of the previous round multiplier values in the multiplier row.

Plot of crash game Spaceman

Plot of crash game Spaceman

In the thrilling crash game Spaceman, you'll don a spacesuit and ascend to the upper layers of the stratosphere, without the aid of spacecraft! While space is typically a vacuum, not in this case! A journey to the stars promises significant rewards in the form of cash prizes!

The flight begins shortly after you place a bet. It continues until you withdraw your winnings or until the astronaut's strength runs out, and he hangs on air balloons. Between the start and end of the game, it can take as little as a second or as long as a minute. The game time is determined by an independent algorithm. Throughout the flight, the growing multiplier multiplies your bet. And the higher you ascend, the faster it does so! If you manage to withdraw funds before the end of the round, victory is yours, but if not, your bet goes to the online casino. However, it's never too late to repeat the daring journey into interstellar space and restore justice!

Features and peculiarities of Spaceman game

Features and peculiarities of Spaceman game

he crash slot Spaceman is not just one of the most popular means of increasing budgets among gamblers for no reason. It has a number of features that make it stand out favorably from other gambling games. Let's take a closer look at them.

Automatic play

On the control panel, there is a button labeled "Autocashout." This feature is used for automatically withdrawing funds when a predetermined multiplier is reached (if the game has not been interrupted earlier). You can activate this feature using two sliders. Depending on your selection, there are three possible outcomes:

  • With the "Autocashout 50%" function, half of the winnings are credited to you, and you must withdraw the rest manually.
  • If you activate both "Autocashout 50%" and "Autocashout," the money will be sequentially credited to your deposit when the set multipliers are reached.
  • Using only "Cashout" will result in the entire winnings being credited to you when the specified multiplier is reached.

Additionally, in the Spaceman gambling game, there is an "Autoplay" mode. You can activate autoplay on the game panel by predefining the bet amount. You only need to determine the number of rounds with automatic bets – 5, 10, 25, 50, or 100.

Reliability and protection

The gambling game Spaceman operates on the Provably Fair random number algorithm. It ensures the confidentiality and reliability of the gaming process. Before the start of each gaming session, this system randomly generates a multiplier coefficient at which the game will end.

The Provably Fair system's operation is accessible to players. To familiarize yourself with it, go to the Statistics section, select the result you're interested in, and click on it for verification. You'll see a window with two lines: Hash and Result. The first line contains a set of characters in which information from the second line is encrypted using a cryptographic algorithm. The value of the Hash is known before the start of the round, while the value of the Result is only known after the session ends. If the game result were altered, then encrypting the Result data would yield different characters in the Hash.

Game history of rounds in Spaceman

The Spaceman gambling game has a round statistics feature at the bottom of the game window, showing at which multiplier the astronaut's flight was interrupted. By reviewing this, you can make more thoughtful bets, thus increasing your chances of winning. For example, if you see a series of rounds with low multipliers, it's likely that a high multiplier round will occur soon. Therefore, you may consider taking a risk.

Сustomer support service in Spaceman game

In Spaceman crash game, there is round-the-clock support available in any online casino. You can reach out to them at any time of day or night and get comprehensive answers to all your questions. The support icon is usually located in the bottom right corner of the casino interface screen.

Strategies and tactics in Spaceman

Strategies and tactics in Spaceman

To increase the chances of winning in the Spaceman crash game, gamblers are advised to use strategies that allow for systematizing the gameplay. Let's consider the most popular ones.

Low-risk strategy

This strategy is suitable for players who prefer to play slowly and steadily, gradually increasing their budget. The strategy involves using 0.5-1% of the bankroll for bets. The bet amount should be cashed out almost at the beginning of the round, at a multiplier of x1.2-x1.3. According to statistics, there is an 85% chance of this multiplier occurring. Thus, this strategy is a reliable means of earning but excludes the excitement and emotions typically associated with playing in an online casino.

Two-bet strategy

The Spaceman game allows the gambler to cash out 50% of the total bet amount. This can be done at a multiplier of x1.3, for example. The remaining 50% can be cashed out at any other multiplier: x2.6, x10, x5000. The main drawback of this feature is that the player splits the bet in half. In many other crash games, both the first and second bets can be set to any multiplier value. Nevertheless, this strategy is popular because it minimizes losses in case of defeat and increases them if luck smiles.

Doubling bet strategy

The Martingale strategy has long been popular due to its versatility in any gambling games. Its essence is to double the bet if the previous one lost. If a gambler lost $10, then in the next round, they should bet $20. This way, the player recovers losses and gains a profit if the bet wins. However, the downside of this strategy is that it requires a relatively large bankroll.

How to download Spaceman game?

How to download Spaceman game?

The crash slot Spaceman rightfully enjoys wide popularity worldwide. Many online casino users ask developers: how to download this game?

Download game Spaceman on your computer

The game Spaceman does not require downloading and does not take up any space on your computer. To play it, you just need a stable internet connection. You can only play the slot within an online casino on the official website. There, you can also download the casino client with the Spaceman game for installation on your personal computer. Download it only from the pages of licensed online casinos!

Download game Spaceman for Android

There is no separate application for the online game Spaceman. The game can only be played within an online casino. However, on the websites of licensed casinos there is a link to download the application for Android. It is located at the top of the website page. Having accessed the casino website through a browser from a mobile device, click on the link and wait for the application to download to your device. Install it following your phone's instructions. Log in to your account, find the game Spaceman through the search and play with pleasure!

Download game Spaceman for iPhone

You can only play the crash slot Spaceman within the online casino's application. Online casino applications do not exist in the official Apple store due to the company's strict policies. But there is a solution! From your iPhone, you can visit the official casino website and find a link to download the iPhone application. Typically, it is located at the top of the website. Click on it to download and install the application on your device. Once the application is installed, launch it and enjoy your favorite game, Spaceman.

Play Spaceman for free

Play Spaceman for free

The gambling game Spaceman offers a demo version of the slot to attract new gamblers. This is done so that new players can familiarize themselves with the rules of the game, its mechanics, and gameplay without risking their bankroll. The free version provides virtual currency that can be used for bets, allowing players to see how their winnings are formed. However, it is not possible to earn real money in the free version of Spaceman. The demo mode exists only for the purpose of familiarizing users with the game and helping them adapt quickly. Nevertheless, playing Spaceman for free is possible.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about Spaceman

What is the maximum multiplier in Spaceman?

The maximum multiplier in Spaceman is x5000! While it appears rarely, many active players have encountered it at least once.

What is the return to player percentage (RTP) in Spaceman?

The return to player percentage (RTP) in Spaceman slot is 96.5%. This number is not commonly found in other gambling games. This means that the chances of hitting big wins in Spaceman are very high for gamblers!

What are the minimum and maximum bets in Spaceman?

The minimum bet in game is $1, while maximum bet is $1000. The low entry point allows players with any financial status to participate, while the maximum bet provides the opportunity to win big with minimal risks

Is there a free version of the Spaceman slot?

Yes, Spaceman game includes a free mode. It's designed to allow gamblers to familiarize themselves with the game rules, features, and gameplay in detailы. The demo version enables players to adapt to the game without financial losses, which undoubtedly reflects the quality of the crash game.

How play Spaceman from your mobile phone?

You can play Spaceman game through a mobile browser by visiting the website of a licensed online casino. Additionally, you can download a separate casino app with Spaceman slot for mobile devices. Links for downloading on Android and iPhone are usually located at the top of the official casino website.

Can Spaceman game be hacked?

Spaceman game cannot be hacked because its results are encrypted by Provably Fair algorithm system. The game's outcome is known even before the round starts and is encrypted with a set of symbols. It cannot be altered. This system protects gamblers from external interference and ensures a secure and fair gaming process.

Where can I play Spaceman?

You can play crash slot Spaceman at almost every licensed and official online casino. To ensure the game's availability, enter its name in the search bar.

Can you pay with bitcoins in Spaceman?

Yes, in this game, there is such an option. And not only with bitcoins but also with other cryptocurrencies. Additionally, you can place bets with any other currency from bank cards and electronic wallets.

What strategy should a new player implement in Spaceman?

The most optimal strategy in the online game Spaceman is low multiplier tactic. It suggests cashing out winnings at multipliers ranging from x1.2 to x1.4. The game does not end at these levels in 85% of cases. While the winnings may be modest, players are likely to preserve their funds. This strategy is particularly relevant when players need to learn how to play and gain experience.

Does Spaceman have an autoplay feature?

Yes, in the game control panel, you can configure it by setting the bet amount, as well as the multiplier values at which winnings will be credited to your gaming deposit.

Player reviews about online game Spaceman

I've been playing Spaceman for about six months


I've been playing Spaceman for about six months. I like that there's a cashout option at 50 percent. It has served me well on more than one occasion.

Mark, 41 years old

I lose at Spaceman very often


I lost big several times. I waited for rounds with a high multiplier, but even when it crossed the 50 mark, I did not withdraw money because I thought it would go even higher. I’ve already made mistakes several times, although I could have made good money from it...

Dan, 26 years old
I lose at Spaceman very often

I like design of game Spaceman


I really like the aesthetics of the game Spaceman! The interface is clean, the music feels like it's from the future... It all creates an interesting atmosphere. Gambling games relax me. Yes, I sometimes lose, but it's not a big deal; I understand that you can't get rich from casino games. I'm calm about both wins and losses, so I often win more than I lose.

Alex, 39 years old
I like design of game Spaceman

Very cool crash game Spaceman


I've settled on this game because it seems to be the least intrusive among similar crash games. This is good because nothing distracts from the process, and my mind can think clearly about when to cash out and when to wait.

David, 28 years old
Very cool crash game Spaceman

I recently had a big win in Spaceman


I recently won a very good amount with a multiplier of 148! I played the game for a long time and won back all my losses! But now I’m a little scared to play, because it seems like I’ll lose everything. But I really want to repeat my success.

Bill, 32 years old
I recently had a big win in Spaceman

Support service helped solve my problem


Once I won a decent amount, but the money wasn't credited to my account for a long time. I thought I'd been cheated, even though that was strange because it hadn't happened before. I contacted support, and they sorted everything out. It turned out to be a problem with the bank. Thanks for the quick response.

Sergio, 54 years old
Support service helped solve my problem

I love playing crash games


I periodically play Aviator, Luckyjet, Aviatrix, and Spaceman. But for some reason I’m usually lucky only in the last one. I don’t know how the game algorithms work. In my opinion, the principle of the game is the same everywhere. However, a fact is a fact.

Alexander, 45 years old
I love playing crash games

Following strategy in game Spaceman


Sometimes I’m broke, but I always have a nest egg for playing in the casino. I prefer not to go and earn extra money, like everyone else in our village, but to try my luck. And how much my neighbors bring in per day of work, I can raise in half an hour, sitting in a chair. There are risks of screwing everything up. But I don't play at random.

Geo, 38 years old
Following strategy in game Spaceman

I can't win at Spaceman


It's impossible to win. The damned astronaut always ends his flight before I'm about to cash out. Nerves are already on edge. And I have never seen a coefficient of 5000, although it is stated that there is such a thing. I have no doubt that everything is a set-up. Fraudsters!

Elo, 49 years old
I can

I play and often lose


Sometimes my friends and I gamble on sports. We've lost a ton of money already. We decide to quit altogether, but then one of us wins, and it starts all over again! I dream of emptying this casino, filling my pockets, and never gambling again.

Daniel, 23 years old
I play and often lose