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Play Football Studio slot online

Football Studio - unique card game at online casino

Football Studio Game from a well-know Evolution developer is a unique combination of loto, bingo and lottery rolled into football theme. Whether you are a football or bingo fan you will like the unusual slot. Stylish futuristic design and catchy music will definitely fit any evening game session. Football Studio by Evolution slot resembles both the football manager series of games and late TV-show style. There is a football field where home and away card teams compete with each other. And the game takes place in the modern time interior.

Football Studio features and peculiarities

Football Studio features and peculiarities

The theme of football is the major feature that undoubtedly differs our game from the others. Bingo can also be acknowledged as a kind of sport, so it is fairly reasonable. The link between bingo and football balls refers the players to those times when everyone was crazy about bingo-lotteries.

It should be further noted that the Football Studio game music is excellent. Such kind of dynamic music will make even the numbered balls moving process a whole adventure. It is noticeable that real professionals have been working on the game creation and Football Studio will not disappoint you.

Football Studio game in real time with a host is an indicator of the honesty and openness of the video slot created by Evolution. The excellent game designing and credibility of the studio itself leads to the conclusion that this is a great entertainment for online casino players.

There are no slow-motion replays, but the archived broadcast can be viewed later, if desired. Other than that, Football Studio is a new and very dynamic word in the world of bingo.

Play Football Studio for free

You will not be able to play Football Studio by Evolution for free. This video slot was made like bingo, and, thus, it is not going to work for you to play it without a card. And you'll have to buy a card. However, you can watch the Football Studio game for. Enjoying the music and plunging yourself in the bingo atmosphere is also fine if it's free. On the other hand, the price of one card in Football Studio starts from 10 cents, which is not so expensive for such a level of online game. Besides, having one card there is always for you a minimal chance to win.

The plot of the game Football Studio

The plot of the game Football Studio

The main action of Football Studio takes place on the football field where two teams are displayed: home and away. The third highlighted segment of the field is a draw. You can play either with the dealer or only by yourself. Before the start, the player buys the cards in the right quantity at the specified price, it is called rate. After that, the game begins, during which the multipliers that will be used in prize calculating are determined. There are rows of numbers on cards, just like in bingo. You need to mark them as the numbered balls appear in the amount of 51 pieces. The draw lasts for 20 balls and the system determines which cards have won and which have not.

Football Studio by Evolution Strategies and tactics

Football Studio by Evolution Strategies and tactics

The strategy of any bingo, and Football Studio among them, is different whether you play alone or in a group, but how similar and simple it is at the same time.

You just need to buy the largest number of cheap tickets at the start of the game to do this. At least one of them will be winning which will allow you to buy more tickets with the money you won in the future.

If you participate in Football Studio with a group of players, you need to buy the maximum number of tickets, but with different denominations, excluding the cheapest tickets. Provided that there is a common treasury, this kind of game will end with a win rather than a defeat.

You can also use roulette tactics, where the game starts with the lowest bet and with your losses it will double every round. But it is more secure to play with a company with a common budget. After all, as the folk wisdom says - Two heads are better than one.

Buying the only ticket is a relaxing game style to escape from your worries and turmoil. Because it is almost impossible to win such a serious amount. Lotteries are made in a way that the more people participate in it, the more win.

Of course, not all of the participants will get the grand prize. But most of you is going to win the cost of the ticket at least. This is also stated by the doctrine of various foreign lottery clubs that exist in hiding. There people collect money into a general fund which they spend fully on lottery tickets in the hope of winning. Their serious approach is not supported only by dreams of winning, but also by statistics on the specific type of lottery in which they participate.

While playing bingo, it is also important not to forget that in such kind of lotteries, the victory goes to the stubborn and lucky. You can just massively buy cheap tickets and win something afterwards. And then you move on to new winnings.

Where to play Football Studio

Where to play Football Studio

Choosing an online casino website to play is a very important and crucial moment. Reviews on the Net, design and number of slot machines are important parameters for the website evaluation.

First of all, a high-quality website has certificates and licenses for broadcasting slot machines. Football Studio, for example, is broadcast by the manufacturer in a window on the gambling site website. This excludes the interference of the site owners in the activity of the video slot. Playing Football Studio, you can count on honesty and impartiality.

Consequently, the more well—known slots there are on the site, such as Football Studio, the more reliable it is.

Reviews on the Internet about the website, YouTube videos revelations and other well-known ways to get to the truth will be a great help if there are doubts about the decency and purity of the gambling website.

High-quality websites have a good design. It doesn't matter if it's blocked or not. What really matters is that even after blocking, the platform seeks to keep in touch with users and looks for ways for them to bypass the locks.

How to download Football Studio

How to download Football Studio

It is impossible to download Football Studio video slots to your smartphone or PC. Due to the transition of the gaming business to online, it is important for the player to find that online casino website that includes Football Studio in the online games catalogue.

Downloading Football Studio for PC

It is extremely difficult to download Football Studio to a personal computer. The fact is that this is a live game where the game play takes place in the studio. In addition, Football Studio is a real money game and such games are usually placed only in online casinos. In other words, it is impossible to download Football Studio to your computer. But this does not mean that you are not able to play in the browser. Open any browser, choose your favorite online casino and start playing Football Studio right now.

Download Football Studio for iPhone

iOS is an extremely closed platform for creating applications. It is almost impossible to outwit the prohibitions of the app store, so playing slots with the app on your iPhone is not going to work. But at the same time, you can play using your browser mobile version. High-quality websites offer customers mobile versions with full functionality. If there is a stable Internet connection, you can also play video slots using your browser, including Football Studio.

Download Football Studio for android

Despite the open source, android is not an absolute option for launching applications for games. Go to the online casino website and find the mobile app section . Thus, you will learn how the casino recommends playing on an Android smartphone. You may be asked to download the game application on Android.

In the browser window, high-quality sites offer the same functionality as on the PC. Playing slots will be a pleasure in any place where there is a fast Internet connection. And Football Studio will work on a smartphone with full functionality.

Football Studio FAQ – frequently asked questions about the game.

How is Football Studio different from usual bingo and lotto?

First of all, because Football Studio by Evolution is not exactly a slot machine, but a video slot. That is, there is a special host in the game. Football Studio also has a sports theme and excellent soundtrack, which is rare among other similar games.

What is the minimum and maximum bet in Football Studio?

The minimum bet in Football Studio is 10 cents. The maximum is 200 dollars (100 dollars for one ticket and an x2 multiplier). Do not also forget that this is not a bet in the usual sense, but the cost of a lottery ticket, for which the reward is multiplied according to the rations at the end of the game. That is, even a 10-cents ticket for can bring a significant benefit.

Why is Bingo Football Studio held in the video slot format, and not in a regular window?

A video slot is a higher level that the creator of the game aims to. Also, the Football Studio record confirms the purity of the results and the absence of forgeries when numbered balls fall out. There are two cameras installed in the studio — one shoots the host, and the second one shoots the whole studio. So in case of disagreements in the honesty and openness of the results, they can be challenged by pointing out the suspicious actions and so on. Although there have been no such cases yet.

So the Football Studio game is not interactive?

This is an automatic bingo system that independently marks the dropped numbers in each purchased ticket . At the same time, the player is only watching the process of Football Studio.

Is it necessary to play the game in Football Studio for money?

Sure. This is due to the fact that you must have a card with numbers to play bingo. The Football Studio system records the matches between the dropped balls and the numbers in the ticket, calculates the rations and charges the client the winnings.

Reviews of real players about the game Football Studio

Review: I really love lotto and I’m glad I found Football Studio


I used to play bingo game and other bingo games on TV. Until it hit me that this was a grift which made me get up early in the morning at the weekend. I discovered Football Studio and now I play at any time. It's positive, inexpensive, no need to go anywhere. It's a dream!

Sam, 39
Review: I really love lotto and I’m glad I found Football Studio

Review: Football Studio is like bingo in American movies


I have been dreaming of playing bingo like in American movies since my childhood. I found Football Studio, bought tickets and won. A little more than I lost, I didn't bet millions though. In general, a good slot. By the way, the host is disgusting. It looks like he is homeless.

Andrew, 28
Review: Football Studio is like bingo in American movies

Review: Thanks to fortune teller and Football Studio


After a session with a fortune teller, I decided to buy lottery tickets in Football Studio. She predicted good luck, and I decided that it would be clear whether she was lying or not. In general, both. First, I won and then I lost. Well, things happen, but it was a great experience.

Anna, 36
Review: Thanks to fortune teller and Football Studio

Review: They have nothing to do with football in Football Studio


I was looking for something to play. I was fed up with poker, sports betting — what kind of sport is it now? I visited Football Studio and played for a while. I didn't get how football fit here except for the balls and twitchy host. To hell with him, at least I laughed.

Ivan, 46
Review: They have nothing to do with football in Football Studio

Review: A tiny minimum bet in Football Studio


I decided to play Football Studio bingo because I saw how people win. I wouldn't say that I liked everything, but their studio is cool. Low rates are a buzz, for 10 dollars I was playing all the evening. Highly recommend it.

Victor, 24
Review: A tiny minimum bet in Football Studio

Review: A regular Football Studio game


Recently I saw in the news how the rich again won a large sum in bingo. Well, I found and launched Football Studio. I didn't find anything particularly interesting, something is happening without me taking part in it, I'm just watching. In general, not so much.

Aaron, 36
Review: A regular Football Studio game

Review: Football Studio is a totally average game


Grandma has always loved bingo, but my friend often plays Football Studio. Well, I took part in it as well. Cool, but this host is just gross. And their studio leaves something to be desired. In general, it's so-so.

Nelson, 26
Review:  Football Studio is a totally average game

Review: An outstanging Football Studio slot


I like to play some lotto games after the shift. I opened a website with Football Studio, started to play. Well, this is a new level, of course. There used to be just animations, but now it's a whole TV show.

Radjesh, 43
Review: An outstanging Football Studio slot

Review: I play Football Studio when have nothing to do


There's nothing much to do in winter, and I play slots. I bumped into Football Studio by Evolution and I liked it. It's fresh, everything is moving and blinking. The multiplier even fell out. I had fun, in short.

Aleks, 29
Review: I play Football Studio when have nothing to do

Review: Good Game Football Studio


It's a fine game. I bought tickets for 10 cents, and won 50 more than I spent. Not a big deal, but it's something. Unlike the lotto on TV.

Jonny, 60
Review: Good Game Football Studio