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Play Floating Dragon slot online

Floating Dragon game - catchy slot at online casino

Floating Dragon - is a vivid and catchy Chinese-style slot machine from the developers of Reel Kingdon and Pragmatic Play. The slot consists of five reels, the symbols on which land in 3 rows. Floating Dragon offers gamblers ten paylines. The slot machine was created in 2021 and pleases with pleasant modern graphics and atmospheric audio accompaniment in traditional Chinese style.

The plot of the Floating Dragon game

The plot of the Floating Dragon game

Plunge into the fascinating world of mysterious Ancient China and visit a colorful festival! The action of the Floating Dragon slot takes place against the background of a blooming peach orchard, and on the reels you will meet kites, numeric and letter symbols, the main character of the Dragon slot and a beautiful girl whose appearance promises the most generous prizes.

The features of Floating Dragon slot

The features of Floating Dragon slot

You can enjoy Floating Dragon with a whole range of interesting and profitable functions. In the slot there are familiar scatters in the form of Dragons, the appearance of which foreshadows the Bonus round, as well as Wilds with the image of a Chinese beauty. During the free spins round, Wilds appear on all reels and can replace any symbols except for Scatters and Gold Coins of Good Luck. A gold coin can only appear on the middle reel. When it appears, it randomly multiplies your bet. Multiplication varies from 1 to 20 times. In addition, the appearance of a Gold coin activates the hold function - the symbols on the middle reel freeze, and the ones on both sides rotate, thereby creating new winning combinations. Usually there are 3 such rotations at a time. Guaranteed winnings in the Hold mode - at least x20.

Another feature of this bonus game is the appearance of a Diamond Money symbol on the adjacent reels - it promises the biggest winnings, since it takes random values from x100 to x4993 of the initial bet amount.

Play the Floating Dragon slot for free

If for some reason you are not ready to risk your money yet, Floating Dragon slot offers the opportunity to test all the functions for free. Enjoy pleasant music and relaxing spinning of the reels, test different tactics, wait for the prize symbols and free spins - explore the full functionality of Floating Dragon without losing money in the demo version. The only limit of the demo mode is the impossibility to win real money, for this you will need to top up your deposit.

Strategies and tactics in the Floating Dragon online game

Strategies and tactics in the Floating Dragon online game

Even though success in Floating Dragon mostly depends on your luck and patience, a well-thought-out game strategy will increase your chances of success. When developing tactics, it is best to focus on the features of the machine, and proceeding from them, build your own game. The most advantageous feature of Floating Dragon is the Retention and Rotation, which is triggered when a gold coin appears on the middle reel.

Catching A Gold Coin

The tactics of catching a Gold coin is based on a large-scale series of bets - the longer the distance, the higher the probability of meeting the cherished symbol on the middle reel. In order to prolong the game for many spins, it is most convenient to play at minimal or small bets, it all depends on your deposit amount. Ideally, if you can spin the reels at least 200 times in for one session.

Do not worry that small bets will not allow you to get a big win, because during the bonus round, special symbols - Diamonds can land on adjacent reels, which will provide you with the bet multiplication up to x4990 times! As a variation of this tactic, you can try to play a high-stakes game.

Step-by-step Tactics

If you are bored of spinning the reels over and over again in the hope of seeing a coin on them, and you want a more dynamic and exciting game - try gradually increasing the bet. With each new spin, climb the steps, increase the bet to a certain limit, and then, if you don't get lucky, start again with the minimum amount. Adhering to this tactic, you will be able to catch valuable chains of symbols at a large bet, thereby increasing the potential prize.

Tactics of one-time risks

Suitable for players who are guided by the I came, I saw, I conquered! principle, as well as for those who have been playing the slot for a long time and got the approximate frequency of the most expensive images. Place 1-2 larger bets when you notice that valuable combinations have not been found for some time. Floating Dragon is a high volatility slot, which means that winnings in it happen infrequently, but they are very generous. Thus, taking risks from time to time, you can handsomely pay back the money spent. Think smart.

How to download Floating Dragon

How to download Floating Dragon

Wondering how to do that you should remember that the creator of the game, the company Pragmatic Play, develops software exclusively for online casinos. Therefore, you will not be able to download the slot directly as a separate application. However, do not be so quick to be upset, you still have the opportunity to enjoy the game on any device - be it a computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet. Read below how.

How to download Floating Dragon on PC

You will not be able to download the Floating Dragon slot to your personal computer, but there is no need, since you can comfortably play the Floating Dragon slot online, without installing unnecessary applications on your device. To do this, use any browser and go to the website of the chosen casino, where Floating Dragon is presented. To play, you only need a stable internet connection. To play for money in Floating Dragon, the casino will ask you to sing up and top up your deposit, the game in test mode only requires registration.

How to download Floating Dragon for Android

Floating Dragon is not available in the app store, but the game is optimized for using on mobile devices. You can either play Floating Dragon from your phone via the mobile version of the casino website, or by installing its mobile application. Most large and well-known online casinos have their own applications for iPhone and android for the customers convenience. Download the app from the casino website and play not only Floating Dragon, but also other exciting online games!

How to download Floating Dragon on iPhone

iPhone users are in the exact situation as android owners - the Floating Dragon slot cannot be downloaded in the Appstore on iOS. However, it is possible to play on an iPhone either via the mobile version of the casino website or its brand application. You can use either already existing account, or go through the registration process. To play for money, you will need to top up the game balance. By the way, often users of the mobile application are offered additional bonuses from the casino!

Where to play the Floating Dragon slot

Where to play the Floating Dragon slot

It is quite simple to answer the question of where to play Floating Dragon - in any online casino where this slot is presented. Since this slot machine is very popular, you can choose from a rather long list of casinos. But how to make the right choice? To do this, pay attention to the reputation of the online casino, read the reviews and pay special attention to the negative ones - they often turn out to be the most truthful.

Choose a decent casino that pays out winnings quickly. Another point to pay attention to is how the player can replenish his game balance. It will be great if the institution accepts most common cryptocurrencies - making transactions, for example, in bitcoins or litecoins, you will be protected from blocking payments by banks.

Since casinos are fighting for every new player, they offer a generous and interesting bonus policy for newly registered customers, for example, a welcome bonus on the first deposit. This is a profitable promotion that can multiply the first deposited amount by 2, 5 or even 10 times! Read the conditions carefully, some bonuses are valid only for an hour or a day, do not miss the opportunity! In addition, some online casinos offer new customers a package of free spins that can be spent in slots and win real money.

To play you will need to go through the registration procedure, make a deposit and verify your identity. Verification is necessary to withdraw the winnings.

Floating Dragon FAQ - frequently asked questions about the game

What is the minimum bid in Floating Dragon?

The minimum bid in Floating Dragon is 10 cents.

Is the maximum bid possible in Floating Dragon?

The maximum bid in Floating Dragon is 300 US dollars.

How much can I win in the Floating Dragon slot?

The maximum winning depends on how much is your bet in Floating Dragon. The most generous rations and winnings await the player during the free spins with the Hold function. During free spins, a diamond image may appear on the reels, which gives a maximum bet multiplication by 4993 times.

How many bonus spins can I get in Floating Dragon?

The number of bonus spins in Floating Dragon depends on how many scatters the player has collected on the reels. For example, three scatters give 10 free spins, four - 15, and 5 give 20.

What does the golden coin symbol on the reels give in the Floating Dragon slot?

The golden coin in the Floating Dragon slot appears only on the middle reel and triggers the Hold function, in which the middle reel is fixed and the rest rotate, thereby creating new prize combinations.

Where can I play Floating Dragon?

You can play Floating Dragon at any online casino where this slot is presented. We recommend choosing an honest institution with reliable and fast payments.

How many paylines are there in Floating Dragon?

There are 10 paylines in the Floating Dragon slot, winning combinations are counted from left to right.

Can I download Floating Dragon to my smartphone?

Despite the fact that the Floating Dragon slot is adapted for mobile devices, you will not be able to install it on a mobile phone. The game is only available on the websites of virtual gambling establishments or in mobile casino applications. To play and withdraw funds, registration and deposit replenishment will be required.

Can I play Floating Dragon without making a deposit?

Yes, you can. Floating Dragon producers have provided an opportunity to play the slot machine for free without replenishing the deposit. In this mode, you can test the entire functionality of the slot, the only limitation is that you cannot win real money in the demo version.

Reviews of real players about the Floating Dragon

Review: Beautiful Floating Dragon Slot


Floating Dragon is really beautiful and atmospheric, special thanks to the creators for the music - I usually turn it off, but here it is fine. As for winnings - seldom, but to the point, as could be expected from a highly volatile slot machine.

Mark, 33
Review: Beautiful Floating Dragon Slot

Review: I waited for a win in Floating Dragon, and in the end, I got it


It was interesting for me to test the bonus game with a coin in Floating Dragon. I waited for her for quite a long time, and at rates of 50 cents I spent about 200 dollars. In the end, I waited for it, but I didn't get any particularly valuable symbols. As a result, I payed back what I lost and raised about 700 dollars. I have successfully withdrawn the money, so I am satisfied.

Bruce, 29
Review: I waited for a win in Floating Dragon, and in the end, I got it

Review: You have to be patient while playing Floating Dragon


Floating Dragon is exactly the slot where you need to prepare your patience and a couple of extra thousands that you are ready to let it go. The slot does not give momentary winnings, so if you want to get something here, you will have to spin the reels for ages.

Sam, 36
Review: You have to be patient while playing Floating Dragon

Review: Floating Dragon is not really my thing


Life has shown me again that such slots like Floating Dragon with a large one-time win is not really my thing. 15 minutes of spinning the reels, and I have had enough. Those, who have the strength to wait, say, the waiting is rewarded here.

Boris, 23
Review: Floating Dragon is not really my thing

Review: Small bets is the key to success in Floating Dragon


Once again, I can see that the safe stratum turns out to be the top one. I tortured this Floating Dragon machine for probably an hour and a half at a small rate, and as a result, I not only won back what I lost, but also multiplied it 4 times.

Eugene, 25
Review: Small bets is the key to success in Floating Dragon

Review: Gorgeous Floating Dragon Slot


Perhaps, of all that Pragmatist Play did, Floating Dragon is the most successful work. I would even say broken in a good sense of this word. The bonus game can really make you rich, plus free spins fly out quite often. Maybe they'll fix it later, but for now I'm playing.

Aleks, 28
Review: Gorgeous Floating Dragon Slot

Review: In general, Floating Dragon slot is just OK


I didn't really count on some big win, so I wasn't particularly upset to lose a couple of thousand. I go to spin slots mainly for entertainment, and not for the purpose of making money. For rest and relaxation, Floating Dragon is actually perfect.

Max, 42
Review: In general, Floating Dragon slot is just OK

Review: A good Floating Dragon slot


It's beautiful and not stressful, you don't have to memorize a bunch of rules, and your heart doesn't jump out of your chest like in the same Aviator. I liked it, a nice Floating Dragon slot machine.

Jef, 36
Review: A good Floating Dragon slot

Review: Cool, no problems with the Floating Dragon slot


I once played on a stream with the guys, right during the broadcast I was able to knock out free spins in Floating Dragon. I don't know, maybe it's just luck, but my impressions were more than positive.

Dmitro, 18
Review: Cool, no problems with the Floating Dragon slot

Review: It could have been better in the Floating Dragon slot


I don't realize how people manage to knock out some bonus rounds, I played for about half an hour, prize paylines fell out, but not so much win. For me, this is not a slot in which you can get rich. I advise you to think twice before playing Floating Dragon.

Jonny, 22
Review: It could have been better in the Floating Dragon slot