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Play Twin Spin slot online

Twin Spin game - tempting slot at online casino

Twin Spin is a video slot from NetEnt studio, made in the style of bright and tempting gambling houses of Las Vegas. The slot combines the nostalgic theme of lucky symbols - sevens and fruits, traditional for land-based slot machines, and modern technology. The game has a total of 5 reels, with symbols landing in 3 rows, as well as 243 paylines. When counting winning combinations, the longest line is taken into account and the maximum winnings are paid out. The game is created using HTML5 and optimized for both desktop computers and smartphones.

Twin Spin slot features

Twin Spin slot features

Many players aren’t familiar to types of bonus rounds and free spins in the Twin Spin slot. However, with the apparent simplicity of the machine can surprise inexperienced players. In addition to the wild symbol that can replace any other, in a slot machine Twin Spin you will find an unusual feature Twin Reels. At the beginning of each round two adjacent reels are randomly selected and synchronized. At the same time, the symbols that appear on them duplicate each other. Thanks to this feature creates a lot more prize combinations. In addition, the synchronized reels can expand and take over the neighboring ones. With maximum luck, all five reels of the slot are filled with the same symbols, which brings the player the biggest winnings!

Twin Spin storyline

Every player of online casino has ever dreamed of finding himself in one of the luxury casinos in Las Vegas, and try his luck in a bright neon slot machine. Twin Spin slot will help you try this experience from the comfort of your own home. The neon design, classic themes and excellent graphics will give you unforgettable emotions during the game. The result of each round is determined by a random number generator, which guarantees players fair and unbiased play.

Play Twin Spin for free

Play Twin Spin for free

One of the advantages of the Twin Spin video slot is the ability to play for free. In the demo version it is impossible to win real money, but you can have fun. Also at the same time you learn all the subtleties of the machine. We recommend using the free game as a workout.

Strategy how to play Twin Spin game successfully

Strategy how to play Twin Spin game successfully

The success of the player in Twin Spin video slot depends entirely on luck. Nevertheless, mindless bets will quickly waste the amount on your deposit and will not bring positive emotions from the game, so we suggest sticking to a strategy. We have gathered three basic strategies for the Twin Spin game:

Safe Play

This strategy involves minimal risk and playing for a long time. Break down the deposit you expect to spend on the game so that it is enough for 200 bets, and start playing. The bet size in this tactic should be minimal. The strategy is designed for beginners, players with limited budgets and cautious gamblers who prefer minimal risk.

Climbing the Ladder

Ladder strategy also assumes a relatively safe game and counting on a long time playing. Its main difference - the graduated increase in bets: each subsequent must be a little higher than the previous one. Increase the bet gradually and predetermine yourself a limit, after which the rise must begin again. Main calculation in this strategy is to meet with a profitable prize combination that can be caught at an increased rate and recoup the costs of unsuccessful attempts, and present a solid prize.

The risk is big

Maybe today is your day, and luck has already knocked your door. Then it's time to take a big risk. Try to make some large bets and maybe you will be the winner of the grand prize. The strategy is suitable if you are not strapped for spare money for the game and do not consider it as a source of income.

Where to play Twin Spin

Where to play Twin Spin

NetEnt studio games and Twin Spin slot are quite popular among players, so it is presented in almost all online casinos. One of the secrets to enjoy gambling is choosing the reliable online casino. This is the only way to protect yourself from disappointment, which will inevitably arise in case of delayed payouts of winnings. How not to get confused in the variety of online casinos and make the right choice? Just follow our tips:

  • The most obvious way to choose an honest online casino is to study player reviews online. Pay close attention to the negative ones, because they often highlight the main problems of casino.
  • Read the user agreement at the selected casino and pay attention to the policy of payment of winnings. Many casinos require a photo of your passport to verify that it is you who will receive the money. This procedure is called verification. The process of payment may take some time - often from a few minutes to 72 hours.
  • Each casino is competing for new customers and offers a system of bonuses, incentives and loyalty programs, by studying which you can get additional funds on your deposit and even free spins. In the first deposit bonus - you can get 100, 200 and even 500 percent, depending on the casino, but additional funds will have to win back.
  • An honest casino should have a support service that is ready to answer customer questions 24/7.

Good luck in your choice!

How to download Twin Spin game

How to download Twin Spin game

All NetEnt games are created using HTML5, making them compatible with any device, be it desktop computers, tablets, laptops and smartphones, regardless of operating systems. Nevertheless, downloading a game as a separate program is not possible, because they are all created to be placed on the sites of online casinos. Twin Spin is no exception, it's a browser-based game that is available online at any virtual casino website.

How to download Twin Spin on PC

As we have already mentioned, it is not possible to install the Twin Spin slot on your PC. The game is available without downloading via any browser. All you need is to go to the online casino website, complete a simple registration, make a deposit and you can start playing. By the way, with zero balance on the deposit is still available demo mode.

How to download Twin Spin on IOS and Android

You will not be able to download the game Twin Spin in the App Store or Play Market, because it is not posted there. There are two ways to play from your cell phone. You can open the mobile version of your favorite casino website and play just as you would from your computer. The interface of Twin Spin is optimized for the smartphone screen, so the slot runs almost on any devices. In addition, some casinos have their own mobile applications, through which it is convenient to play on the phone. You can find and install it directly on the mobile version of the site. The mobile application is good in that it facilitates access to the casino site in case of a block from state agency. You no longer have to look for mirror sites to log in, the app will do it for you. To play successfully, you will have to either log in to your existing account or register. To play for real money you need to make an in-game deposit.

Twin Spin FAQ – questions about the game

What is the theoretical return to the player in the Twin Spin slot?

The theoretical return to the player in Twin Spin is 94.04%.

What is the minimum bet in Twin Spin?

The minimum bet in Twin Spin is $0.1.

What is the maximum bet in Twin Spin?

The maximum bet in Twin Spin is $125.

How many paylines are there in a Twin Spin slot?

In Twin Spin there are 243 paylines, so winnings are counted and paid out on the longest prize chain.

How much can I win in Twin Spin?

The maximum possible prize multiplier in a Twin Spin slot will increase the bet made by 1000 times.

Can I play Twin Spin for free?

Yes, Twin Spin has a demo mode that is available even with a zero game balance. In this mode, you can test the game, get acquainted with the main features and functions. It is impossible to win real money in the demo version of the game.

Where to download Twin Spin game?

Twin Spin cannot be downloaded to your mobile device, the game is only available on online casino sites. To play from your phone, use the mobile version of the site or install the casino app if available.

What is Twin Spin slot?

Twin Spin is a slot with unique features. At the beginning of each spin, two identical adjoining reels are linked together. During a spin, the twin reels can expand and take over the adjacent reels. At the beginning of each new round, a pair of reels is randomly selected.

Can I play Twin Spin on my phone?

Yes, Twin Spin is HTML5 based and can be played on any device - smartphone, tablet and PC. In order to play, you don't need to download and install - the game is accessible through your browser. All you need is a stable Internet connection.

Reviews of real players about the slot Twin Spin

Review: Great slot Twin Spins


For me slot is gambling first of all. It is very important to see that there is some positive feedback - winnings, interesting combinations, then it is interesting to play. Twin Spins is just such a slot machine. I really liked the double reel feature. I feel great potential in this feature and ponder on the strategy.

Glen, 35
Review: Great slot Twin Spins

Review: Unusual slot Twin Spins


I played a variety of video slots, but little caught my attention. Recently, by looking at list of slots of NetEnt I found Twin Spins and became interested. I haven’t seen the twin reels chips. It is unusual and what is more important - profitable.

Alan, 40
Review: Unusual slot Twin Spins

Review: Fine slot Twin Spin


It would seem that what else can be invented in slots, but Netent hold the bar. I would say that I was really surprised by the way the game is going, but I don't know how to play it in terms of building strategy. Anyway Twin Spin is very interesting.

Bill, 29
Review: Fine slot Twin Spin

Review: Boring slot Twin Spin


For me slot Twin Spin seemed a bit boring. I do not have bonus rounds. The plot is also rather primitive. I like themed games, classics are still not my thing.

Mark, 25
Review: Boring slot Twin Spin

Review: Enjoyed playing Twin Spin


I liked it when I was young and I don't know how to play it. I was not disappointed, because I had some winnings at Twin Spin. The game seems pretty simple, but on the one hand it is not bad. Why strains your brain? On the other hand, interesting tricks in it - take those same double reels. I've never seen such a feature before.

Sergio, 31
Review: Enjoyed playing Twin Spin

Review: Normal video slot Twin Spin


From time to time we look for interesting slots with a friend to make some money. As for winnings, in Twin Spin, winnings are there, but not very big. In the evening raised a maximum of 200 dollars.

Vanya, 23
Review: Normal video slot Twin Spin

Review: Very good impression of Twin Spin


I, as a lover of classic slots, liked the slot very much. Juicy, beautiful, pleasing to the eye, played for fun. I like Twin Spin when you play on your phone and computer, and do not need to download anything.

Stephany, 42
Review: Very good impression of Twin Spin

Review: Promising slot Twin Spin


If you come up with a strategy, in Twin Spin you can raise money. I am still testing different strategies in the demo version. The game itself looks nice and does not bore even a couple of hours. On the contrary, I manage to relax in it. Netent, as always, created a high quality and cool game.

George, 29
Review: Promising slot Twin Spin

Review: Fine slot Twin Spin


The slot itself is normal, you can even win. The main thing is to choose a good casino and the game is easy to play. The main thing is to choose a honest casino that pays out money and does not drag with the payment of winnings. One time I waited for my winnings for 4 days although usually all came after a maximum of an hour.

Amelia, 33
Review: Fine slot Twin Spin

Review: It didn’t work for me


In spite of the fact that I'm a big fan of slots from NetENt , just Twin Spin I did not really like. I prefer other genres - adventure, treasure, fantasy. Although, I have to give credi for graphics at the top level, so designers did good work.

Donald, 30
Review: It didn’t work for me