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Play Blazing Mammoth slot online

Blazing Mammoth game - non-trivial slot at online casino

Slot Blazing Mammoth is a non-trivial slot from the developer Pearfiction Studios. The game was created in 2021 with the support of Microgaming and is dedicated to prehistoric themes. The Blazing Mammoth machine has 5 spinning reels and 20 paylines. The slot belongs to the category of medium volatility. The maximum possible multiplication of a single bet - 2000 times.

Blazing Mammoth plot

Blazing Mammoth plot

The plot of the game Blazing Mammoth offers to go on an exciting journey into the prehistoric era. On the reels you will meet the most dangerous representatives of the fauna of the Ice Age - huge mammoths, predatory saber-toothed tigers and wolves. In addition, on the playing field you can fall sevens - lucky symbols carved on the rock. Blazing Mammoth pleases with high-quality graphics and atmospheric sound accompaniment, imitating the song of the wind and the sounds of wildlife.

Blazing Mammoth features

Blazing Mammoth features

One of the most interesting features of Blazing Mammoth is the Bonus Wheels feature. It is activated if a player manages to collect 3 scatter symbols on the second, third and fourth reels. Before starting the Bonus Round player is invited to spin the wheel of Fortune, which will determine how many free spins will include a bonus round. For example, the Wheel of Fortune can knock out between 10 and 30 freespins, as well as x2 and x3 win multipliers.

Another interesting feature of the slot is the Mammoth Jackpot. To the left of the playing field there is a scale with rewards. The player will get them automatically if during the round giant symbols appear on the reels. And the more they manage to collect, the higher the winnings will be.

Play free at Blazing Mammoth

In the slot Blazing Mammoth has free play mode, in which you can play without making a deposit. This feature comes in handy when getting acquainted with the features and functions of the slot machine and allows you to play and enjoy the process without the risk of spending money.

Tactics and strategies for playing Blazing Mammoth

Tactics and strategies for playing Blazing Mammoth

Creating a winning strategy in slots like Blazing Mammoth, where winning depends mostly on luck, is not easy. Nevertheless, there are several tactics that can help you achieve success and win the coveted jackpot.

Micro betting tactics in Blazing Mammoth

One of the most striking features of Blazing Mammoth is the ability to get the instant jackpot on a number of giant symbols on the reels. The amount of winnings will depend on how many prize symbols the player has managed to catch. The value of the prize is indicated in the scoreboard on the left. So why not use this option and purposefully try to catch the jackpot? The best way to do it is with micro bets. That way, even on a small budget you can afford to play for quite a long time, increasing your chances of success. You might be the one to pick up the big prize today!

Ladder Tactics in Blazing Mammoth Slot

In this case, the emphasis is on a gradual, staggered increase in the minimum bet. Ladder is a relatively safe variant of the game with a low risk. Consider in advance the limit to which you are willing to raise your bet, but remember that playing over a long distance is much more profitable. Ladder is based on a slot machine feature with a bonus game and free spins. Gradually increasing your bet, you increase the chance of meeting with scatters on the reels and running a bonus game with the most favorable conditions.

The noble risk in the game Blazing Mammoth

An option for those who are not strapped for cash, or tired of endless spinning the reels at low stakes. Perhaps you noticed that the drums have not fallen out valuable combinations for a long time. Then it's time to make 2-3 spins with a higher bet. What if the next spin will be a winning one?

How to download game Blazing Mammoth

How to download game Blazing Mammoth

Unfortunately, the game Blazing Mammoth was created and developed exclusively for online casino. Consequently, to enjoy its functionality and possibly earn money, you can only there. However, you can play Blazing Mammoth from any device - be it a PC, smartphone or tablet. How to do it?

How to download Blazing Mammoth on computer

As we have just written - you can't download Blazing Mammoth on laptop or PC. To play Blazing Mammoth from your laptop, open any browser, enter the name of your preferred online casino in the search bar and register. After completing these simple steps, you will have access to a test free mode. To play for real money, make a deposit in any convenient way.

How to download Blazing Mammoth on iPhone

Apple device owners can not find Blazing Mammoth in the AppStore - the game is only presented in online casinos and is not available for download for iOS. To play from your mobile, you will need to either go to the mobile version of your favorite gambling house website or download the online casino app. The two options don't differ much from each other, but the game is a little more stable when you use the app.

How to download Blazing Mammoth on Android

Android users won't be able to install Blazing Mammoth on their devices either. Don't rush to grieve, the way out is simple! Through the search bar, go to the mobile version of your casino website or download an app for iOS. By the way, in addition to Blazing Mammoth, dozens of other slots are available in the app, so downloading the casino software, you get access to its bonuses and full functionality. For a full game you will need to register, verify your identity and make a deposit.

Where to play Blazing Mammoth

Where to play Blazing Mammoth

Slot Blazing Mammoth was developed by the provider specifically for sites of virtual casinos, therefore, you can play the slot there. The game is presented in almost all popular online casinos, whose names are probably on your lips. So how not to get lost in the list of online casinos and choose the most honest online casinos?

  1. Get to know the reviews on the Internet, and in particular, pay attention to the negative ones. Often, they are the most truthful and can protect you from dishonest casino. 
  2. Talk to your friends. There is a high probability that some of them bet on sports or play slot machines. They can share information and give friendly advice. 
  3. Study the site of the casino of your choice - what payment methods has it, what is the policy of payment of winnings, what welcome bonus they offer. By the way, welcome bonuses can be different - a percentage increase on your first deposit or a set of free spins. Remember that the bonus will have to wager, and you will not be able to withdraw it immediately. In addition, many of the welcome gifts burn out within a few hours, if they do not use. 

Pay attention to the possibility of paying the deposit in cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency payments do not depend on banks and therefore are not blocked!

Good luck in your choice!

Blazing Mammoth FAQ – questions about the game

What is the minimum bet in Blazing Mammoth slot?

The minimum bet in Blazing Mammoth is $0.20.

What is the maximum bet in Blazing Mammoth slot?

The maximum single bet in Blazing Mammoth slot is $120.

How much can I win in Blazing Mammoth?

The maximum possible winnings in Blazing Mammoth depends on your bet. The highest multiplier for a bet in the slot is x2000. So making a single bet of $120, you could theoretically win 120*2000, which is $240,000. In addition, do not forget about the bonus game, which can significantly increase your prize.

What does average volatility mean?

Volatility is the probability of a big win. For example, in slots with low volatility winnings fall quite often, but its size is unlikely to impress the player. In machines with average volatility the frequency of prize falling out is lower, but it is larger. High-volatility slots can give a very large prize, but it happens rather rarely, and for a lucky spin may require dozens of attempts.

What is the percentage payout to the player in Blazing Mammoth?

Blazing Mammoth has a payout percentage of 96.24%.

Can I install Blazing Mammoth on my smartphone?

Unfortunately, no. You will not be able to install Blazing Mammoth on your smartphone as this slot can only be played at online casinos.

How many free spins can I get in Blazing Mammoth?

The number of free spins in Blazing Mammoth is determined by spinning the Wheel of Fortune. By spinning the wheel, you can get from 10 to 30 freespins.

How do I activate the bonus game?

The bonus game is activated when you catch three scatter symbols on reels number two, three and four.

How are the prize chains counted?

In Blazing Mammoth slot, winning combinations are counted from left to right. A chain must include three to five of the same images. The wild symbol can replace any simple symbol in the chain.

Reviews of real players about the game Blazing Mammoth

Review: A lot of bonuses in Blazing Mammoth


In the end of the day, there's always a chance to win some money in the slot, and that's what makes the Blazing Mammoth slot so great. And in Mammoth this opportunity is there. Cool that you can knock out up to 30 free spins at a time!

James, 21
Review: A lot of bonuses in Blazing Mammoth

Review: Money Blazing Mammoth slot


With the external simplicity (which is not a minus in any way) – slot machine Blazing Mammoth generously allows to win. Particularly makes me happy a theme with the Wheel of Fortune - in the first half an hour I got three scatters and opened the wheel. Luck was on my side. I got 20 freespins for free. So far, Blazing Mammoth is my favorite!

Daniel, 27
Review: Money Blazing Mammoth slot

Review: Unusual slot machine Blazing Mammoth


I decided to try Blazing Mammoth because of the unusual storyline. Not very often among the slot themes get prehistoric world! The machine is made on the conscience, nice and atmospheric graphics and animal sounds in the background. Very different from everything I've played.

Lily, 34
Review: Unusual slot machine Blazing Mammoth

Review: Playable Blazing Mammoth slot


The Blazing Mammoth slot is average, but it does catch on. A couple of times during the evening opened the option with a bonus game and free spins, profitable even with small bets. Now it is interesting to wait for the jackpot. I keep playing!

Larry, 33
Review: Playable Blazing Mammoth slot

Review: Simple rules and great winnings at Blazing Mammoth


I love simple slots without any particularly complex features you need to remember. In fact, I like Blazing Mammoth as such, although interesting features are there. I was especially hooked by the theme of freespins, which in my opinion is pretty easy to farm, and scatter often fall. Knocked out the freespins 2 times - once 15, the second - 10.

Marco, 41
Review: Simple rules and great winnings at Blazing Mammoth

Review: Play for long time in the slot Blazing Mammoth


Pretty fun and overall, not a bad slot Blazing Mammoth. I didn’t notice some serious disadvantages. The slot machine is pretty simple, but not boring. Fresh themes, curious design, wins fall if you're not too lazy and play for long time at least half an hour, or better an hour. Unlikely to be able to break the bank in two or three big bets.

Irvin, 38
Review: Play for long time in the slot Blazing Mammoth

Review: A simple way to make money with the slot Blazing Mammoth


I'm not so sure how much money I made with Blazing Mammoth as I've always wanted to play it. Recently my friend here made about 500 dollars, I've only made 200 US dollars so far, but it's not the limit. Nice slot, worth a try.

Kranson, 22
Review: A simple way to make money with the slot Blazing Mammoth

Review: Blazing Mammoth - a godsend in slot machines.


I play often and test different slot machines. I like Blazing Mammoth because of the frequent bonus game and the possibility of automatic jackpot. Free spins knocked out easily. However, I’m not lucky about jackpot and testing different strategies in order to win it.

John, 29
Review: Blazing Mammoth - a godsend in slot machines.

Review: Slot about the Mammoth did not go well for me


Well, nothing special in this slot about the Mammoth. I’m just a fan, who layed for a short time, wagering and a little on top of that. The only thing that makes Blazing Mammoth stand out from the others - its available freespins.

Rambo, 41
Review: Slot about the Mammoth did not go well for me

Review: Awesome, super slot Blazing Mammoth


This is the first slot, when I not only won back what I spent, but also won my first tangible win! I used to think that it was unreal to win in a casino but Blazing Mammoth changed my mind.

Amanda, 27
Review: Awesome, super slot Blazing Mammoth