Play crash games online

Crash game Aviatrix

Aviatrix is a money-based crash game in an online casino featuring pleasant old-school pixel graphics and meditative musical accompaniment.

Crash game Lucky Jet

Lucky Jet - crash game is an online casino money game with pleasant old-school pixel graphics and meditative musical accompaniment.

Crash game Spaceman

Spaceman is a crash game for money in an online casino with pleasant old-school pixel graphics and meditative musical accompaniment.

Aviator game

Aviator - crash game for real money at online casinos based on random number generators and interesting tactics

Crash game JetX

JetX - Crash game for real money at online casinos with a nice old-school pixel graphics and meditative soundtrack.

What are crash games in online casinos

Crash games is a new type of gambling entertainment, accompanied by an adrenaline rush. The name of the genre is derived from the English verb crash, which translates as collapse. The main advantage of crash games is the possibility of multiplying the initial bet and getting winnings quickly with the simplicity of the gameplay. In crash slots, you will not encounter complicated rules - all you need to do is place a bet and watch the odds grow, which can stop at any moment. The player's task is to stop the growth of the multiplier before the chart collapses.

How to play crash games

In recent years, crash games have been wildly popular and are presented in almost all online casinos, so you can choose any casino you like to play. Pay attention to the reputation and reviews of players, because this is a guarantee that the casino will quickly pay out your winnings in case of success.

  • Go to the website of the online casino you like. To do this, enter its name in the search bar or use a mirror site that will redirect you to the casino.
  • Log in to the site. The process of creating an account will take no more than a minute of your time, you can register using your email address, phone number or social network account.
  • After registering, you can already play crash slots, but so far without the opportunity to win money. Without replenishment of the deposit, only demo mode is available.
  • To play for real money, make your first deposit.
  • Find the desired game on the casino website. The search bar can help you.
  • Place a bid. In crash games, the minimum bet is very low, so even with a small initial amount of money, you can get a significant win.
  • Press the Start button and watch the odds increase. Your task is to stop the game before the graph collapses. In case of success, your bet will be multiplied by the saved coefficient, and in case of loss, it will be burned.

What crash games are there

Almost all crash games are built on the same principle, based on the growth of the number / schedule, which can stop at any moment, and only minor plot details and design are different. We have collected some popular crush slots as an example:

  • Aviator

    The legendary crash game and the founder of the genre. It helps to feel like a pilot of an airplane that is rapidly gaining altitude. As the height increases, so does your hypothetical payoff. Your task is to stop the takeoff before the plane crashes.

  • JetX

    A successful analogue of the Aviator, in which the player will have to control the starship. It features high-quality graphics and pleasant audio accompaniment.

  • Zeppelin

    Another crash game in which an airship takes off and can crash.

General rules for playing crash games

Playing crash games is very simple, the rules are intuitive even for a beginner:

  • Open your favorite slot;
  • Place your bet;
  • Watch the gameplay. Gradually, the prize coefficient will begin to grow. Your task is to have time to stop it before the growth stops and the game ends. If you managed to stop before the end of the game, your bet will be multiplied by the prize coefficient, and if not, you will lose the bet money.

Fairness Guarantee in Crush games

The result of each round in crash slots is determined by a random number generator - a program whose algorithm determines numbers randomly. It is impossible for the casino to influence this program - and, consequently, to interfere with the outcome of the round.

Winnings and odds in crash games

The maximum possible prize multiplier that a player can count on in a crash game is determined by the provider. In games like Aviator or Jet X, the maximum odds will increase the winning bet by 100 times.