Play slot Wolf Riches online

Wolf Riches is a fun and exciting video slot by PariPlay dedicated to wildlife. The game will delight you with high-quality, detailed graphics, atmospheric audio and a number of unique features, thanks to which you can win big money. The machine has 50 pay lines and the symbols land on five reels in three rows. Wolf Riches refers to slots with medium volatility, which promises frequent but small winnings. The maximum possible prize multiplier in the machine is x 1000.

The plot of Wolf Riches slot

Wolves, the main characters of the Wolf Riches machine, are sacred in many cultures. People admired their bravery, strength and agility, especially revered wolves Indians. You have a chance to walk with these beautiful animals, enjoying the game in the slot Wolf Riches. Probably, these predators will help you win real money! In the slot all play is going on as a part of American Indian life - smoky fires, teepees and totem poles. Go to the journey across North America, collect prizes and let luck be on your side!

Wolf Riches Features

Wolf Riches slot pleases players with an interesting and unique trick - before the start of each round, additional bonuses appear above the reels, which can be obtained if the image of the Full Moon lands on the first, third or fifth reel. The Full Moon gives one of the possible rewards - ten free spins, a cash gift added to the main winnings, as well as the jackpot.

In addition, the slot features Wild symbols that can randomly expand and fill the entire reel, thus increasing the number of valuable combinations.

Jackpot at Wolf Riches

There are 4 types of jackpots in Wolf Riches slot, one of which can be guaranteed during the bonus game. Mini increases your bet by 15 times, Minor by 35 times, Major by 250 and Grand by 1000.

The bonus game is activated when the Full Moon symbol appears above the reel with the word Jackpot.

Strategies for a successful game at Wolf Riches

Despite the fact that the slot type of games is not easy to come up with strategies how to win, since the result of the round depends entirely on chance, we have collected several strategies that can be used to enjoy the game and do not leave with an empty wallet.

Full Moon Tactics

The tactic is to farm game bonuses - free spins, extra money and jackpots. In case your deposit is limited, it is recommended to stick to the tactic of minimum comfortable for you bet that allows you to play at least 100 rounds. Playing on the extended range will help you slowly but surely build up your game deposit, after which you can either withdraw money or try a different strategy.

Ladder Tactics

If you're financially secure and can afford a less cautious game, take a closer look at the ladder tactic. Its basic idea is to gradually increase your stake. That is, increasing the risk, you increase the probability of catching a generous bonus on a higher bet, thereby winning a more valuable prize. Try to determine for yourself the limit of increasing in advance, and reaching it, start again with the minimum bet and increase it step by step.

One Time Risk

Suitable for those who like to analyze and calculate, as well as for the lucky ones. The strategy of One Time Risk is to analyze the approximate frequency of valuable symbols. For example, you notice that the Full Moon lands on the reels every 20-30 times. Try at these times to make a bigger bet than usual, perhaps just this time you are lucky. Don't risk the whole amount on the deposit at once if you are limited in money. Try first to increase the amount on the balance with the tactics described above.

How to download Wolf Riches

When wondering how to download Wolf Riches to your phone, remember that this game cannot be installed as a separate application, and the only way to play it on your smartphone or tablet is to install the mobile application of the casino that provides this game, or play the game on the mobile version of the website.

How to download Wolf Riches on your computer

It is not possible to download Wolf Riches on your computer, but this is unnecessary, as the most convenient way to play this slot on online casino sites. Find the right online casino, create an account and enjoy the exciting gameplay! Playing in the demo version is available with a zero balance on your deposit account. However, in order to play for real money, you will need to make your first deposit.

How to download Wolf Riches on iPhone

Wolf Riches is not available in the AppStore, so to play the slot from your phone, you will either need to install the mobile app of your favorite casino, or play through the mobile version of the site. You can get to the mobile version through your search engine on your phone. Type in the name of the casino, navigate to the site, and you will be taken to the mobile version. It's convenient and doesn't require a download. Playing through the mobile app provides a more reliable internet connection and stable smooth operation of the slot even in conditions of weak signal.

How to download Wolf Riches on Android

Android owners can also play Wolf Riches slot on smartphones through the casino app, or on the mobile version of the site. To play, you will need to register or go to an existing account, as well as replenish the game deposit.

Where to play Wolf Riches

Wolf Riches game was created directly for placement in online casino, hence, and you can play for money there. Since the slot is quite popular, it is presented in the vast majority of online casino sites, so you are free to choose any online casino. We have gathered for you some tips that will help you not to make a wrong choice.

Choose an honest and trusted casino in the Internet. This can be helped by player reviews, reviews, Youtube videos and even tips from streamers who play slots during broadcasts. In addition, perhaps some of your relatives or friends have already played in a virtual casino and can share with you useful advice.

After choosing a casino, carefully read the user agreement. This is an important point, which many neglect. Pay special attention to the process of payment of winnings to be protected from possible pitfalls.

Learn more about crediting bonuses on your first deposit and read the rules for wagering bonuses. By the way, many welcome bonuses are burned within a few hours or days after registration.

Look out for crypto casinos that accept popular cryptocurrencies - bitcoin, litecoin and others. This way your winnings will be protected from being blocked by banks.

We wish you good luck!

Wolf Riches FAQ – questions about the game

What are maximum and minimum bets at Wolf Riches?

The minimum bet in Wolf Riches is $0.50, while the maximum bet is $100.

What is the highest prize multiplier in Wolf Riches?

The maximum prize multiplier in Wolf Riches slot is x1000. You can get it by winning the maximum Grand Jackpot.

Does Wolf Riches have a jackpot?

Yes, there are four types of jackpots in Wolf Riches slot.

How do I get the Wolf Riches jackpot?

To get the Wolf Riches slot jackpot, get the Full Moon symbol on the reel that has the jackpot sign at the top before the round starts.

What types of jackpots are there in Wolf Riches?

There are four types of jackpots in Wolf Riches, which are randomly triggered during the win-win bonus game. The Mini increases your bet by 15 times, the Minor by 35 times, the Major by 250 and the Grand by 1,000.

Is there a bonus game?

Yes, there is a bonus game in Wolf Riches slot. It gets open if the Full Moon lands on the reel that has the jackpot inscription at the top (the inscription changes at the beginning of each new reel spin). In front of the player appears a drum consisting of four different jackpots. The player must press the spin button, after which he randomly falls one of the four prizes. The bonus game is a win-win.

What is the Full Moon feature?

The Full Moon, or Full Moon, is a special symbol that can fall on the reels and activate the bonus features of the machine - free spins, cash prizes or jackpot. In addition, the Full Moon can act as a Wild and be embedded in winning chains.

Can I play Wolf Riches for free?

Yes, Wolf Riches slot provides the opportunity to play for free in demo mode. The test version is identical to the original version, except that you can't win real money in it.

How do I install Wolf Riches slot on my cell phone?

Unfortunately, Wolf Riches slot can not be downloaded to your phone or tablet as a separate program. To play from a mobile device, use the casino app or the mobile version of the site.

Where to play Wolf Riches?

You can play Wolf Riches slot on any online casino where this slot machine is presented.

Reviews of real players about the slot Wolf Riches

Review: I love Wolf Riches


The Wolf Riches is an awesome slot machine that is more than realistic to win at. The jackpot calculation and the bonus game in Wolf Riches is especially satisfying, with guaranteed winnings. Given that the moon falls quite often, I periodically get a bonus money or freespins. Jackpot has fallen only once so far, got x35 to the bet, very satisfied.

Max, 37

Review: It’s great to play Wolf Riches


Nice slot, both in design and in the ability to make a profit. Wolf Riches slot combines cool mechanics with a full moon - immediately see what kind of prize you get. Have not seen such a feature in other slots.

Karl, 25

Review: Generous slot Wolf Riches


Wolf Riches is that rare kind of slot, which gives you a chance to win. Paylines appear about once every 3 or 4 rounds.

Alan, 39

Review: Slot Wolves means a lot for me


Top slot machine Wolves Riches, which helps to make good money in my students years. We play with the whole dorm and all of us love Wolf Riches! One of my friends recently fell mini-jackpot, so we celebrated the whole evening.

Sergio, 18

Review: I often win at Wolf Riches.


Wolf Riches in my case is the best way to kill time after work, besides the slot gives to win. I get out of morality if time after time is not lucky, and here the winnings periodically pile up, at least small. It’s pleasure that quite often fall freespins or extra money at the expense of the full moon.

Ivan, 23

Review: Slot Wolves Riches does not give boredom


I like slots like Wolf Riches, which have extra gimmicks. I mean, not just spin the drums and all, and every round may additionally please something, such as freespins.

Alex, 27

Review: Just try to play Wolf Riches


I have not yet played Wolf Riches for money, but only tried it in free mode. It was interesting to see how often the full moon falls. In the end, after 10 minutes I waited for the option with the jackpot and even felt bad that I played in demo mode! Now I want to play the real one.

Natali, 31

Review: I play Wolves slot at university classes


At a boring college class slot machine Wolves Riches saves me. I play from the phone, and from time to time I earn right on classes and spend my time with benefit!

William, 20

Review: Favorite slot Wolf Riches


Wolf Riches beautiful, atmospheric and most importantly - interesting slot in which I win. Yes, bad things happen, so sometimes I am not lucky. However, the general trend is that I do not go into negative balance. I even got the jackpot a couple of times with x15 and x35 odds.

Ram, 34

Review: I tried playing Wolf Riches for a reason


Not usually fond of gambling, but a couple of times a month I play in the mood. I decided to give a try Wolf Riches, and didn't regret it! I won a few thousands of American dollars and will try again.

Jack, 28