Play Thunderstruck 2 slot online

Thunderstruck 2 is an exciting and addictive slot from Microgaming. It was a continuation of the popular slot machine Thunderstruck, created in 2003. The slot quickly won the hearts of players of gambling sites thanks to the interesting mechanics, colorful design and the opportunity to seize the generous winnings. The machine consists of 5 reels, on which the symbols land in 3 rows. Having collected a prize combination on one of the 23 paylines, the player will win. The maximum possible bet multiplier is x300.

Thunderstruck 2 storyline

The plot of the slot Thunderstruck 2 takes the player to the mythology of the Scandinavian countries. The drums player will meet the main characters of the Nordic epic - one-eyed god Odin, his son, thunderer Thor, beautiful Valkyrie and Sly Loki. In addition, the slot is rich mythological symbols - Thor's hammer, the image of the city of Asgard and the Viking drakkar. The game is sure to please fans of Scandinavian folklore because of the colorful graphics, nice music and profitable chips, such as a bonus game.

Thunderstruck 2 useful features

As in other similar slots, Thunderstruck 2 has scatter and wild symbols, the appearance of which changes the course of the usual game. Wilds can replace any symbols on the playing field except the scatters, as well as double the winnings. The appearance of 3, 4 and 5 scatters promises entry into the Hall of Fame spins. Each of the main characters in the slot opens its own bonus game with free spins.

  • The Valkyrie bonus game multiplies all winnings by 5 and gives 10 free spins.
  • The Loki Bonus Game activates 15 freespins with the Wild Magic feature, in which the Wilds appear at random.
  • The Odin Bonus gives 20 free spins and also converts symbols into Wilds in random order. Plus, these wilds increase winnings by a factor of 2 or 3. 
  • The most generous bonus game is activated by Thor. The player gets 20 freespins and the Rolling Reels feature is also triggered - winning symbols are removed from the reels and others take their place, which increases the chance of larger winnings. 

How to play Thunderstruck 2 for free

Thunderstruck 2 is a gambling game that gives players the opportunity to win cash prizes, so playing it for free is not that interesting. Nevertheless, the provider provides an opportunity to test the slot machine even with a zero balance on deposit. By the way, the demo mode of free play can be interesting not only to get acquainted with the slot machine, but also to test risky strategies.

Strategies and Tactics in Thunderstruck 2

Of course, in the game Thunderstruck 2, as in most similar slots, there is a lot what depends on the luck of the player and a random number generator that determines the outcome of each round. But experienced players who seek not just to play for fun, but also to earn real money in the machine, invented several strategies that can if not guaranteed success, at least close to it.

Waiting for the bonus game at low stakes in Thunderstruck 2

One of the most interesting features of Thunderstruck 2 is four bonus game options with different numbers of free spins, which range from 10 to 25, and additional features of multiplying winnings depending on the option of the bonus round. Thus, appearing on the reels option bonus game increases the likelihood of big wins immediately by several times! However, waiting for the round of free spins may take some time. If you spend it, making a large single bet, you can quickly spend the entire game budget and stay with nothing. Therefore, one of the working strategies is to wait for the game on small bets.

The percentage of payout to the player in Thunderstruck 2 is quite high, and making a lot of small bets, you are unlikely to go into deficit. But if you don't get lucky you're also unlikely to win big with micro bets.

Automatic play feature

Slot Thunderstruck 2 allows maximum automation of the game, which can be useful in a tactic waiting for the bonus game. Going into automatic mode, you can set your own desired bet size and choose the number of rounds to be played.

Take a big risk

...but wisely. This tactic is suitable for experts and analysts of slot Thunderstruck 2, as well as dabblers with unlimited game budget. In a test mode, or low stakes, study the frequency of falling out scatters that trigger the bonus round. For example, it can happen once every hour or 2 hours. Calculating this time interval, try to make a single large bet in those moments when it seems that the bonus game has not fallen out for too long.

We wish you good luck!

How to download game Thunderstruck 2

Thunderstruck 2 is a game developed by Microgaming specifically for online casino sites. That is why you can not play Thunderstruck 2 for money anywhere else, as well as download it to your mobile device, whether it is a tablet or smartphone. However, do not hurry to grieve, because there is always a way out!

How to download Thunderstruck 2 on a PC or laptop

You can not download it directly, and why? It's much more comfortable and easy to play Thunderstruck 2 directly on the online casino site. Go to it through any browser, Chrome, Mozilla or Safari, make a simple registration and start your triumphant series of victories!

How to download Thunderstruck 2 for Android

Slot Thunderstruck 2 is not presented in the Play Market, so you can not download and play for money. But you have the opportunity to play the slot on a mobile version of your favorite casino website or download the mobile app. Most large and well-known casino sites have their own mobile app, which is not inferior in functionality to the original site, but allows you to play your favorite games anywhere.

How to download Thunderstruck 2 on iPhone

Owners of smartphones based on iOS will also not be able to download the game in the proprietary app store - it is simply not presented there. Do not grieve! Visit the website of your favorite casino and find information about the branded mobile application for iOS. By installing it, you get the opportunity to play not only in Thunderstruck 2, but also in dozens of other exciting and risky slot machines! For a full game will require registration and deposit.

Where to play Thunderstruck 2

Provider Microgaming creates software only for gambling sites, so the slot Thunderstruck 2 was no exception - you can enjoy playing it only in an online casino. The game is presented on the sites of almost all major online casinos, so you can choose any casino on the Internet, the conditions in which seem to you the most attractive.

Choose a reliable casino that has been around for at least a few years and can boast of good reviews. Perhaps some of your relatives and colleagues also like gambling entertainment? Ask their advice. The safety of your personal information and the guarantee of your winnings depend on the reliability of the casino, so choose wisely and don't play on casino one-day sites.

In order to start your way to the heights and victories, you will first have to register. This is a quick procedure that does not take more than a minute. Create a profile by entering your email address and/or phone number and activate your account. That's it, you're golden!

In order to play for money, you'll need to make a deposit after you register. Deposit any amount you like. As a rule, casinos offer a range of options for depositing money - bank cards, e-money, virtual wallets and even cryptocurrency. By the way, most casinos offer deposit bonuses, such as a percentage increase in the amount deposited or free spins that can be activated in certain slots. Bonuses can be given only for a limited period of time - for example, for an hour, a day, a week or a month, after which they will burn out. Don't miss out on a profitable opportunity!

Thunderstruck 2 FAQ – questions about the game

What is the minimum bet in Thunderstruck 2?

The minimum bet in Thunderstruck 2 is 30 US cents.

What is the maximum bet in Thunderstruck 2?

The maximum possible bet in Thunderstruck 2 is equal to 80 US dollars.

How to activate the series of freespins in Thunderstruck 2?

Freespin series is activated by a roll on the drums scatter symbols. Scatter in Thunderstruck 2 is an image Mjollnir - the legendary hammer of Thor.

What is the Wildstorm feature in Thunderstruck 2?

The Wildstorm feature in Thunderstruck 2 is one of the most interesting and rewarding features of the machine. It is activated at random. When activated, all the reels can fill up with wild symbols at the same time, which will greatly increase your winnings.

Can I play Thunderstruck 2 on my cell phone?

You will not be able to download Thunderstruck 2 slot as a separate mobile app, as the game is only available on online casino sites. Nevertheless, you will still be able to play it on your phone. To do this, go to the mobile version of your favorite online casino or download the app to your phone.

Can I play Thunderstruck 2 for free?

Yes, you can play Thunderstruck 2 for free, but in the demo version, the player is deprived of the opportunity to win cash prizes. In addition, the slot machine includes a bonus game feature in which you can get from 10 to 25 freespins. But the activation of this mode involves playing for real money.

What is the most expensive symbol in the game Thunderstruck 2?

The most valuable image that can be found on the reels Thunderstruck 2, is the hammer of Thor, aka scatter.

What is the maximum multiplier in a slot machine Thunderstruck 2?

The maximum multiplier in the game Thunderstruck 2 is x8000.

Reviews of real players about the slot Thunderstruck 2

Review: Thunderstruck 2 is a cool slot


I love Vikings, Scandinavian mythology, runes and stuff like that. So the Thunderstruck 2 slot was cool for me. Cool graphics, design, music - it's just a pleasure to play. Yes, and it is profitable slot.

Den, 22

Review: Failed bonus game in Thunderstruck 2


I never counted on it. Came just to test out the slot Thunderstruck 2. And what the hell! I dropped a bonus game with Loki. I put 50 dollars and won almost 2 thousand dollars. Beginner's luck, apparently! I'll try at my leisure to play more.

Maria, 27

Review: Beautiful game Thunderstruck 2


Playing Thunderstruck 2 is really nice. The artwork, the audio track, everything is top notch. I really wanted to wait for the bonus game, because description is very interesting. But so far, however, luck has not smiled on me. I have a lot of positive impressions anyway.

Max, 32

Review: A lot of interesting features in Thunderstruck 2


Thunderstruck 2 slot machine is not as simple as it seems. However, it pleases as much as four varieties of bonus games promising from 10 to 25 freespins with their own tricks and tricks. Special features - when randomly all the reels are filled with wilds. Graphics are on the level, nice to play.

Ludoman with experience, 33

Review: Thunderstruck is better than before


I remember a few years ago playing the usual Thunderstruck, and suddenly came across a new version. Well, the graphics have gotten much better, and there are a lot of new gimmicks, especially with the bonus rounds. I didn't find any bugs and earned about 650 dollars in an evening.

Sergio, 25

Review: For fans of the real slots about the story


If you're the same crazy fans of the movies about Thor, the slot Thunderstruck 2 will be able to interest and entertain you. This is all there is to it - clear graphics, interesting mechanics and what is important - the opportunity to cash in.

Aleks, 24

Review: I will try to play Thunderstruck 2


While I just cautiously tested slot Thunderstruck 2 in demo mode, exploring the features and watching the fallout frequency combinations. I noticed that they fall out more often than others. I want to try to play for money.

Sergio, 25

Review: Everything is well in the game Thunderstruck 2


Good slot, quite often expensive combinations fall out. A couple of times knocked out a bonus game. Both times with minimal freespins, but still nice.

Glen, 31

Review: Runes, Vikings and Scandinavia in the online game Thunderstruck 2


For those who are into it, the slot Thunderstruck 2 is great. Theme in general fire! I wasn’t lucky very often, but a pretty solid winnings, so that even in the plus stays. But I do not strive to win much, because I play for the excitement and adrenaline.

Sam, 36

Review: Just what you need to distract yourself


IIn my opinion, to play in a casino is the best way to distract from work, family and routine. Thunderstruck takes me to a world of myths, heroes, feats and stuff like that, when I spin the drums, I get distracted from the gray of everyday life. Sometimes even lucky.

Bruce, 44