Play Sunrise Reels Slot Online

Sunrise Reels is a classic-style slot from Realistic Games, reminiscent of slot machines from the 90s. Sunrise Reels has 4 reels with 3 rows of symbols. The feature of the game is the horizontal arrangement of the reels, which is unusual for slots of this format. The slot was released in 2017, and since then it has managed to gain popularity among online casino visitors. Plunge into the ocean of nostalgia and enjoy generous winnings!

The plot of Sunrise Reels slot

The Sunrise Reels slot takes the player to the tropical sea coast and offers to place a bet and remove labels from 4 horizontal reels, which depict delicious plums, watermelons, grapes and bells.

Sevens act as wilds, their appearance promises an increase in winnings by 7 times. The most expensive symbols in the game are the inscription Bar and watermelon, their appearance on the reels will increase the winnings by 20 time

How to play Sunrise Reels

The rules of the Sunrise Reels slot are quite simple and will not require the player to take time to master them. The interface of the slot is simple and intuitive. The minimum bet is 20 US cents. Management is carried out by two buttons - the first allows you to place a bet, and the second - to start the game round. In the lower right corner of the game interface, you can get acquainted with the functions and basic rules of the game.

  1. To start the game, place a bet. To do this, click the upper circle with an arrow, it is available both to the right and to the left of the playing field. The game menu will open in front of you, in which in the Bet section you can select the desired bet amount.
  2. Click on the large bottom circle and the slot will automatically open 4 reels at once.

By the way, in the slot, you can open each reel in turn manually, for this you need to drag the arrows with the mouse.

Auto game

An autoplay option is available in the Sunrise reels game menu, which allows you to choose the size of the bet and the number of times it will be played. If you are in the mood to hit the Jackpot and have come up with a winning tactic, the Auto feature can be useful to you.

Strategies and Tactics in Sunrise Reels

The question of how to win at slot machines haunts hundreds and thousands of gamblers around the world. How to grab luck by the tail? How to make money in an online casino? Let's try to consider a few tactics for a successful game in Sunrise Reels.

Multiple minimum bet tactics

Due to the specifics of the Sunrise Reels slot, in which success depends solely on luck, it is almost impossible to offer the only correct strategy for the game. The tactic in which the player makes a series of minimum bets is considered the safest. Determine in advance the limit of funds that you are willing to risk, and do not go beyond the established budget. Do not try to win back if you have already lost the entire limit allotted for the game - perhaps you should try your luck next time. However, if successful, this tactic promises a slow but steady increase in the deposit.

Ladder strategy in Sunrise Reels slot

In terms of risk, it occupies an intermediate position. The essence of the tactic is quite simple: with each new attempt, you raise the previous bet a little. Determine for yourself in advance the amount of the bet, which you do not plan to exceed.

Single Risk Tactic

This strategy is one of the riskiest, and will suit you only if you are an experienced player who has studied the features of the Sunrise Reels slot. It may also appeal to those who want to tickle their nerves and who are ready to risk a serious amount on a deposit at a time. While seemingly simple, the tactic requires the player to study the frequency of the most expensive winning combinations on the reels. You can do this either in a free demo mode, or by following the strategy of multiple minimum bets. For example, you may have noticed that the winning symbols appear at an approximate rate of 1 per hour. Within an hour, you can either make minimum bets, or wait, and then make one, but large. Perhaps you are the lucky one!

How to download the Sunrise Reels game app

Due to the high percentage of returns, Sunrise Reels has won the love of players. Many players are wondering how to download the slot to your phone or computer. The Realistic Games company, which created the slot, develops games only for online casinos, so you will not be able to download Sunrise Reels separately. However, in the article we have considered several options on how to bypass the restriction and play the slot on your phone or PC.

How to Download Sunrise Reels Slot on Computer

As we already mentioned, you will not be able to download the game Sunrise Reels separately. But you can play the slot through your browser at your favorite online casino site, and all you need is a stable internet connection and a bit of luck. Go to the casino site, register or log in, make a deposit, find your favorite slot in the search bar and enjoy the process!

How to download Sunrise Reels for iPhone iOS

iPhone users often wonder if it is possible to download a slot on their phone and play in their spare time at work or school. Sunrise Reels cannot be downloaded from the AppStore, but you can download the mobile casino app that offers this slot. Playing through the application is in no way inferior to playing on a computer, and you can still enjoy the thrill and winnings anywhere where there is an Internet connection - in nature, on a walk and even on a trip! When downloading, please note that in order to play Sunrise Reels slot for money, you will need to register on the casino website and make your first deposit.

How to Download Sunrise Reels Game on Mobile Phone Android

Android owners can also play Sunrise Reels by downloading the casino app to their smartphone. Of course, you are unlikely to be able to do this through PlayMarket. You can find the application directly on your casino website. After downloading, log into your account, replenish the deposit and enter the name of the slot machine in the search bar. By the way, identity verification may be required to withdraw winnings. Do not be afraid for the safety of your personal data, honest casinos take care of the data of their guests. Choose reliable establishments!

Where to play Sunrise Reels

Since the game provider, Realistic Games, develops games for online casinos, you can play a slot in one of the online casino. Choose a reliable and proven casino, read reviews, study the reputation of the chosen organization. Only an honest casino will be able to guarantee you the full payment of the winnings!

In order to play Sunrise Reels slot for real money, you will need to complete the registration procedure at the casino of your choice. It is simple and intuitive even for those who are familiar with the world of the Internet. Find the Register button. As a rule, it is located in the upper right corner, and in the window that opens, select the method of creating an account that is convenient for you. This can be registration by phone number, email or one of your social media accounts.

After registration, you will already be able to try your hand at the test demo mode of Sunrise Reels, but you will be able to play for money only after replenishing the deposit. In almost all online casinos, at least 10 deposit methods are available - electronic money, bank cards, virtual wallets, as well as cryptocurrency.

In order for the site to be able to transfer your winnings to a bank card, you will need to go through an identity verification procedure. Do not worry about personal data, the casino values ​​​​its reputation and protects it.

Sunrise Reels FAQ - questions about the game

What is the minimum bet in Sunrise Reels?

The minimum bet in Sunrise Reels is only 20 cents.

What is the maximum bet in Sunrise Reels?

The maximum single bet in the Sunrise Reels slot is 150 US dollars.

Can Sunrise Reels be played for free?

Yes, Sunrise Reels is free to play. The slot offers a free demo mode, which is available in a number of online casinos even with a zero balance on the deposit. Demo mode allows you to enjoy the game, understand the rules and build a winning strategy without risking your wallet.

Can I choose my own bet size in Sunrise Reels?

In the Sunrise Reels slot, the player can choose a bet from the offered options. For example, the minimum is 20 cents, and then progressively increase up to 150 dollars.

Is it possible to download the game Sunrise Reels on the phone?

Unfortunately, the slot cannot be downloaded separately, as the provider creates games only for virtual casinos. But you can always download the mobile casino application, register, make a deposit and play for money!

How to win Sunrise Reels?

We do not have a ready-made recipe for victory, since winning depends entirely on your luck. However, we can advise not to bet all the money at once, but to try your hand with small bets over a long distance.

Is it possible to make parallel bets in the game Sunrise Reels?

No, the game Sunrise Reels is designed for only one bet per round.

What is the minimum and maximum number of rounds I can choose in auto play mode in Sunrise Reels?

In the autoplay mode of Sunrise Reels, you can choose from 10 to 50 rounds, which will be performed automatically at the bet size you have chosen.

Reviews of real players about the Sunrise Reels slot

Review: Sunrise Reels - something new


At first glance, Sunrise Reels is an ordinary slot, where you can get a jackpot with a successful combination of probabilities. I liked the idea of ​​tearing off the labels to hide the symbols - there's definitely some meditative pleasure in that. I like to take a break from the routine and get stuck, plus a nice-looking design. I have not won more than three hundred rubles, but I play more for fun.

Max, 34 years

Review: Sunrise Reels slot is a well-forgotten old


I remember a similar machine from the time of the halls with slot machines, which were then safely closed. It was nice to play and remember youth.

Erik, 49 years

Review: Gives rarely, but good winnings


While making microbets, I wanted to calculate the frequency of a normal win. I made several bets of 20 cents, and either nothing or some small things fell out. I was just about to be disappointed - and I was lucky, seventy fell out, won back what I lost and even turned out to be in the black.

Imar, 36 years

Review: Slot is OK, but not mine


Sunrise Reels was recommended by my friend who won 150 dollars in the last week. I also decided to test it. Well, I'm closer to the usual slots with spinning reels. And then I didn’t even immediately catch up with what to do, it turns out, to tear off the stripes. Who, like me, is a little dumb, there is a life hack - an auto-game in which the strips open automatically for you.

Sergio, 31 years

Review: There is nothing special in the slot Sunrise Reels


Quite sluggish slot Sunrise Reels. I didn't feel much adrenaline, but there is an element of surprise when opening the reels one by one. I love more dynamic slots like crash games. But in general, you can kill half an hour or an hour.

Alex, 24 years

Review: Game Sunrise Reels for relaxation


An excellent slot Sunrise Reels for those who like a calm game. You make a leisurely bet, open the reels. The graphics are nice, but I didn’t appreciate the music. I usually turn it off so that it doesn’t distract.

Alan, 37 years

Review: In Sunrise Reels immediately set the autoplay mode


At first, I didn’t appreciate slot Sunrise Reels. I didn’t like the very idea of ​​gradually opening the reels. I climbed in the settings, found the autoplay, set the auto mode, and as a result, on small bets, I raised plus 500 dollars to the fact that I lost before. Satisfied, I will try again.

Bruce, 32 years

Review: Old school slot Sunrise Reels


The slot is not bad. It takes you to the atmosphere of the halls with slot machines from the 2000s. In terms of winnings, I was not lucky for something big, but a couple of times I got small prize odds. Sunrise Reels is ok for me.

Mike, 48 years

Review: If you are waiting for a giant jacktop, then you are not for Sunrise Riels


I tested the slot this way and that, I tried different strategies. For a serious jackpot, you are not here. But in general, the percentage of return is really good. I always managed to stay in positive balance of Sunrise Reels.

Ludoman with experience, 35 years

Review: Slot Sunrise Reels is what you need


From time to time I test different slots, I love the retro style. Sunrise Reels looks pretty nice, I liked the step-by-step reel opening feature. It is too early to judge whether it is realistic to raise the dough in it, but the slot does not allow you to go into a deep minus. I played at small stakes for not more than 1 dollar.

Sofia, 28 years