Play Stunning Hot slot online

Stunning Hot is a video slot created by BF Games studio in 2016. It is dedicated to the classic theme of fruits and sevens and is distinguished by a simple and understandable gameplay. The slot machine has 5 reels, on which the symbols land in 3 rows, and there are only 5 paylines. The slot will certainly delight you with high-quality graphics, pleasant soundtrack and the opportunity to win big prizes.

The plot of the Stunning Hot slot

The plot of Stunning hot is uncomplicated and takes the player into the nostalgic atmosphere of slot machine halls. On the reels you will meet juicy ripe fruits, symbols of good luck such as Sevens, stars and bells. The action of the slot takes place against the background of two dragons spewing flames, which explains the name of the game. The slot machine captivates with its stunning detailed graphics, which allows you to take a fresh look at classic slot machines.

The features and bonuses of Stunning Hot

Despite its seeming simplicity and ease, Stunning Hot has 2 bonus features. The image of a star landing on the reels performs the functions of a scatter and always gives a win. In addition, after each successful round, there is an opportunity to either take the winnings or risk them. If a player chooses to take a risk, a face-down card appears in front of him. The gambler's task is to guess the color of the card. The correct answer will double the prize, and the wrong answer will reset the winnings. You can play the risk round until the first wrong answer, you can stop and take the money at any time.

Free Game in Stunning Hot

For those who are not ready to risk their money yet or want to test the slot machine functions first, BF Games has provided the opportunity to play for free in the demo version of the Stunning Hot slot. Demo mode is available even with a zero balance on the gaming deposit, and in order to play you just need to sing up on the casino website and enter the name of the slot in the search bar. The test mode completely duplicates the functionality when playing for real money, but you will not be able to take the prize.

Strategies and tactics in the Stunning Hot slot

Despite the fact that Stunning Hot belongs to classic slots that are not burdened with complex mechanics and bonus games, players have come up with several tactics that can increase the chances of winning.

Careful game tactics

It will suit you if your budget is limited. Adhering to this tactic, you will be able to gradually increase the amount on the deposit, and then try other techniques. A careful strategy involves playing over a long distance - that is, divide your budget in such a way that it is enough for 150 - 200 rounds. Sure, the increase may not be as fast as we would like, but you will not lose the entire deposit for 1-2 unsuccessful rounds.

Doubling of winnings

A great option even with a low budget. The tactics of the game will suit you if you like to take risks and want to speed up the process of getting a big prize. However, the doubling strategy is dangerous and there is the possibility of losing all winnings, so we recommend taking risks wisely and immediately taking large prizes. After each successful round, you can choose a risk game in which luck will double the prize. You can play in the risk round until the first loss, in which case the prize money will burn.

The Hunt for Sevens

The seven is the most valuable symbol in the game. Having collected a combination, you can count on the maximum prize coefficient, but they land on the reels quite rarely. If you notice that Sevens have not appeared for a long time, try to place an increased bet, and perhaps this particular spin will be victorious!

How to download Stunning Hot game

Since the game was created using HTML5 technologies, it is available on any device, be it a smartphone, tablet or laptop, and does not require downloading additional software. Thus, you can enjoy the Stunning Hot video slot both on your home computer and on your smartphone.

How to download Stunning Hot to a laptop

All the BF Games developments are not intended to be downloaded to the device, and they can only be played on online casino sites. Choose a respectable casino with a good reputation, go to the website, go through a simple registration and find the desired slot in the search bar. To play for money, you will need a deposit replenishment.

How to Download Stunning Hot to iPhone

Despite the fact that Stunning Hot is supported by the iOS operating system and adapted for playing on an iPhone, it is impossible to download the slot as an independent application. In order to play on your smartphone, use the mobile version of the online casino site where you play, or install the application of your favorite casino. To play for money, you will need to log in to your account (or register), as well as top up your deposit.

How to download Stunning Hot for Android

Android users can also play the Stunning Hot slot on their devices without preliminary downloading. To play, go to the mobile version of the site of the selected online casino, log in to your account or create it, top up your deposit, find Stunning Hot in the list of slots and enjoy the adrenaline and taste of victory! Attention, in order to withdraw winnings to a bank card, the casino may ask you to go through the identity verification procedure.

Where to play Stunning Hot game

Since BF Games is quite a popular provider in Europe and the CIS, its slots are represented in many online casinos, so you can choose a casino to your taste. In order not to make a mistake in choosing, we have collected some tips.

First, pay attention to a casino with a good reputation. You can evaluate the reputation of the casino by reviews on the Internet and reviews on YouTube. Pay close attention to negative reviews; as a rule, they allow you to look at the casino with an open mind and evaluate the thrue picture.

Secondly, do not be lazy to read the user agreement and pay special attention to the section about the payout of winnings. See if the casino has any pitfalls, what documents you need to provide to confirm your identity, etc.

Thirdly, get acquainted with the casino's bonus policy. Due to the strong competition, casinos are fighting for each new client and offer profitable welcome bonuses, which may consist of free spins or a percentage increase on the deposit. As a rule, welcome bonuses are issued for a limited period and burn out after a while, so do not delay using them. By the way, keep in mind that bonus funds must be wagered before you can withdraw them to your bank card along with the winnings.

Stunning Hot FAQ - frequently asked questions about the game

What is the minimum possible bet in the Stunning Hot slot?

The minimum bet in Stunning Hot is 10 US cents.

What is the maximum bet size in Stunning Hot?

The maximum one-time bet in the Stunning Hot slot machine is 15 US dollars.

What is the largest prize multiplier of Stunning Hot?

Stunning Hot refers to video slots with average volatility, the maximum possible prize factor will increase the bet by 20,000 times.

Are there any free spins in Stunning Hot?

Unfortunately, there are no bonus spins in the Stunning Hot slot.

How many free spins can I win at Stunning Hot?

Unfortunately, there is no bonus spins feature in the Stunning Hot slot machine, an as a result, it is impossible to win them.

Are there any bonus games in the Stunning Hot slot?

There is no bonus round in the Stunning Hot video slot, but the slot machine can please you with a risk game to double your winnings. After each successful bet, the player makes a choice - to risk the amount won in a risk game or to take the winnings. If a risk is selected, the gambler will be asked to guess the color of the card - red or black. In case of a correct answer, the winnings will double, and in case of an error, they will burn. You can play the risk of doubling games until the first mistake.

Can I play Stunning Hot for free?

Yes, the Stunning Hot slot has a demo mode in which you can play for fun, test the capabilities of the slot machine and have fun. The test game completely repeats the functionality of the main one. The only limitation is that it is impossible to win real money in it.

Where to play Stunning Hot?

The Stunning Hot slot is designed to be placed on online casino platforms, therefore, you can enjoy the game at any online casino in which this slot is presented.

What is a risk game in Stunning Hot?

The risk game is the main feature of the Stunning Hot slot machine. After each winning bet, the player can either risk the money won or take the winnings. If a risk is selected, you will be asked to guess the color of the card. The correct answer will double the winnings. If you answer incorrectly, you will lose your prize.

Is it possible to play the Stunning Hot slot on a smartphone?

Yes, the Stunning Hot slot was created using HTML5 and adapted for any device - be it a smartphone or a PC. You do not need to install additional software to play, just go to the mobile version of your favorite online casino website.

Reviews of real players about the Stunning Hot game

Review: Stunning Hot has become a classic in a fresh interpretation


For me, the Stunning Hot slot is a nostalgic memory of how I played in halls in slot machines when I was young and immature. A wonderful atmospheric slot, a classic in a modern interpretation. I always play it when I recall my youth.

Mark, 39

Review: A good machine Stunning Hot


The Stunning Hot slot is good. It is well-made . The possibility of doubling each win is especially enjoyable, with a bit of luck, you can increase your winnings quite well. I advise you to take a more or less serious prize right away, so that if anything happens, it won't hurt.

Aaron, 40

Review: Tickle your nerves with the Stunning Hot Slot


I love the Stunning Hot slot machine for the opportunity to tickle my nerves and get charged with adrenaline. I haven't won big yet, but only because I put every win on the line in a risk game, and I lost everything there. But the adrenaline is over the edge! I advise all lovers of thrills.

Boris, 35

Review: A simple but fascinating Stunning Hot Game


At first glance, Stunning Hot didn't do much for me, but I gave it a chance. At first glance, it's simple, a good old classic, but once you start playing, you can't just stop.

Glen, 30

Review: Awesome


I usually avoid tables in classical themes, they are all associated with one-armed bandits from the 00s. Stunning Hot gave a chance only because it was played and won by one streamer whom I watch. It turned out to be a good slot in which you can squeeze the dough.

Ivan, 27

Review: So-so Stunning Hot slot


I didn't really get into it. I was bored, no interesting mechanics, only 5 paylines. The developers of Stunning Hot could have shoved something more interesting into this slot! Primitive, monotonous, boring. The only thing that the machine allows you to do is to play a risk game, and that's it!

Stev, 22

Review: Classic among Stunning Hot Slots


I don't like video slots with bells and whistles - I don't understand why some strange bonus games, a bunch of animation, animation and similar things should be shoved into a simple game? Stunning Hot is simple and clear, you bet and wait, very similar to classic slot machines.

Inna, 38

Review: just Ok slot Stunning Hot


I've been playing Stunning Hot for about a week now. The slot is good, it gives you a win from time to time. The only negative is that the interface is not particularly thought out, the buttons are small, it's difficult to see something with my eyesight.

Abdula, 24

Review: It wasn’t cool for me - Stunning Hot


It's too bland for me. It sucks. Yes, the graphics is cute, but the classic theme does not catch me at all. It would be possible to accept if there were some interesting mechanics and bonuses, but there are none of them. Stunning Hot is definitely not my slot.

Semen, 30

Review: The quality is at a high level in Stunning Hot


The first thing that catches your eye in this video slot is the excellent graphics and design, and only then everything else. The creators have worked hard.

Stan, 39