Play Lazy Monkey Slot Online

Lazy Monkey is a fun, exciting and unusual slot from Belatra Games, in which you will go on a journey through the jungle with a charming chimpanzee. On five reels you will meet ripe fruits, flowers and a golden mask, which is a scatter symbol. In total, there are 9 paylines in the slot machine. Prize combinations are counted from left to right. The slot pleases with colorful memorable graphics and pleasant unobtrusive music that helps to distract from everyday problems.

The plot of the Lazy Monkey slot

Are you tired of the routine of gray everyday life? Embark on an exciting adventure through the jungle in the company of Lazy Monkey, who spends all day long watching bananas and flowers flicker on the reels. The monkey will not let you get bored and will keep you company in a number of bonus games, in which the risk is generously rewarded.

Features of Lazy Monkey Slot

The most interesting feature of Lazy Monkey is the variety of bonus mini-games. For example, if you catch three Golden Mask scatter symbols on the playing field, you will enter one of the bonus games. In this bonus game you will be asked to guess in which of the five bags a bunch of juicy and ripe bananas is hiding, and in which a poisonous snake is waiting. By the way, you can save yourself from the snake by making an increased bet and getting one bonus life. When bitten by a snake, you lose your winnings. In the event that you managed to find out the contents of all the bags, you will have access to a super game in which you can multiply your prize.

Another bonus risk game is card guessing. Choose a card from those offered, and if it is older than the one offered by the dealer - get your prize! A correctly guessed card can increase your winnings by 2 or 4 times.

Play Lazy Monkey for free

The Lazy Monkey slot has a demo version with the ability to play even with a zero deposit. Yes, while playing for free in the demo version of Lazy Monkey, you will not be able to get the money you win. But you will have fun. In addition, in the test mode, you can understand all the intricacies of bonus games without risking your own money.

Tactics and strategies

How to grab luck by the tail in a seemingly unpredictable slot, where the result of the round depends only on the random number generator? Lazy Monkey players have come up with several tactics that can increase the chances of success even in an unpredictable game.

Tactics Drive more quietly, you will go futher

Its meaning is to slowly but surely increase the deposit by playing for a long distance. If you are limited in the money that you are willing to spend in the slot, we recommend playing at minimum or small bets and spreading the amount on the deposit for 150-200 attempts. In addition, playing for a long distance increases the likelihood of meeting scatter symbols, which open access to the Bonus game.

High stakes tactics

The peculiarity of the Lazy Monkey video slot is that when playing at an increased bet (this option can be selected in the machine settings), the player gets an extra life in the Bonus Game, which means it increases the chance of a big prize. If you are not limited in finances, try to play at an increased rate and insure yourself against an offensive loss when meeting with the Snake. You can also raise your bet when you notice that the combination of scatters hasn't landed for a long time.

Big risk tactics

Perhaps you are one of those players who gets bored of spinning the reel over and over again. The tactic of a one-time major risk may suit you, but it is advisable to prepare for it so as not to risk the deposit thoughtlessly. Play on microbets and make approximate statistics on how often valuable symbols and scatters fall out. For example, this can happen 1 time in 50 or 100 spins. Place one big bet when you expect a valuable string of symbols to appear. Good luck!

How to download Lazy Monkey game

Despite the fact that Lazy Monkey game is supported by almost all devices from laptops to weak inexpensive smartphones, it cannot be downloaded to your device, since it was created to be placed only on online casino sites. Based on this, we will consider alternative ways to play Lazy Monkey video slot on mobile devices in any place convenient for you.

How to download Lazy Monkey on a personal computer (PC)

As we have already mentioned, the download will not work. In order to play Lazy Monkey slot on your computer, open any browser and enter the name of the casino in the search box. Choose the one that seems reliable and offers the most favorable conditions for new players. Go through a simple registration procedure, replenish the deposit and find the desired slot on the casino website. Done, now you can play and win! Attention, in order to withdraw the winnings, you will need to go through the identity verification procedure by providing the casino with a photo of your identity card. This is a standard condition of any casino.

How to download Lazy Monkey on iPhone

Fans and owners of Apple devices will be able to play on their iPhones and iPads anywhere where there is a stable Internet connection. To do this, you will have to look at the mobile version of the online casino and find the right slot there. For a test game, only registration is enough. To play for money, make a deposit and the full functionality of the slot will be available to you.

How to download Lazy Monkey on Android

Android owners are in an the same situation with users of apple smartphones - you cannot download the Lazy Monkey slot for Android. But in order to comfortably play on the road, at school, at work or outside the city, you only need a desire and a stable Internet connection. Go through the browser to the mobile version of your casino, log in to your account, make a deposit and play! An alternative option is to install the casino application on your phone. The installation option will provide a more stable operation of the game even in conditions of insufficient cellular network signal.

Where to play Lazy Monkey

The Lazy Monkey slot from the Belatra Games developer is optimized for comfortable use from all devices - personal computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets. However, the game cannot be downloaded to the device as a separate program - the slot is hosted only on online casino sites, so you can only play for money there.

Since the slot is very popular among guests and regulars of online casinos, there are many platforms on which you can play. In order not to get confused in this variety and make the right decision, follow our advice:

  • Find honest casino with responsibility and intelligence - the comfort of the game and the guarantee of receiving your possible winnings depend on this! Look for user reviews online and ask friends and colleagues for friendly advice.
  • Study the payout policy, verification procedure. To receive a win, you often need to provide personal information and provide scans of documents.
  • Check out the welcome bonuses for new players - they can increase the deposit by 2 or more times. However, in order to withdraw bonus funds, they will have to be wagered.

Good luck with your choice!

Lazy Monkey FAQ - questions about game

What is the minimum bet in Lazy Monkey slot?

The minimum bet in the Lazy Monkey slot machine is only 5 US cents.

What is the maximum bet in Lazy Monkey slot?

The maximum bet in Lazy Monkey is 25 dollars.

Are there free spins in the game Lazy Monkey?

Unfortunately, free spins are not provided in the Lazy Monkey game, but this disadvantage is compensated by exciting and gambling bonus games, in which you can get a generous reward.

Does Lazy Monkey have a progressive jackpot?

Yes, Lazy Monkey slot has a progressive jackpot. Part of the bets made by players replenishes the jackpot.

Can I play Lazy Monkey on my phone?

Yes, Lazy Monkey slot can be played from your phone. The game is optimized and works on both smartphones and tablets. For a comfortable game, use the mobile version of the casino site that hosts the slot, or download the application of this casino to your phone.

Can Lazy Monkey be played for free?

Yes, the Lazy Monkey slot has a demo mode where you can try the functionality of the game for free, even with a zero balance on the game deposit. You cannot win money in the free mode, but it is useful for testing the strategies and tricks of the video slot.

Does Lazy Monkey have a bonus game?

Yes, Lazy Monkey slot offers players several varieties of the bonus game at once. For example, when scatters in the form of a Golden Mask appear on the reels, the player opens a bonus game. During the bonus game, the gambler must help the Lazy Monkey make the right choice and pull several ropes in turn and open the bags. As a result, either a reward (a bunch of bananas) or a snake can fall from each bag. The banana gives a generous win, while the snake ends the game and the potential win burns out. However, the player has the opportunity to get an extra life when meeting with a snake - for this you need to make an increased bet. If the bonus game is completed successfully, the second round will open, in which the player chooses one of two bags - one contains money, the other has nothing.

What is the risk game in Lazy Monkey slot?

The risk game is one of the bonus mini-games in the Lazy Monkey slot. The player will be asked to increase the winnings by guessing the suit or color of the card. In the event that the player correctly guesses the color of the card (red / black), his winnings will be doubled, and if he correctly guesses the suit, then four times.

Reviews of real players about the Lazy Monkey slot

Review: Full of bonuses game in Lazy Monkey


So far, I have not been able to win a big win in Lazy Monkey, but I have already managed to check out the variety of bonus games - the slot is literally crammed with them. The games are quite funny - for example, you have to guess the suit of the card, or where the bananas are hidden, and where the snake is. It tickles your nerves notably - at any moment money can both come and go. Definitely, like the slot.

Nelson, 27

Review: Lazy Monkey slot for amateurs


The game is very bright, with bright colors. It is not very imbued, although the slot may surprise. I think Lazy Monkey will find its audience, but I'm not one of them.

Aaron, 41

Review: Difficult, you have to understand Lazy Monkey


I don’t really like slots where you have to read the rules. I come to play slot machines not to move my brain, but to relax. On the first evening, I didn’t win anything at all in Lazy Monkey, on the second I won back about 300 dollars from the slot machine. In principle, it is possible to win.

William, 34

Review: Risk wisely in Lazy Monkey


The lazy monkey is suitable for those who love risk! Risk is here at every turn - it would seem that you won over money - take it and go in peace! And here you can take a chance, and at any time both lower and multiply the winnings. I won well a few times, but I fell for greed and left with nothing.

Max, 25

Review: Cheerful slot machine Cheerful Monkey


I heard a lot about the Lazy Monkey from a colleague, and he strongly recommended trying it. It turned out that the game is quite fun, a lot of fun is built in and internal mini-games to risk. It doesn't let you get bored, keeps you in good shape, it's quite interesting to play.

Bill, 21

Review: Not my Lazy Monkey at all


I am one of those who can not stop, and in Lazy Monkey this is contraindicated. The game can both reward and punish for excessive risk, which happened to me systematically. So I prefer more boring and quiet slots.

Maria, 45

Review: High risk slot Lazy Monkey


I play Lazy Monkey after work and it's a pure thrill. I get distracted, my brains rest, sometimes I win, sometimes I spend everything at zero, but I don’t set a goal to get rich in the slot.

Sergio, 33

Review: Good slot Lazy Monkey


Lazy Monkey is actually quite good. It does not let you get bored, there are interesting chips, several varieties of the bonus game. The only thing that upsets is the lack of free spins. Seriously, if only they gave 10!

Lex, 24

Review: Hard to win at Lazy Monkey


It is not very clear how much you can hit the jackpot in Lazy Monkey. Winnings are falling, but mostly on trifles, in the bonus game you have to be a wang to win, it is very easy to lose everything that you win.

Bruce, 20

Review: Many games in one Lazy Monkey slot


In fact, the Lazy Monkey is a kind of hodgepodge in which you can spin the reels, play guessing, and much more. In principle, it’s pretty good if you are tired of ordinary slots, where you can only stick to a spinning reel.

Bogdan, 36