Play Jammin Jars 2 slot online

Jammin’ Jars 2 is a colorful, bright and funny slot machine from the Push Gaming developer. The slot is dedicated to the fruit theme and pleases players with high-quality detailed graphics and pleasant musical design. Jammin’ Jars 2 refers to machines with high volatility, the percentage of return to the player reaches 96%. The main advantage of the slot machine is an unusual way of accounting for prize combinations, as well as a variety of bonus mechanics, which greatly increases the player's chance of a generous jackpot. By the way, the maximum possible win in the slot machine is equal to your bet multiplied by 50,000!

The plot of the Jammin Jars 2 slot

Imagine that you got to a fruit disco - dynamic music is playing, and the main character of the slot, a DJ Bank, puts on new fashionable records. In Jammin’ Jars 2 slot, you will find yourself in the very center of a fruit party and try to make your own fruit jam. Ripe grapes, pomegranates, peaches and other delicious fruits are waiting for you on the reels! The slot pleases the eye with rich and bright graphics and high-quality animation and stirring disco music.

The features of Jammin Jars 2 slot

The main feature of the Jammin Jars 2 slot, which distinguishes it from other fruit-themed slot machines, is a cluster system for recording prize combinations, as well as a variety of winning mechanics. The Jammin’ Jars 2 playing field consists of 8 reels, on which the symbols appear in eight rows. If five or more adjacent symbols match both horizontally and vertically, it will take cluster winning into account. Main Features:

  • The replacement Jar symbol is also a jar with rainbow jam. This symbol can be replaced the others when making a winning cluster, and also has its own unique multiplier that will increase your winnings. By the way, when three or more Replacement Symbols appear anywhere on the playing field, a series of 6 free spins is triggered.
  • Fruit explosion. It is triggered randomly after the reels spin. Images of giant fruits appear on the reels, which turn any cell they cover into a symbol of the same type as a giant fruit.
  • Gold plates. Sometimes, when the reels spin, golden plates appear on the playing field. During the spins of the reels, they accumulate and can then activate the Giga Jar function.

Jammin Jars 2 Bonus Mode

The bonus game mode of Jammin Jars 2 is called Giga Jars. When the bonus round is activated, all the symbols on the reels disappear, and a huge Jar of jam appears instead. It randomly throws from three to four replacement symbols onto the playing field. In addition, Giga Jar gives 8 free spins.

Winning Strategies and tactics in Jammin Jars 2

Jammin Jars 2 is a slot machine with a variety of features and bonuses for players, therefore, when building a strategy, it is better to take into account these features in order to get the maximum winnings. Let's look at the basic tactics of the game in Jammin’ Jars 2.

Least risk, but long distance

If your journey into the exciting world of gambling is just beginning, or there is a limited amount of money on your deposit, this tactic is created just for you. By making small bets in large numbers, you will be able to spin the reels many times, thereby increasing the probability of a bonus game or free spins. This tactic is perfect for to get to know the slot and study its key features, as well as for making an approximate idea of the frequency of generously paid combinations. By the way, due to the fact that the scatters in the form of a jar of rainbow jam remain on the playing field during all free spins and increase the prize multiplier with each round, the winnings can be impressive even with a minimum bet.

Catching bonuses

The tricky and profitable mechanics of the Jammin’ Jars 2 slot machine is the farming of gold plates. They can drop out randomly even in lost rounds, and can be automatically collected. When collecting a sufficient number of plates, the Giga Jar mode is launched, in which replacement symbols in the form of a jam jar are randomly thrown onto the playing field. As we have already mentioned, the replacement symbols contain multipliers that significantly increase the potential winnings. There are 8 free spins are given in Giga Jars in total, so the accumulation of plates can serve your wallet perfectly.

For the ones who are at risk

If you love excitement and are not afraid to take big risks, try to analyze the frequency of valuable winning combinations. If you notice that the unsuccessful rounds have dragged on, it's time to bet the amount more than usual. Perhaps this time is the very moment when your bet will play!

How to Download Jammin Jars 2 game

As we mentioned above, it is impossible to download the game Jammin’ Jars 2 to your computer, tablet or smartphone, because the Push Gaming provider produces games exclusively for placement on virtual casino sites. A little spoiler - you can play and win in Jammin’ Jars 2 on any device, be it a laptop or a smartphone, the game is perfectly optimized. How can this be done?

How to download Jammin Jars 2 game to your computer

No way. To play, you only need a browser and the Internet, you do not need to download anything in addition. Open the online casino site where the game Jammin’ Jars 2 is presented and enjoy! But remember, to play for money, you must register and make your first deposit. To receive the winnings, the casino may ask you to verify your identity.

How to download Jammin Jars 2 for Android

You will not be able to download Jammin’ Jars 2 separately as a mobile application - such software is simply not presented in the Play Market. However, you will be able to play the slot either on the mobile version of the online casino of your choice, or by downloading its mobile application. In general, these options are not so different from each other, but it may be a little more convenient to play in the application. In addition, many online casinos offer bonuses for mobile app users.

How to Download Jammin Jars 2 for iPhone

For iPhone users, the situation with downloading the Jammin’ Jars 2 application is the same as for Android users. Jammin’ Jars 2 cannot be downloaded in the App Store on iOS, but the slot can be played either on the mobile version of your casino's website or in a proprietary application. In both cases, you will either need to log in to your account, or register on the casino's website, as well as replenish the game balance.

Where to play Jammin Jars 2 slot

Jammin Jars 2 slot was developed specifically for virtual gambling houses and is presented in most popular online casinos. In order to play Jammin’ Jars 2 slot machine for real money and win cash prizes, you will first need to choose a suitable platform in the form of an online casino.

Despite the huge variety of gambling sites, be responsible at choosing, because only an honest and proven casino can guarantee the pleasure of playing and timely payment of possible winnings.

Focus on the reputation, because the casino should have a lot of reviews, especially carefully read the negative ones. It will be useful to ask your friends for advice - gambling is a fairly common hobby, therefore, with a high probability, experts in slots may turn out to be among your friends.

After choosing an online casino, register. The procedure is usually simple and does not take much time even for those who has no tech experience. You will be required to provide an email address and/or mobile phone number. Alternatively, when registering, you can use an account in one of the popular social networks.

After registering, you will already be able to play the slot, but only in demo mode without the possibility of winning. To play for money, make a deposit. To do this, click the Top Up button and deposit money in any convenient way from the suggested ones - for example, from a bank card or through a payment system. Some casinos even offer deposit replenishment using cryptocurrencies.

And don't forget to take advantage of the welcome bonus!

Jammin Jars 2 FAQ - frequently asked questions about the game

What is the minimum bid in Jammin Jars 2?

The minimum bid in the Jammin’ Jars 2 slot is 10 cents.

What is the maximum bid in Jammin Jars 2 slot?

The maximum bid in the Jammin’ Jars 2 slot is 200 US dollars.

How much can I win in the Jammin Jars 2 slot?

The largest possible win in the Jammin’ Jars 2 slot machine multiplies your bet by 50,000.

How many payment lines are there in the Jammin Jars 2 slot?

There are no usual payment lines in the Jammin’ Jars 2 slot machine. The slot has a cluster system of accounting for prize symbols - groups of identical images from 5 characters and above are taken into account.

What is a cluster payment line in Jammin Jars 2?

The Jammin’ Jars 2 slot machine has a cluster system for counting winnings, it is enough to collect 5 or more identical pictures in one place. The main thing is that they adjust each other.

How are winning combinations counted in Jammin’ Jars 2?

In order for a combination of symbols in Jammin' Jars 2 to be counted as winning and bring a payout, it must consist of at least 5 identical symbols that can touch both horizontally and vertically.

What is the percentage of return to the player in the Jammin Jars 2 slot machine?

The percentage of return to the player in the Jammin’ Jars 2 slot machine is 96%. However, it can be upgraded in Giga Jars mode.

Can I play Jammin Jars 2 for free?

Yes, the online game Jammin’ Jars 2 can be played for free, as the manufacturer has provided a demo mode. In terms of functionality, the demo mode duplicates the original game, with the exception that it is impossible to win real money in the demo version. The test mode is perfect for getting to know the machine.

How to download Jammin Jars 2 slot to my mobile phone?

Unfortunately, Jammin’ Jars 2 slot, like most other similar games, cannot be downloaded to your phone, as they are presented only on online casino sites. However, you can play Jammin’ Jars 2 from your mobile phone. To do this, you need to install the brand application of your online casino or use the mobile version of the site.

Reviews of real players about the slot Jammin Jars 2

Review: Funny and positive Jammin Jars 2 slot machine


Jammin’ Jars 2 always cheers me up personally, he's so bright and optimistic. I like that there are no usual paylines here. In my opinion, there are much more chances of winning with cluster mechanics.

Angelica, 28

Review: Cool slot Jammin Jars 2


Nice slot! Worked out to the smallest detail, palm trees on the background move leaves, a dancing DJ. I love it when developers make a really high-quality game with all their passion As for the winnings, I'm not lucky often, but ... in general, I win back what I lost, and even I am positive in the Jammin’ Jars 2 slot.

Mark, 37

Review: Great chances to win in Jammin Jars 2


Jammin’ Jars 2 is literally packed with a bunch of winning opportunities. Yes, you may not be lucky the first or second time, but if you show patience and play for at least half an hour, it's realistic enough to get some of the bonuses. I liked the plates mechanics most of all - even in losing rounds, you can accumulate them and eventually open a bonus game.

Alex, 22

Review: Really high-quality slot Jammin Jars 2


Jammin’ Jars 2 is well-made. All is animating, the music is top-notch, bright and delicious graphics. It stands out strongly among the ordinary mediocre automata like from the nineties. It's a pleasure to play!

Sergio, 36

Review: I play Jammin Jars 2 slot machine with pleasure


This is my first slot without traditional paylines. At first, I didn't really get into the rules and bonus games much, and just was having a rest while playing the Jammin Jars 2 slot machine. Prize combinations fell out quite often, as well as all sorts of pleasant surprises like free spins. After studying the rules, I fell in love with Jammin’ Jars 2 even more, I will advise my friends to try it!

Andrew, 27

Review: There are a lot of rules in Jammin Jars 2, but it’s worth it


At first, as I usually do when playing slots, I just spun the reel and didn't mock myself out about it. It was nice to see the winnings on the screen. If the deposit was melting, then a successful spin returned everything to its place. But Jammin’ Jars 2 often surprised me not only with free spins, but with huge fruits on half a screen, and I was puzzled by studying the rules. It turned out that the slot has a ton of cool and most importantly profitable extra options. I adjusted my strategy a bit and started winning more often.

Alan, 34

Review: Profitable slot Jammin Jars 2


We have almost the entire dorm playing in Jammin’ Jars 2. The slot is fun and quite profitable, the scholarship can be increased 2-3 times. I'm not greedy, I'm not risking much, I have enough. I am happy with the game though.

Ivan, 21

Review: The advice of a friend did not disappoint


My sidekick is an online casino regular, and more than once he squandered his salary there. He persistently praised this machine to me, and in the end I gave up and decided to test it. Well, what I have to say, maybe I was just lucky, but I didn't turn negative, and even made an extra 200 dollars. My buddy did not let me down!

Alan, 28

Review: In general, the slot Jammin Jars 2 is all right


I never mess with studying the rules, memorizing symbols and all that kind of thing. I go to the casino purely to relax and distract myself. Jammin’ Jars does an excellent job with this task. The winnings are not very common, but quite tangible.

Aaron, 31

Review: No trouble in Jammin Jars 2


The slot is balanced, it's not about that you spin the reels for half an hour and only lose. The winnings were mostly not super large, but this is normal. I play for fun and don't freak out if suddenly this time I have no jackpot.

Sam, 39