Play Gates of Olympus slot online

Gates of Olympus is a slot from Pragmatic Play, which transports the player to the atmosphere of ancient mythology. The machine consists of 6 reels, the symbols on which land in five rows. Gates of Olympus belongs to the category of slots with high volatility, which means that the player can count on big winnings, but on the long run.

Gates of Olympus slot storyline

In the automaton Gates of Olympus the player will find himself in the world of ancient myths and ascend to the holy of holies, the abode of the gods, Mount Olympus. There he will meet the supreme Greek God - Zeus the Thunderer and the player will have to fight with the terrible deity for the right to enter his chambers, where many treasures are hidden. Dare, fortune loves the brave!

Gates of Olympus features

Despite the fact that at first glance slot Gates of Olympus (Gates of Olympus) seems pretty mediocre manufacturer Pragmatic Play was able to surprise gamblers profitable features, through which the machine can bestow a persistent player prize, exceeding the bet five thousand times. Let's look at the main features.

  1. Gates of Olympus is missing so familiar to many wild cards. Yes, the symbol that replaces the others, there is no, but there are colored balls, the appearance of which will multiply your bet by a random number from 2 to 500.
  2. A portrait of the Thunderer acts as a scatter symbol. Having collected on the drums 4 portraits, the player gets access to a round of free spins. In addition, scatters are paid. For example, 4 scatters will bring the player $ 6, and 6 portraits of Zeus - 200!
  3. Tumble Feature is one of the most interesting features of the machine. Thanks to its images, formed a prize combination, disappear from the drums, and in their place may stand other characters. Thus, the player can win several times during one rotation.

Play Gates of Olympus for free

Yes, Pragmatic Play has provided a free play feature. Demo version of Gates of Olympus has the same functionality as the full game for money, with the only exception - you can't win real money in it. But you can play for fun, test strategies and just enjoy the game, without risking your money.

Strategies and tactics in the Gates of Olympus slot

As in any case, the game of gambling slots need to approach wisely, and then even capricious Lady Luck will not leave you without attention. What tactics can you think of when it comes to slot machine Gates of Olympus, in which victory depends on chance?

The tactic the slower you go, the farther you get

Tactics of the minimum bet. Since Gates of Olympus belongs to the category of slots with high volatility, winnings can be large, but do not happen often. Therefore, the safest tactic with the least risk is a multiple minimum bet. Staking small amounts, you can play for a long distance, without the risk of completely wasting the game deposit. In this case, a long game increases the chance of striking valuable symbols and access to free spins. A little advice - use the Auto Play option, it will help you automate and simplify the game as much as possible.

The tactic of a single risk

Suitable for the experienced or lucky. If you suddenly noticed that the machine Gates of Olympus for a long time did not issue a big win, it's time to try your lucky star and put a larger amount. What if today is your day?

Tactics Climbing ladder

In terms of risk takes an intermediate option between the minimum bet on the long run and fearless single bets. The essence of the Ladder is the gradual increase of the bet. For instance, you start with 50 dollars and raise your stake by 20 dollars round after round. Designate some kind of limit, such as 200 dollars per single bet. If in the process of climbing the ladder luck is not smiling at you, reaching the maximum limit again return to the minimum bets. We wish you success!

How to download Gates of Olympus

Pragmatic Play, as well as many other developers of software for online casinos, do not produce games that can be downloaded to your mobile device - they are presented only on specialized gambling resources. So the answer to the question how to download Gates of Olympus to your phone is simple - no way. But do not rush to get upset, because you will still be able to enjoy your favorite slot from your smartphone. How to do it? All the answers are in our article.

How to download Gates of Olympus on computer

As we mentioned above, you won't be able to download the Gates of Olympus app. If you prefer to play the slot from the comfort of your laptop, you won't have to download the game - you can always enjoy it online by going online via any convenient browser and entering the name of a suitable casino in the search bar. For a comfortable game with the possibility of winning need to register, provide the necessary information about yourself, make a deposit and find the right slot out of the submitted.

How to download Gates of Olympus on Android

Unfortunately, the application Gates of Olympus is not presented in the Play Market. Accordingly, users of devices on the Android operating system will not be able to install it directly. Nevertheless, you still have the opportunity to play from your smartphone. Most likely, the casino where you play Gates of Olympus has a mobile app. Download it and play anywhere! You'll need to register or log in to your existing account to play, and you'll need to have funds on deposit.

How to download Gates of Olympus on iPhone

Users of smartphones based on iOS face the same problem as Android owners - you can't download the app in the brand store for iPhone. Visit the website of your favorite casino online - in all likelihood they have their own mobile app, installing which you can use all the functionality of the site. Download the casino app and play anywhere! Playing at Gates of Olympus for money will require registration and deposit, and to withdraw funds the player will be asked to undergo an identity verification procedure.

Where to play Gates of Olympus

You liked the Gates of Olympus slot and now you're wondering where to play this exciting slot?

The game from Pragmatic Play can not be downloaded to your phone, because you can only find it on online casino sites. But how not to get lost in the variety of institutions and choose a truly reliable?

  • Look at the reviews about the game

    Advice banal, but working - read the reviews of real users, you can get an impression not only about the image of the institution, but also find out whether they have problems with payments. In addition, the reviews can get information on what the most profitable welcome deposit bonuses.

  • Ask your friends about the slot

    Passion for gambling is quite common, so most likely among your friends or colleagues are regulars of gambling establishments. Ask them, most likely you will get useful advice.

  • How do I start playing Gates of Olympus slot?

    Let's assume that you have chosen the institution. To start playing Gates of Olympus for money, go through the registration process. As a rule, this requires an email address or phone number, after which a letter or SMS confirmation will come. Then you will be prompted to make a deposit by any of the available methods. You can deposit by bank card, virtual wallet, any payment system and even by cryptocurrency.

Gates of Olympus FAQ – questions about the game

What is the minimum bet in Gates of Olympus?

The minimum single bet in Gates of Olympus slot is $0.20

What is the maximum bet in Gates of Olympus slot?

The maximum bet in Gates of Olympus slot is $100.

What is the maximum winning in the online game Gates of Olympus?

The maximum win in Gates of Olympus slot is calculated using the formula Your stake X 5000, meaning that you can get up to 5000 times what you wagered.

Can I buy a bonus game in Gates of Olympus slot?

Yes, the Gates of Olympus slot machine has an option to buy a bonus game with free spins.

How many free spins can I get in the Gates of Olympus slot?

When opening a bonus game in Gates of Olympus, the gambler can get 15 free spins.

Can I play Gates of Olympus for free?

Yes, Gates of Olympus has a free demo mode in which you can get acquainted with all the features of the game. The only restriction is that the player cannot take the winnings, as he is playing for virtual points. In order to play for real money and get your winnings on a bank card or otherwise, the player will need to register on the online casino website, make a deposit and undergo identity verification. Use the demo mode to get acquainted with the functions of the slot and test game tactics.

Is it possible to download the application Gates of Olympus in Play Market for Android?

Unfortunately, Gates of Olympus slot is not available on Play Market, so Android device users will not be able to download it from the proprietary store.

Will I be able to download Gates of Olympus on my iPhone?

No, the Gates of Olympus app was developed for online casinos, so it cannot be downloaded as a standalone app, including iOS-based smartphones.

How do I unlock the bonus game in Gates of Olympus?

In order to unlock the bonus game option in Gates of Olympus slot, you must collect at least 4 scatter symbols on the reels.

Do the scatter symbols in Gates of Olympus pay?

Yes, Gates of Olympus pays for scatter symbols in any position. Four scatter symbols will bring the player $6, five scatter symbols will bring the player $10, and six scatter symbols will bring the player $200.

Reviews of real players about the slot Gates of Olympus

Review: Cool slot machine Gates of Olympus


At first I did not appreciate Gates of Olympus. Pretty corny beaten up theme, I'm not a fan of the myths. Plus there are no customary wilds, well, I think the chance of winning is small. Nevertheless, from nothing to do I gave the slot a chance, and did not regret it. Very cool theme - multipliers. The machine gives to win infrequently, but solid.

Ivan, 29

Review: It’s hard to go down in minus in Gates of Olympus


For fans of victories at a distance - it's a good idea. Gates of Olympus does not give instant results, put a couple hundred and win a thousand, spinning the drum once, it will not work. But by making a shitload of bets for, say, an hour, you can not only avoid the red, but also get a good win in your pocket.

Sergio, 32

Review: Rare but accurate in the slot Gates of Olympus


I spent an hour in the back of the cage to see if I was luckier. The main thing is that in the end of the game I got lucky, and in the end I got 4 times as much after 20 minutes of spinning the reels as I lost. In the end, you can win, but the stars have to align.

Bruce, 35

Review: I didn’t get into Gates of Olympus


I can not in principle say anything bad about the slot Gates of Olympus, except that I was not hooked on the slot. The graphics are average. There aren’t some super special mechanics, too. The only upside - that from time to time you win, though not so much. Well, that.

Olga, 27

Review: Gates of Olympus makes nice impression


This slot Gates of Olympus was advised by a friend who raised 500 dollars a couple of weeks ago. Well, I got interested and also decided to try it out. Especially cool to cash in on a roll multipliers. The bonus game in Gates of Olympus hasn't caught on yet, but I'm waiting for it, my friend made some money on it.

Max, 21

Review: Slot Gates of Olympus for the amateur


I like Gates of Olympus slot, but I do not like many things in it. I prefer to win a little, but often. But here you can sit for a long time and wait for long time. The winnings are decent, but rare.

Aaron, 3

Review: Gates of Olympus slot without glitches


I have not found any problems, glitches or lags in Gates of Olympus. Multipliers fall out not particularly often, about once every 15-20 rotations. A couple of evenings of testing, I'll try again. If you pick the right strategy, you can win a lot.

Ludoman with experience, 33

Review: Average slot Gates of Olympus


The bonus game has been opened a couple of times in the slot. As for the design, music and visual component - could have been better rasstare. Far from the most spectacular mythological theme slot. Who doesn't care about that - might like it.

Nelson, 31

Review: Cute slot Gates of Olympus


I love myths since high school. I like Gates of Olympus, though I'm not a big connoisseur of gambling. It was a pleasure to spend an evening with this slot machine, relaxing, distracting from routine, the rules are simple. Jackpot not plucked, but the goal was not such.

Inna, 24

Review: The auto play game at Gates of Olympus rules


Before playing for dough to study the machine, you can win a lot in this, but rarely. I chose a tactic of small bets, turn off the autoplay and just wait for my finest hour. Once every 30 minutes it pigs out pretty good.

Mark, 19