Play Book of Cleopatra slot online

Book of Cleopatra - is a new exciting slot from the StakeLogic production. The game is made in the Egyptian style and you will definitely be pleased with high-quality modern graphics, great music and bonuses and prizes, of course. There are 5 reels in the slot, the symbols on which land in three rows each. In the Book of Cleopatra there are 10 paylines in total. Winning combinations are counted from left to right. The slot belongs to the highly volatile category, which means that you can get a really big win in the slot machine, but quite rarely.

The plot of the Book of Cleopatra slot

The Book of Cleopatra video slot will take you to the mysterious world of ancient Egypt and help you meet Cleopatra herself, whose palaces are bursting with countless wealth that one day may become yours! In addition to the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra and her mysterious Book, you will meet the cat goddess Bastet, scarab and snake on the reels. Go to an amazing adventure deep into the ages and take your reward from Cleopatra!

The features and tricks of Book of Cleopatra slot

One more extra feature is the Superbet mode, which is activated when you double your initial bet and gives you a chance to get particularly valuable combinations. While this mode is on, a particularly large win bonus might work. This happens about once per 50 spins.

Play Book of Cleopatra for free

The slot provides the opportunity to play Cleopatra's Book for free even with a zero balance on your account. In the demo version, you can get to know the rules of the game and learn the distinctive features, as well as try to play a bonus game without a fear of losing your deposit for several unsuccessful attempts.

Strategies and tactics of Book of Cleopatra game

Book of Cleopatra is a kind of game where risk is waiting for you at every step. But its beauty is in the fact that the player himself determines the wishful risk degree. Book of Cleopatra allows you to choose either a safer strategy of minimal risk, or constantly tickle your own nerves. Interestingly, you will be rewarded if you choose any of the two gameplay options. Let’s consider main ways how to play and win in the Book of Cleopatra.

Free spins farm

It is considered the safest strategy of how to play the Book of Cleopatra. At the same time, it cannot be called unprofitable, because success may come not as soon as with constant risk. Free spins are a profitable option while you may get the biggest winnings. It is rather simple to get them: collect a combination of three scatters in the form of an Ancient Book, and after that they launch automatically.

The only nuance in the form of free spins is that they do not fall out very often, so you will have stay calm and have enough cash on your deposit. If you don't have a lot of money, divide it into many bets, preferably 150 or even 200 bets. Place minimal bets, because this will help you play longer and increase the chance of a lucky combination on the reels.

Risk in the bonus game

This strategy can either make you rich, or bring you down from Olympus and deprive your winning in the blink of an eye! The idea of this game is to multiply all your winnings after each successful spin. In the bonus game, you will be offered to guess either the color of the card or its suit. If you guess the suit, the winnings increase four times, while guessing the color only doubles it. The bid is burned if you don't guess. We do not recommend risking a large sum of money. We believe that it is much more profitable to risk with a small amount, and withdraw a large win immediately. Use this strategy at your own risk.

Maximum risk

You will like the straetgy of maximum risk if you are a thrill-seekers or player with an unlimited amount on the account. Try to multiply your winnings in the bonus game. The chance of winning is 50%!

How to Download Book of Cleopatra

Lots of regular players, who are amused by the exciting game play and generous winnings, may wonder how to download the Book of Cleopatra to a mobile device or PC. A small spoiler – there is no way to do that, but still, you can play on your tablet or smartphone. Now we are going to tell you how to play Cleopatra on a smartphone or computer.

How to download Book of Cleopatra to your computer

The Book of Cleopatra game was created for online casino websites, which means you cannot download it to your computer. You can play Cleopatra's Book at any casino where it is placed. Find an online casino to your taste, simply sing up, transfer money to your deposit and start conquering the ancient pyramids! By the way, the demo mode is available even with a zero balance.

How to download the Book of Cleopatra to an Apple smartphone

The Book of Cleopatra game is not released as a separate app available for download to any mobile devices, whether it is an iPhone or Android. Therefore, you will not be able to download the Book of Cleopatra. Nevertheless, fans of this slot machine have two options to play in any convenient place without being tied to a desktop computer - to do this, open the mobile version of your casino in the browser and play. Another way is to install a mobile casino app, where you can play not only Book of Cleopatra, but also give it a try in other video slots.

How to download the Book of Cleopatra for Android

As well as owners of Apple devices, players using Android devices do not have the opportunity to download the Book of Cleopatra to their device. Instead, you can play the slot in your browser on the site of an online casino. It is convenient, does not need to install and not consume device memory. In addition, the game is optimized for mobile phones, so it almost is not different from the classic version that you are used to seeing on the computer screen. An alternative option is to install a mobile casino application where you can play not only the Book of Cleopatra, but also many other exciting games!

Where to Play the Book of Cleopatra

Book of Cleopatra is a video slot that was created specifically for online casino. Therefore, you can play Book of Cleopatra for real money there. Since this online game The Book of Cleopatra is in great demand among gamblers, it is presented both in new and time-tested casinos on the Internet.

When choosing a suitable online casino, you should take into account these factors such as the reliability of the casino, players reviews, a bonus system for beginners, as well as ways to deposit and withdraw winnings. Let's take a closer look at each point:

  • Reliability and honesty of the casino, as well as player reviews

    It's not always easy to check all reviews, but players independent reviews can help. Take the time to watch the videos on YouTube, to read the comments - there is more chance to find honest reviews and understand whether the chosen casino has problems with the payout of winnings or not.

  • Online Casino Bonuses

    Online casinos compete for customers with each other actively. Therefore, each casino tries to attract new players with a tempting reward system. More often it is a percentage increase of your first deposited amount or a set of free spins in popular slots. Many bonuses are valid for a limited time, so hurry up to have time to use them.

  • Transferring money to your deposit and payout of winning

    With a zero-game balance, it's impossible for the player to bet. Usually, the casino offers a choice of about ten different options for transferring money to a game deposit, including bank cards, a mobile phone account, electronic wallets, payment systems and cryptocurrency. Choose the most convenient for you! To withdraw funds, most casinos will offer you to verify your identity. Do not be afraid of this procedure, your personal data will be carefully preserved.

Good luck in choosing the best online casino!

Book of Cleopatra FAQ - frequently asked questions about the game.

What is the minimum bet in the Book of Cleopatra?

The minimum bet in the Book of Cleopatra is $0.1.

What is the maximum bet in the Book of Cleopatra?

The maximum bet in the Book of Cleopatra slot is $50.

How much can I win in the Book of Cleopatra?

Of course, the amount of possible winnings depends on your bet in the Book of Cleopatra. The maximum possible multiplier is 5000.

Where can I play the Book of Cleopatra slot?

You can play the Book of Cleopatra slot in any online casino where this online game is presented.

Is it possible to download the Book of Cleopatra app to a mobile phone?

No, the Book of Cleopatra video slot is not intended for downloading to a mobile device. However, you can download the casino app and play Book of Cleopatra there. The game is optimized to work correctly on phones and tablets.

How many free spins can I get in the Book of Cleopatra?

In the Book of Cleopatra slot, a player can get 10 free spins. However, during the game, this number can be increased if you get Scatter symbols again - Ancient Book.

Is it possible to win real money in the demo version of the Book of Cleopatra game?

No. To win real money in the Book of Cleopatra and withdraw it, first you need to transfer money to the game deposit. Find the Top Up button on your casino's website and check out the available methods.

Is there a progressive jackpot in the Book of Cleopatra?

Unfortunately, there is no progressive jackpot in the Book of Cleopatra slot.

Reviews of real players about the Book of Cleopatra game

Review: Interesting slot Book of Cleopatra


I have been looking for a video slot for a long time, which is not boring to play, because I got tired of pending the endless reels rotation. Book of Cleopatra had me with a bonus game in which you can multiply or lose winnings after each successful spin! I haven't seen such a function anywhere else, it's just dope!

Tim, 34

Review: The Book of Cleopatra slot keeps me focused


I like online games that encourage risk and give me the opportunity to tickle my nerves all the time. The Book of Cleopatra is just one of those - I play in a mode that allows me to risk every new win. I take the big ones, but if something happens, I don't mind losing the small ones.

Alan, 21

Review: Funny game Book of Cleopatra


I love slots that don't let you get bored! Cleopatra's book gives you a choice - to take risks or to play a safe and reliable game with a gradual bet increase. I prefer measured, unhurried tactics, but sometimes I risk small winnings in the bonus round when I feel like it.

Kim, 27

Review: My favorite slot is the Book of Cleopatra


Everything is fine in this game - from the design and to its interesting mini-games. The graphics in my opinion is just off the charts. I love the theme of Ancient Egypt. I am glad that the winnings fall quite often, and the small ones can also be multiplied by using as a bet in an additional game. Gorgeous!

Glen, 29

Review: A good Book of Cleopatra slot


The Book of Cleopatra slot is decent, would give it four stars out of five. I'll take one star off for the fact that I had to deal with the subtleties of superstocks and bonus games for a long time. But overall, it was worth playing it.

Matthew, 42

Review: Cleopatra Slot for admirers


Cleopatra slot didn't go well for me. I like something simpler and more classic, where you don't have to understand the subtleties and mechanics, but you can just play with a beer after work. But the Book of Cleopatra is good just for its versatility, it does not let you get bored. If you are tired of usual slot machines - perhaps the Book of Cleopatra is what you need.

Samuel, 38

Review: High-quality Cleopatra Book Slot


It was my husband who turned me on to this game. He said he found a game in the spirit of my beloved Egypt. I was immediately hooked by aesthetics - the Book of Cleopatra is very nicely made. Muffled tones on the background, so there are no eyesore colors. I didn't play for money, because I was having fun from aesthetics in the free version. So I won't say anything about profitability and winnings.

Helena, 41

Review: A real chance of winning in the Cleopatra slot


I've been looking for something similar to Cleopatra's Book for a long time. I love games where you can come up with tactics and influence the winnings, so I started to think over a winning strategy in the Book of Cleopatra. I can't say that my development guarantees success, but I'm good at guessing the right answers in the bonus rounds.

Mario, 24

Review: Better than many slots – The Book of Cleopatra


I play at my leisure time in online casinos, and test different games. At one time, I was sick of crash games like Aviator for a long time, but then I got fed up, and I started looking for something to replace. I've been playing the Book of Cleopatra for probably a week in the evenings, and my impressions are booming. The game gives you the opportunity to influence the winnings and determine the risk degree yourself, which is very cool in itself.

Tony, 19

Review: It’s nice to play the Book of Cleopatra


The Book of Cleopatra is really nice slot to play. The picture of the game pleases the eye, and the background music pleases the ear. I haven't had any big luck so far, but risking small winnings, I've always managed to stay just fine.

Juan, 27