Play 9 pots of gold slot online

Slot 9 pots of gold, also known as Nine Pots of Gold, is a game developed by Microgaming in collaboration with Gameburger Studio. The slot machine was launched quite recently - in March 2020, and quickly enough gained fans among players of virtual casinos. There are several reasons for this - simple rules, moderate risk and a chance to win a really big amount of money.

9 pots of gold slot plot and rules

Slot 9 pots of gold invites you to plunge into the world of Irish folklore and hunt for a cunning and sneaky spirit - Leprechaun, catching which you can get a weighty pot of gold. But the Leprechaun is not simple dude, because he travels on a rainbow, and in order to catch him, you have to be a real lucky guy! Nine Pots of Gold is made in colorful and rich green shadows and replete with references to Irish mythology - the drums you will find a four-leaf clover - a symbol of luck, Seven, a hat elusive main character, as well as the cherished bags of gold and fly agaric. By the way, fly agarics act as the Wild, and replace any symbol in prize combinations except scatters. Scatter symbols, in turn, trigger the bonus round with free spins.

9 pots of gold slot features

The slot has 5 reels and 20 fixed paylines. Prize combinations are counted from left to right, to get the prize gambler enough to see on the reels a sequence of three or five of the same symbol. In the case where the second, third and fourth wheel will land scatter symbols, they are also called scatters, the player will open the bonus round, which is the most interesting and generous feature of Pots of Gold. It was in the bonus game, he gets a series of free spins and can get the biggest prize money. The maximum possible multiplier is x7500, but to get it, all reels must be filled with wild symbols in a series of bonus spins.

Tips how to play the game 9 pots of gold

In spite of the fact that Pots of Gold is a slot machine with fairly simple mechanics, there are a couple of tips and tricks that will keep you from disappointment during the game. For example, refrain from large single bets - the chance that you will be immediately lucky is not so great, and to lose the whole cash deposit at once is rather annoying. In addition, try to get acquainted with the game in a test mode - perhaps you will come up with some non-trivial strategy. Go for it!

9 pots of gold strategies

There is no definite recipe for winning in slots, and pots of gold is not an exception to the rule. It belongs to the category of slot machines with an average degree of risk, which means that a player has rather high chances to win or, at least, not to lose.

A bird in the hand, or the least risk tactic

If you are just beginning your exciting journey in the world of gambling and currently do not have a large sum on the account or just don’t want to take high risks, this strategy may suit you. It's simple - small bet means small risk. Most likely, you will not go into negative balance and can even win back what you lost. But the likelihood of a large enrichment is also quite small. If you do not have a goal in this slot jackpot - look closely!

Strategy Pulse

This strategy can be described as once a year and the stick shoots. The strategy is risky and is designed for a single significant bet in a certain period of time, for example, once an hour. The rest of the time you can play at minimum and save your bank cash. The tactic is designed for pure luck and the chance of falling out a generous prize combination in certain time intervals. If the drums for a long time did not appear valuable sequences - perhaps it's time to try the Pulse?

Autoplay option

A great strategy for playing over a long distance. It can be successfully combined with the strategy pulse. For example, during the hour you automatically make the minimum bet, and then manually set a larger. May fortune come to you!

How to download slot 9 pots of gold

Well, let's be honest - 9 pots of gold, as well as almost any other slot game cannot be installed separately on your phone or computer. Games in this format are made exclusively for the online casino, where you can play this slot. But there is good news! The opportunity to enjoy gambling in public transportation, walking on streets or during a lunch break at work, you still have, and this does not need to be chained to a laptop or PC monitor.

How to download 9 pots of gold to your personal computer or laptop

As we mentioned above, you will not be able to download the slot as a separate computer program. But it's much easier to play online casino games in your browser without burdening the memory of your device with unnecessary programs and applications! So what do you have to do in order to play your favorite slot 9 pots of gold? Choose the right casino, create an account and that's it! Of course to play for real money you will need to deposit money into your game account, then in the search bar enter 9 pots of gold slot. You are all set. Now you have access to the full features of the slot.

How to download 9 pots of gold on Android

Although the slot is not designed to be downloaded to your phone as an app, you can always download the application for the online casino in which you prefer to play. This simple action will help you play 9 pots of gold on your android anywhere with a stable internet connection. Warning: In order to play 9 pots of gold for free and for real money, you will need to register in online casino.

How to install the game 9 pots of gold on your iPhone

Happy owners of Apple devices also will not be able to download the slot 9 pots of gold directly, because it is not presented in AppStore. But, as in the case of Android devices, you can install your favorite online casino app iOS and, having registered or logged into an existing account, play and win.

Where to play 9 pots of gold

Provider GameBurger Studios, as well as other famous developers of software for gambling sites, provides an opportunity to play the machine Nine Pots of Gold exclusively on online casino sites. Online game presented in almost all major online casinos, so if you have a question of where to play Nine pots of gold, it is easy to answer.

From our side, we can only recommend that you carefully select a reliable casino that does not screw customers and honestly and timely pay winnings, because you must agree how it would be a shame to win the jackpot and not get it!У стабильно работающего онлайн казино с хорошей репутацией скорее всего есть много отзывов игроков, и возможно, даже среди Вашего круга общения найдутся те, кто поигрывает в слоты после работы на каком-то одном конкретном сайте.

Pay close attention to the reviews of players and focus on the casinos that have long existed in the market, because casino one-day could easily cheat.

A well-established online casino with a good reputation is likely to have many reviews of players, and perhaps even among your circle of friends there are those who play slots after work at any one particular site.

A sign of a modern online casino is the ability to deposit in one of the popular cryptocurrencies - bitcoin, litecoin and many others. Crypto is less subject to be blocked, unlike a bank card, for example.

Finally, the casino will ask you to confirm, or verify your identity. Do not be afraid of this procedure, because the online casino is interested in you being a regular customer and coming back again and again, so it will take care of your personal data.

9 pots of gold FAQ – questions about the game

What is the minimum bet in the game 9 pots of gold?

The minimum betting amount in 9 pots of gold is $0.20.

What is the maximum single bet in 9 pots of gold slot?

The maximum single bet in 9 pots of gold slot is $240.

What is volatility and what is it in 9 pots of gold slot?

Volatility is an indicator that reflects the chance of winning in the slot. It also determines the degree of risk. In the slot machine 9 pots of gold volatility is average.

Is the payout percentage in the slot machine 9 pots of gold?

The percentage of payout to the player in the slot machine 9 pots of gold is medium high and is 96.24%.

Do 9 pots of gold have a progressive jackpot?

The 9 pots of gold slot do not have a progressive jackpot.

What do I have to do in order to play the bonus game in 9 pots of gold slot?

The bonus game in 9 pots of gold is activated automatically if the second, third and fourth reel simultaneously landed scatter symbols in the form of bags of gold coins.

Can I download 9 pots of gold to my mobile device?

No, 9 pots of gold is not available to download to your phone. However, you can always install the casino app on your cell phone and find the game there. Playing on your smartphone you can win money just like on your computer.

Can I play 9 pots of gold on the go?

Yes, you can, as long as you have installed the online casino app featuring 9 pots of gold. We urge you to refrain from playing the game while driving, so as not to create accidents. Take care of yourself!

What are the maximum possible winnings in 9 pots of gold slot?

The highest possible multiplier declared by the manufacturer of the slot machine 9 pots of gold is x7500.

Is it possible to play 9 pots of gold without making a deposit?

Yes, some casinos offer the opportunity to play 9 pots of gold for free without making a deposit. To do this, there is a demo mode. Demo mode is fully identical in functionality to the normal version of the game, the only exception - it does not allow you to win real money. The test mode is perfect for getting acquainted with the game and testing different strategies.

Reviews of real players of the slot 9 pots of gold

Review: How I Beat a Leprechaun


I'm not sure how to beat the leprechaun in the first place. I played the drums in the demo game, won something for little things, nothing special. For the sake of interest decided to put some real money, and somehow miraculously knocked out a series of freespins. This slot gives just a lot!

Sergio, 27

Review: Average slot 9 pots of gold but you can win.


Do not expect from 9 pots of gold for some incredible graphics, clever mechanics, features and everything else. The machine is as simple as ABC. The only pretty standard trick it has - Wild in the form of a mushroom and pots of gold. Collect it - a series of bonus spins will start. At the same time winning lines appear quite often, which is undoubtedly a plus.

John, 35

Review: Not bad, but a bit boring to play in 9 pots of gold


I played two varieties of 9 pots of gold at once - regular and Hyper spins. The second one is much more interesting because it allows you to spin the reels separately, so you can collect a very good winning combination. Classic pots of gold is also not bad, but more monotonous, sort of.

Mia, 26

Review: Not bad, I did not find problems in slot 9 pots of gold


Payouts are, the money from time to time I win, are fine for me and I don’t usually go into negative balance. The payouts are there and I periodically win real money. Even with a succession of bad luck in small stakes is difficult to do, as the slot allows you to win back. Want to have fun and earn a some money? 9 pots of gold is not a bad option.

Mike, 35

Review: Simple rules in the game 9 pots of gold, easy to win


I like these slots where you don't have to remember the combinations, symbols and all that. That's it! Nothing complicated from my point of view in 9 pots of gold.

Bob, 40

Review: Never once lucky in a big way in pots of gold


I never got lucky enough to play pots of gold. I even played it 2 nights in a row, listening to the praise songs from the guys from the dorm. I got super small winnings and was disappointed about it. I'm not really into slots, not my thing.

Imar, 18

Review: Top slot machine pots of gold


I always feel like I'm getting lucky. I got freespins three times during the week and won a lot of money. I got three frisnis myself in a week and got quite a few bucks out of it. We play regularly, no problems noticed.

Adam, 22

Review: 9 pots of gold is not my taste


In general, the slot 9 pots of gold doesn’t has any memorable things. Not good and not bad, it’s just normal. The game is quite realistic to win, if you think through the appropriate tactics and not to pull down the entire cash at once. I would advise trying to beat out a series of freespins, so they give a really good deal compared to similar slots.

I'm a Ludoman with experience, 33

Review: Nice slot machine 9 pots of gold


In the classic style, generally pleasant to the eye this slot 9 pots of gold. The slot attracts with its simplicity and nostalgic flavor of the classic arcades.

Jessica, 38

Review: No problems in the game nine pots of gold


Slot nine pots of gold is fine, I'll try again. I didn't have much luck the first time, so I only came out with small positive balance. I think you can still look into the tactics and frequency of freespins, apparently this is the most profitable theme in pots of gold.

Phil, 43