Play Fan Tan online

Fan-Tan is a famous game of chance in Chinese casinos from the game studio Evolution. The history of Fang Tan begins at the dawn of civilization, when board games of chance had just appeared. In the 19th century, along with the Chinese emigration Fang Tan game came to the U.S., where it has found a second birth in the Chinese quarters. Despite bans and anti-Chinese sentiment, people did not stop playing Fan-Tan. Fan-Tan did not become a popular game at modern casinos. It was superseded by mahjong and Pai Gow, which have simpler rules and more beautiful dice. But in Macau gambling areas Fan Tan as a traditional Chinese entertainment still exists in the form of a game of chance. Evolution's Fan Tan live game is fully corresponding to the prototype from the world's largest Asian casinos.

Fan Tan Features and Tricks

In modern online casinos Fan-Tan is represented by a small number of professional slots because of limited demand for this game. Fan-Tan is really not one of the most famous and popular games. However, Fan-Tan masters are not just geeks with charts, but real experts.

Actually, to play Fan-Tan you have to have a good eyes and developed abstract thinking. Based on the essence of the game it is necessary to accurately determine the number of balls in a handful at one glance. Considering their equal size, it seems quite simple, but actually it is much more complicated.

An unquestionable advantage of Fan-Tan is also the fact that the prize pool is formed from the money spent by players on bets at single table in each round. This increases the excitement and rivalry. On the other hand, unlike card slots and one-armed bandits, in Fan Tan from Evolution success of the game depends on player and his qualities more than on external circumstances. Moreover, it's always more enjoyable to win because of personal strengths than waiting for the good fortune.

Play Fan Tan for free

You can play Fan Tan for free, but at the same time you never win anything, of course. The specifics of the game is that everything depends solely on the personal skills of the player, so even watching someone else's game in a video slot you can try to guess the number of balls in the last game by yourself. Yes, you will not win real money, but you will practice and understand the rules of this wonderful and unusual live game.

In other words, it is quite possible to play for free in Fan Tan in observer mode. Although it is less exciting, because there is no money interest, and player is not rewarded for the correct answer. As you can see, the demo version of Fan Tan is not available.

Fan-Tan game rules

Fan-Tan is one of the oldest games, so its rules are very simple. The croupier pours a handful of small objects onto the gaming table which are originally small coins, but in games they are called dice, beans, or just balls. At this point, players must place bets based on their idea of how many of these balls will remain in the last handful after the dealer removes all the other balls. Their number is specified from 1 to 4.

Then the croupier removes 4 balls from the handful with a wand one time. The winner will be the one who guesses how many balls will be in the last round. Now you can play a real Fan-Tan online in one of the online casinos.

Fan Tan game strategies

Fan Tan game is so famous that it is used to formulate combinatorial tasks in mathematics. Because of its ancient origins and modern conditions in the form of live games in online casinos, there are no special strategies in Fan Tan. It is necessary to train your visual memory, or know the techniques of higher mathematics for quick counting balls on the table. It is also important to be able rapidly determine the difference between the balls.

From the tricks that simplify the game, it is reliable to name only the method of calculating the area of the spot created by the balls on the table.

Strategy for calculating the area of the spot

This requires counting the balls along the contour, and dividing this value by the area of one spot on the flat, created by an individual ball. Obviously, in this case you need to pay attention to the the number of layers, because even after pouring out of an non-transparent container, the balls may lie on top of each other.

It should also be taken into account that the balls are a conventional designation, and the dices in the Fan Tan slot are shaped more like lentil beans or go-go dice. This should also be taken into account.

The option of counting the balls left in the transparent container and not included in the total handful works, but is too complicated. At the same time, it is quite realistic to count them, because there is enough time for that. And if you calculate the number of balls in the transparent container and subtract it from the total number of balls, you get a much more accurate result.

Neutral strategy for the Fun Tan game

Chinese players of Fan Tan in olden days invented the betting system, which does not allow to lose, but to win a significant amount of money. It's all about alternation and separation of positions into main and secondary ones. For example, in the modern Fan-Tan you can put money on both even or both odd positions. By betting in this way, you can simply relax by counting the balls on the table.

In addition, a bet made on any three numbers usually brings a small winnings. It is small because of losing the other two bets, assuming that they are all equal. And the payout of such system is extremely low, because player gets a guaranteed chance of ¾ to win. But this is for those who do not want to dive directly into the game, but know how to bet quickly in the system.

In any case, the Fan Tan video game is a clean ancient game in which only the most prepared or the luckiest can win.

Where can I play Fan Tan video slot

It is the best to play the Fan Tan video slot on those online casino sites that have really proven themselves. In this case, you will be playing a licensed version of this game, as any online casino requires a license from the developer and certification of quality. The game itself takes place in the studio of the game creator and the casino does not interfere with the gameplay in any way. Players only watch the game and place their bets.

This is very good, because the involvement of the game developer Evolution immediately eliminates the interest of online casinos in anything other than attracting new clients and organization of their leisure.

Do not forget that the website is also located on servers. Multiplayer video slots like Fan Tan require special technical conditions, as several dozens of thousands of people can play on the same page simultaneously. This requires special capacities that can be provided only by powerful hardware. And the manufacturer, who sells the license for slot installation, checks the technical capabilities of the applicants.

How to download Fan Tan

Downloading Fan Tan video slot on your PC or smartphone is a non-trivial challenge when it comes to the Fan Tan live game. The fact is that the Fan Tan game takes place in real time, so it's impossible to download the game. However, this does not mean that you cannot play on your favorite device. We will analyze such examples below.

How to download the game Fan Tan on iPhone

It is impossible to find a Fan Tan game that can be played for real money on Apple smartphones. Nevertheless, we advise you to register on the online casino website and check the possibility of downloading the application for iPhone. It is quite possible that at least in the mobile version you will be able to play Fan Tan on iOS.

How to download Fan Tan on android

For Android-based smartphones, online casino apps are available in some cases, but Fan Tan may not be found everywhere. Register with an online casino and find out if this casino has its own Android app. If it has, then feel free to search for your favorite game in the game catalog.

How to download Fan Tan video slot on PC

It is not possible to download the live game Fan Tan on your computer, because this game requires a stable Internet connection and cannot be played offline. For this reason, we advise you to open the online casino website in your browser and find the Fan Tan game in the list of games. You will get access to the full version of the game with a stable internet connection.

Fan Tan FAQ – questions about the game

Can I play Fan Tan even without betting?

If you plan to play the Fan Tan game for real money, you can't do without betting. You can play for free only if you watch the game and do not bet.

The Fan Tan live game is like a shell game. How do I know I'm not being tricked?

Eye for detail and ability to recognize details helps players win at Fan Tan. Since it's a video slot, all of the croupier's manipulations take place in real time. And considering that the prize pool is made up of bets played in the moment, there's simply no point in cheating people as the game pays for itself.

What are the minimum and maximum bets in Fan Tan?

The minimum bet is just 10 cents. The maximum is 200 dollars, which is based on the multiplication by two of the multiplier chip worth 100 dollars.

What does it take to win in Fan Tan?

In Fan Tan, you must accurately figure out the number of glossy balls and calculate the remaining number after dividing by 4.

Why is it possible to win real money in such a simple game as Fan Tan?

Because win in Fan Tan is generated by the bets made by its players. Of course, some will lose and some will win.

Why is Fan Tan not that popular?

For a variety of reasons. Fan Tan requires quick math and thinking skills that not all players have.

Reviews of real players about the Fan Tan game

Review: As a mathematician, it is easy for me to play Fan Tan


I'm a mathematician by education and I'm pretty good with the Fan Tan slot. However, the quality of the broadcast doesn't really satisfy me. And I wish that other players were betting more.

Helen, 47

Review: I thought it was easy to win at Fan Tan


I like China and I thought I could win easily in Fan Tang. How wrong I was! It's hard, but it's possible. And with the right tactics and history analysis in Fang Tang, you can carry it pretty well. It's a pity there aren't many players and the host isn't Asian.

Michael, 35

Review: Fan Tan blows your mind


I can do quick math in my head, but Fan Tan blows my mind. The game is worth playing, but when I think that I'm sitting here counting, and someone picked a square randomly and won, it makes me angry. And the winnings are small, obviously.

Karl, 24

Review: I play Fan Tan during my breaks


During breaks, I play Fan Tan to stretch my brain from my architectural job. I wouldn't say that everything works on the first try and I win something all the time, but it is possible if you guess it. However, the broadcast quality is terrible, so your eyes need a rest after half an hour.

Scott, 42

Review: I play Fan Tan every Friday


Every Friday I play with my wife. The bet is 10 cents, but you get so much adrenaline. And sometimes the devil kicks me and we play Fan Tan for hundreds. Together is much easier and faster. We're thinking of involving our friends, to work four-handedly at one table.

Mason, 48

Review: I play Fan Tan for real money


It's a bit complicated nowadays. It's not a racetrack, of course, but it's also fascinating. If I'm not sure whether or not to bet money on the Fan Tan game, I don't. Anyway, it's better than buying lottery tickets and expecting a miracle.

Emily, 50

Review: Thinking about how to increase my chances of winning at Fan Tan


I'm still a student programmer, but I'm pretty good at counting. I think it is possible to write a bot that counts balls in Fan Tan by itself. Except there aren't many players and the picture is like on analog TV.

Jacob, 23

Review: Fan Tan is a good game


I love mahjong, but I saw Fan Tan and decided to check it out. I was really into it, but I'm no ordinary guy off the street, either. So far I've withdrawn the first thousand in two evenings, but everything is yet ahead. I will continue to play, it's a good stuff.

Noah, 34

Review: Fan Tan game is a fun experience


At the end of the work week, when I feel like an ape, I enter the game just to count the dice and distract myself from everything. It helps, really. Fan Tan is a cool slot, but the video quality is... Well, I'm glad I'm able to control my life here.

Ethan, 41

Review: Great live game Fan Tan


This is a quality live game Fan Tan. The host moves her hands back and forth, popping the balls like popcorn. In general, I like Fan Tan and I would invite friends, but they are more into poker and sports betting. I don't understand why the deck is red and what she's saying in English. She's always saying something, that' s crazy.

Paul, 25