Play Crazy Coin Flip Live Slot Online

In June 2022, Evolution released a truly revolutionary format - the Crazy Coin Flip slot machine. At first glance, this is an ordinary five-reel slot with symbols falling out and winning combinations. Collecting winning chains, players will move on to the second phase of an exciting process with the accumulation of multipliers and Scatters. The lucky ones are waiting for a grand finale, which can increase the prize balance by 2000 times. During the entire gameplay, you can change tactics by placing two types of bets, turn on the turbo mode to complete the rounds with a huge Jackpot.

Features of the game Crazy Coin Flip

The main feature of the Crazy Coin Flip game is the transition to the second and third qualification rounds. Rounds are divided into the following phases:

  • Replenishments - the player accumulates multipliers in a certain period of time. You can extend the round by increasing the coin multiplier with larger bets. Coins on the reels fall in two colors - blue and red. By forming a chain of three icons of the same color scheme, they bring winnings. The prize balance is displayed on the counter at the top of the slot.
  • Flips - the facilitator tosses a coin with the red and blue sides. In this case, a random multiplier is assigned. Accumulated multipliers are previously added to the respective sides. The presenter pulls the lever of the device and tosses a coin. It is worth noting that in any case, the player comes out the winner.

Play Crazy Coin Flip for free

The Crazy Coin Flip game consists of three phases. The last being played in real time with a live dealer. You won't be able to play Crazy Coin Flip for free due to the lack of a demo. But if you want to learn the principle of the game, you can start the view mode to watch the process. In this case, placing bets will not work, but there is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the direction, options.

The plot of the online game Crazy Coin Flip

The Crazy Coin Flip game is made in the classic format with card denominations, bells, and fruit symbols dropping out on five reels. Bright graphics and musical accompaniment perfectly emphasize the style familiar to many players. In the first round, the player places bets from 0.1, receiving payouts from 0.2 to 20 multipliers in case of identical pictures matching.

Players have the opportunity to use the Turbo option to speed up the animation of the reels spinning. During the first round, scatter symbols containing different multipliers will fall out. The indicators of the latter after passing this qualification are summed up, multiplying the received winnings by a significant coefficient.

Strategies and tactics of the game Crazy Coin Flip

The first round of the game Crazy Coin Flip is designed in the familiar classics of the genre. But it is about who is the longest and most responsible, as it is a transition into two profitable phases. It is important for players to apply strategies and tactics in regular spins in order to bring Fortune closer.

Over the years of gambling development, the industry has collected thousands of actionable tips from players. These are games at minimum stakes, compliance with the rules of the established budget, stopping when a certain limit is lost, and much more. The player can put into practice any of the popular strategies:

  • Parlay - after each losing round, the bet is reduced by 50%, while the player provides a minimum of risks, and in some cases, risks getting a small win when luck is very close.
  • Pyramid - a gradual increase in the rate to the maximum, then in the same sequence the decrease in indicators is made.
  • One bet per day - the player determines the limit and it is by one indicator that he rotates the rams per day, without changing it.
  • Hi-Lo — the limits of the minimum and maximum bets are set, after which the slot is launched with the alternate application of the selected bets.
  • Martingale - raising the bet twice after an unsuccessful spin, in this case, the mathematical theory of the probability of a winning round operates.

Each method can be effective, so the players individually choose a winning strategy for themselves. Only testing and experience will help you choose a winning tactic to move into rounds with replenishment of multipliers and live coin toss.

Where to play Crazy Coin Flip

It is better to play Crazy Coin Flip, where all recommendations from the developer are saved, by choosing reliable and honest casinos. Online casino with a high rating must be selected according to the following criteria:

  • Positive feedback from players.
  • Availability of a license.
  • Generous bonuses and profitable wagering.
  • High rate of RTP of slot machines.

To play Crazy Coin Flip, you need to register at the casino, enter your personal account, and replenish your account. It is allowed to run the slot in view mode, which allows you to visually familiarize yourself with the functionality.

Reliable casinos run from any device, automatically adopting a convenient format for organizing an uninterrupted gaming process. In case of questions, players can contact the technical support service. The accrual of welcome bonuses will be an excellent motivation for conquering Fortune.

How to download the Crazy Coin Flip slot

Immediately after the release, many people became interested in how to download the Crazy Coin Flip slot on a PC or phone. Evolution has developed a game for licensed casinos. That is why it is not possible to download the game separately. But there is a chance to have a variety of gaming offers at hand, including Crazy Coin Flip, by downloading the application of the selected casino. Download links are available on official sites, mirrors, partner pages.

How to Download Crazy Coin Flip to Computer

If you want to download Crazy Coin Flip to your computer, you first need to choose a reliable casino and install the application. After that, all online casino offers will be available. Most often, the application does not take up much traffic, it is constantly updated, which allows you to run games against virtual opponents or in real time without restrictions. The slot machine when launched from a PC is also available in a browser version.

How to download Crazy Coin Flip slot machine for iPhone

Users of devices operating on iOS are interested in how to download the Crazy Coin Flip slot machine for iPhone. No wonder, because then they will be able to play an exciting slot not only at home, but also from anywhere in the world. To do this, you need to download the casino application, wait for the files to be unpacked, log in to your account, find a slot machine and launch it. All functions, quality, playback speed are guaranteed to be preserved. However, make sure your favorite casino has an iPhone app as Apple has a negative attitude towards apps where users play for real money.

How to download the game Crazy Coin Flip on Android

Downloading the casino application, and even more so the Crazy Coin Flip game on Android, is unlikely to work through the Playmarket. But owners of mobile gadgets can easily install the application of the top club in order to play the development from Evolution. Initially, you need to change the settings on your phone: allow it to receive third-party programs. After that, you need to follow the download instructions posted on the official website of the casino or partner pages. The game also starts with the preservation of the functionality from the browser. After installation, the phone settings return to their original form.

Crazy Coin Flip FAQ - questions about the game

Is the Crazy Coin Flip slot game similar to the Crazy Time game?

The Crazy Coin Flip slot machine is similar in name to the Crazy Time Live game, as well as the coin toss round. If we analyze in general, then the first slot is a separate gaming product with an original solution from the developers, the ability to participate in three different phases. The player spends more time in the first qualification, trying to accumulate multipliers and wait for three Scatters to advance to the next round.

Can Crazy Coin Flip be played for free?

No, unfortunately you won't be able to play Crazy Coin Flip for free. Players have the option to enable view mode. It allows you to make sure of the entertainment, other advantages, get acquainted with the options.

What is the maximum win in the Crazy Coin Flip slot machine?

Players can get the maximum win in the Crazy Coin Flip slot machine, which is equal to the bet multiplied by 2000. This multiplier falls in the last phase when the leader tosses a coin. The amount of winnings directly depends on the size of the bets.

Can I play Crazy Coin Flip from a mobile device?

Yes, you can play Crazy Coin Flip from your mobile device. To do this, it is enough to have a mobile phone and access to the Internet. The gameplay can be really organized by downloading the casino application. All functions of the game are perfectly preserved in the mobile version.

What are the main advantages of playing Crazy Coin Flip online?

The main advantages of the Crazy Coin Flip slot machine are the variety of phases with the ability to claim the main prize, large odds, frequent wins, and a high RTP of 96.05%.

Reviews of real players about the Crazy Coin Flip live game

Review: Crazy Coin Flip slot machine is a real drive


Now my casino relax time is never boring after the release of Crazy Coin Flip. The game consists of three rounds, where at first you just need to collect pictures. Then I move on to a more driving tour with multipliers. And finally, a bonus round, where the expectation of winning causes an adrenaline rush. I advise you, this is a real drive!

Alexander, 25

Review: I liked the Crazy Coin Flip slot machine


I doubt anyone has ever played the coin toss mini-game. And in Crazy Coin Flip, the developer has implemented it into a slot machine. I just got a lot of positive emotions. Yes, you have to try hard in the first phase to get to the bonus. But the game is worth it and I really liked it.

Mike, 31

Review: Crazy Coin Flip slot is very cool


I do not like to bother with complex functions, but I do not mind interesting things. The Crazy Coin Flip slot is very cool, because here you can relax, earn money and participate in the round with a live dealer. To be honest, emotions are different, situations change instantly. But it's so exciting.

Bruce, 33

Review: New Crazy Coin Flip justified itself


I’m interested in the new Crazy Coin Flip. First I looked through the functions, then launched it and was pleasantly surprised. I immediately plunged into the world of one-armed bandits, but I could not go further. After a while, I got lucky, enjoyed the phases of increasing odds and tossing coins. I don’t know how things will go on, but I want to hit the highest odds. By the way, my husband also liked the game.

Sam, 27

Review: The Crazy Coin Flip slot feels ambivalent


As soon as the Crazy Coin Flip slot came out, I decided to play it. At the first stage, only failures were expected. The chains matched several times and that's it. The most interesting thing is that the desire to go further is so great that it began to think over winning strategies. While ambivalent feelings.

David, 39

Review: Crazy Coin Flip slot is what you need


I love testing new things. Crazy Coin Flip was looking forward to after the release. It attracted several rounds plus a win-win game with a live dealer. Apparently, money here can be collected much more than in other slot machines. I started with the minimum stakes, and I want to download - the game is what you need.

Aaron, 35

Review: Crazy Coin Flip slot machine for strategists


My opinion is this: the Crazy Coin Flip slot machine was released for real strategists. I have already put into practice several tactics. Guys, everything works. Of course, it went into the red, but this is nonsense compared to other slots. Try it, I recommend!

Maria, 26

Review: Classic and know-how Crazy Coin Flip


It's just a cannon of combinations of classics and know-how. I launched Crazy Coin Flip on a boring lecture and forgot that I was sitting in the audience. It just dragged on instantly. When I got to the crazy throwing of a coin, I almost went crazy with happiness. Winning is guaranteed in your pocket if you go to the last round.

Patrik, 21

Review: Crazy Coin Flip pleasantly surprised


The Crazy Coin Flip slot was a discovery in the gambling world for me. I am a beginner player, I play once a week for fun. The slot machine attracted an unexpected decision from the manufacturers in the form of phased rounds. I bet low and am pleasantly surprised. Winnings often, already managed to earn decently.

Sergio, 26

Review: Crazy Coin Flip slot super


Crazy Coin Flip slot is super. Suitable for lovers of a measured and active game. You can change modes, rates. And the most addictive is the expectation of moving to a new level of victories. I am delighted!

Santos, 31