Play Casino Holdem Online

Casino Hold'em is a poker game created by NetEnt Studio. There is a standard 52-card deck, excluding jokers, which is played in the game. During this game, you play against the casino. The ancestor of Casino Hold'em was the classic Texas Hold'em poker, where there is a similar deck and the same winning card combinations.

How to play Casino Holdem

  • After launching the game, the player sees a poker table. First of all, the player makes a bet on the Ante field, choosing one or more chips of the presented face value and presses Deal.
  • The virtual dealer deals the cards. The player gets two cards face up, and the dealer gets 2 cards face down. The player does not see the dealer's cards. Then three cards are dealt to the middle of the field, they are called Flop. The player's task is to look at his cards and decide whether he can make a strong combination (hand) out of them or not. Individual cards are sorted in descending order - ace, king, queen, jack, ten, nine, eight and so on.
  • If the player thinks it is unlikely to win, he can Pass, finish the game and lose the bet.
  • In case he decides to continue, he must put the chips on the Call field. The Call bet is always 2 times higher than the Ante bet.
  • After the Call bet has been made, two more cards (Turn and River) are added to the common cards, and then the dealer opens his.
  • The combinations collected by the player and the dealer are shown automatically. If the player's hand is stronger, he will be paid according to the pay-table, and if the dealer's hand is stronger, he loses all the chips. The Ante rate payouts are paid according to the pay-table, and the Call rate is one to one.

Payouts and winnings

As in other types of poker, the idea of playing Casino Hold'em is to have a better combination of cards than the dealer does. The most valuable combination is a Royal Flush consisting of A, K, Q, J and 10 of the same suit. The payout for the combination will be 100 to 1. Another highly paid card combination is called a Straight Flush. To collect it, you will need 5 consecutive cards of the same suit. For the Straight Flush, the player will receive a payout of 20 to 1.

Fair play and demo mode at Casino Hold'em

The virtual deck is shuffled at the beginning of each round. The results of the game are determined by a random number generator and are protected from influence on the part of the casino, which provides fair game results.

Similar to other games from NetEnt Studio, Casino Hold'em can be played for free in entertainment mode. For the demo version, you don't even need to top up your deposit - just sign up on the casino website, launch the game, study the rules and get started. Playing in the demo version can be not only interesting, but also useful - the player gets the opportunity to explore the complexity of mechanics and practice different strategies.

Successful tactics and strategies in Casino Holdem

Winning in a casino is not that simple, as the casino's advantage stands at 2.16%. We do not recommend considering the game of Casino Hold'em as a primary source of income, but rather treat poker as an engaging gambling entertainment.

Nevertheless, poker belongs to the category of intellectual card games where luck alone is not enough; having a well-thought-out strategy is important. We have gathered several of the most popular strategies.

For beginners, we advise considering a relatively safe strategy for playing Casino Hold'em with low initial bets. This strategy won't be suitable if you're aiming for huge winnings, but it will allow you to get acquainted with the game's features and gradually increase the amount in your deposit over the long term.

Riskier play, or the all-in tactic. It's suitable for true lucky individuals; if successful, it can bring good winnings. After making a small initial bet and seeing a strong potential for forming powerful combinations in the hand, consider making an increased Call bet. Success could yield substantial rewards!

Where to play Casino Holdem

NetEnt is a games and software producer for online casinos. The Casino Hold'em game is not an exception - you can play it only on the online casino website. Since this type of poker is quite popular, you can find it on the websites of most casinos.

How to start playing Casino Hold'em at an online casino?

  • Choose a preferable online casino. There are dozens of online casinos on the market nowadays and it can be difficult to make a choice. It seems that all casinos are similar to each other but they are different with the bonus policy, ways to top up the account, withdrawal options and loyalty program for regular players. Also, pay attention to user reviews.
  • Go to the casino website. Access to some sites may be restricted, so try using a mirror site. 
  • Create a personal account. To do this, you need to go through a simple registration procedure - provide your email address and / or mobile phone number, and create a password. 
  • After your registration, you can play at Casino Hold'em in free mode. However, it is impossible to win money in the demo version, so we advise you to top up the account. 
  • You can top up your balance in different ways. There are generally several available ways - using your bank card, electronic payment system, and even cryptocurrencies.
  • It's done! Now it's high time start the game! Before playing for money, we advise you to practice in the demo version and learn the rules.

How to download Casino Holdem

Casino Hold'em is impossible to be installed on your PC or phone as a separate program - all NetEnt studio games are hosted only on the websites of the best online casinos. However, players have the opportunity to play Casino Hold'em on any mobile devices without downloading the game. Let's look at how this could be done.

How to play using the mobile version of the online casino website:

  1. All you need is the device you want to play on and a stable internet connection.
  2. Go to the website of the selected casino via the mobile phone browser. You may need a mirror site if access to the official resource is restricted.
  3. When you get the website, log in to your account or sign up. In order to play Casino Hold'em for money, you will need to top up your deposit.
  4. Find the Casino Hold'em game in the available games list in the Casino section, and enjoy the gameplay.

As an alternative to the mobile version, it can be a mobile application, downloaded on Android or iPhone. Unfortunately, not all online casinos can offer their own mobile applications. The application can be downloaded to your device in different ways:

  • From the casino website.
  • Using the link that will be sent you in an SMS message.
  • In the App Store.

If you play using a mobile app it will make it easier for you to access the site and will allow you to avoid searching for current mirrors.

Casino Hold’em FAQ - frequently asked questions about the game

What are the bets in Casino Hold’em?

There are three available types of bets at Casino Hold’em - Ante, Call and AA Bonus. Ante is a mandatory bet that the player must make before the start of the round. Player can also bet on bonus on request. The Call bet happens after the first hand if the player wishes to continue the game. It is always at least 2 times higher than the Ante rate.

What is the maximum payout I can get at a Hold’em Casino?

The maximum payout in the Hold’em Casino can be calculated if the player managed to collect the most valuable combination of cards - Royal Flush. According to the paytable, the player will receive a win of 100 to 1 for it.

What is the size of the minimum bet in Casino Hold’em?

In Casino Hold’em, the minimum possible bet on Ante is 0.1 $. The Call bet rate is always 2 times higher.

What is the size of the maximum bet in Casino Hold’em?

In the Casino Hold’em game, the maximum bet is $ 100.

How are the winnings paid if different types of bets can be placed in the Casino Hold'em game?

Winning bets at Casino Hold'em are paid in different ways: winnings on Ante - according to the paytable, winnings on Call - 1 to 1, and AA Bonus, will bring you a win of 25 to 1 for a Flush or higher collected in your hand.

Can I play in multiplayer mode in Casino Hold’em?

No, Casino Hold’em is a single player game in which the player competes 1 on 1 with the casino.

How can I be sure of fair play?

As in other NetEnt games, the result of the game is determined by RNG mechanism. In other words, a random number generator, which are protected from malicious influence from the casino.

Is it necessary to make a second bet in Casino Hold'em?

No, the Call bet is made only if you want to continue the game. You can always pass by pressing Pass and finish the round. The bet will be lost in this case. This is the policy of the Casino Hold'em card game.

Reviews of real players about the Casino Hold’em game

Review: Only fans of poker slots will like it


I wasn't tempted, I'm more into video slots. If you have no idea about poker and are going to figure it out, specifically Casino Hold'em may be suitable for you. The authors detailed the rules, and there are variety of languages, so no problem to understand it.

Aleks, 29

Review: It’s worth trying Casino Holdem


I've been looking for a good poker simulator for a long time. It seems Casino Hold'em hits the target. There is nothing extra, all things considered. The rules and instructions for the game are clear. Wonderful blog, well done Netent!

Mark, 34

Review: I was disappointed in Casino Holdem


It wasn't the very Casino Hold'em that disappointed me but virtual poker in general. For some reason I thought that this was a game for card intellectuals, but in fact, you can randomly click on chips and even win something.

Bruce, 22

Review: An interesting Casino Holdem Game


I didn't know that Netent makes card games in addition to slots. I've been curious about poker for a long time and decided to test Casino Hold'em. The graphics, of course, leaves much to be desired, but it does not distract from the game. I haven't figured out yet if the same strategies work here as in regular offline poker with real cards.

Stan, 27

Review: It’s hard to play Holdem Casino


No way, I guess I'm not mature enough to poker yet. The rules are hard to remember, what and in what order it should go to win. I played Hold'em Casino for fun clicking and pressing everything randomly, but it wasn't so much for me. The design is quite poor, you should have invested more in graphics and the effect of presence at the table.

Sergio, 21

Review: My Passion is Casino Holdem


I have been passionate about poker for several years now - I like to play with friends and practice in an online casino in my free time. I've been looking for some decent simulator for a long time and Casino Hold'em from netent caught my eye. I play when I feel like it whether it be for fun or for real money.

Karina, 33

Review: Casino Holdem is better than expected


For some reason, it seemed that all the imitations of card games on PC are kid's stuff that bring neither benefit nor pleasure. I tried to shake things up and fight with a random at Casino Hold'em. I got the same pleasure, and I didn't have to leave the house.

Simon, 43

Review: Not bad game Casino Holdem


I am used to the fact that there is interaction between players in poker, and therefore I choose games with dealers. One day I accidentally dropped by Casino Hold'em from NetEnt and was pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed the game no less than I enjoyed the live game.

Aaron, 34

Review: Poker Holdem is what you need if you are a beginner


I'm just beginning to grasp the basics of poker, and I decided to start with the electronic version of Hold’em, I read somewhere that it is the least difficult to begin with. I chose Hold'em from Netent and never looked back - a specific kudos for the perfectly written and clear rules, it helped a lot.

Michael, 25

Review: Concise Casino Holdem Slot


I like Casino Hold’em for its brevity and simplicity. There is no unnecessary tinsel that only distracts your attention from the gameplay and nothing else. Everything is accurate and specific and to the point - only bets, cards and the table.

Mathew, 44